Camp FEMA: American Lockdown – FULL MOVIE

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FEMA camps or concentration camps? Anyone who still believes these camps are there to help and assist is insane.

Via From The Trenches World Report

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  • Jk

    Informative, but the music is ***horrible** and very distracting

  • JR

    Hogwash. There are no such things as “FEMA” camps for Americans.

    There ARE detention centers for illegal immigrants. Sites reported as FEMA camps simply aren’t – much of this shit is entirely made up.

    The morons that keep promoting this crap should be blacklisted.

    • GrandpaSpeaks

      Those concrete prisons look real cozy, eh JR. Roll over, you’re snoring. But maybe you are right, dead right. Willing to take the chance? You’re denial and normalcy bias are not helpful at this time. Yep, no helicopter for deniers either. Paid or not.

    • MarkOwen

      Wake up JR Once you’re in there I will wave at you from outside the fence, Martial law is coming and sooner than you think.Good luck!

    • M o j o N i x o n WasHere

      What a shillistic an ignorant set of comments. Go back to your government sponsored hole and sit quietly while enjoying your self-loving propaganda.

    • thingy69

      pound sand zombie of obumer do you says siege hiel mien furher to his picture every moring KAW,KAW,KAW,KAW,KAW,KAW go to h— biscuit eater

    • mayday911us

      Oh remember their for the illegal immigrants when you walk or are dragged into.

    • Rhondar

      Hutto center in Texas visited by Jesse Ventura on TV….guess you didn’t see that one

    • tonyn

      The collapse of the dollar as Worlds Reserve trade currency will bring this event to fruition . China and the BRICS nations are about to take this step and formally introduce a Alternative SDR currency and that will hyper inflate the price of everything in the USA and cause immediate nationalization of the existing supply in the USA . Don’t be a fool store some canned food and get some protection together .

  • Rebelwithaclause

    JR if the centers are for illegal immigrants, why would several per state pop up all over the U.S. at the very same time our government has gone rogue. Let’s say they are for illegals, why wouldn’t there be 1 per FEMA region? Instead several per state, do you know how much this cost? Your argument has no merit what so ever. You throw out this ridiculous statement then where are you to rebutt any of the comments?

    So what will you shills do when your temporary shill job is over? Maybe shills will be the first to be rounded up and exterminated.
    Such a foolish shill JR

  • VoiceofReason

    Why would we need camps for illegals, when we spend so much time relabeling them NOT as illegals…just “undocumented?”
    THEY aren’t the ones who will be locked in them.