Call It What It Is: America Is a Police State

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by Brandon Turbeville

Over the years in my own articles, I have used the terms “creeping fascism,” “growing police state,” and “descent into totalitarianism” among others to describe the domestic situation in which we find ourselves. I have often written that, if Americans do not stand up to the myriad of laws being passed by federal, state, and local governments we will soon wake up to find ourselves in an Orwellian police state nightmare.

Now, however, I cringe whenever I read those words in contemporary articles. This is because such warnings are so far past their time they are utterly useless. In fact, they may do more to hurt any potential for change in American society than they do to promote it.

These warnings work on the supposition that the U.S. is not a police state yet but, if things do not change, it will become one in the future. Thus, the readers are left with the impression that, while their freedoms are being taken away, the police state is somewhere down the road – in the future – and they have plenty of time to entertain themselves until it comes knocking on their door with a uniform and a bright flashing neon sign that says “ATTENTION!!! POLICE STATE!!!”

But the police state is not coming – it is here.

The United States is a police state.

Americans may not be able to admit it to themselves but the military soldiers parading on the streets as police officers, police-operated tanks, and horrifying number of imprisoned citizens have spoken for them. The number of Americans brutalized physically and mentally by those who are sworn to “serve and protect” are speaking clearly enough.

The relatively recent concept of “pain compliance,” “rough interrogation,” and “rough rides” coupled with the long held tradition but fast increasing commonality of direct beatings, shootings, murders, and “on-site executions” by police in America have had the final say. Since 2003, police have killed more American citizens than were killed by “insurgents” in Iraq, a country whom the US invaded illegally and subsequently imposed a reign of terror upon.

The United States is now a country where millions of people are locked away in inhuman conditions of confinement, the overwhelming majority of them for crimes in which there was no victim.

From the federal, state, and local levels, behavior previously considered normal and innocuous is now mandated and regulated by a tangled web of government agencies. Of course, any disagreement or defiance of those mandates will result in a clash from the militarized police forces mentioned above and an eventual confinement to a cage where the offender is treated like an animal at best.

In the United States of 2016, children are regularly removed from parents by the State simply because of the parents’ economic status, political beliefs, or methods of upbringing. Surely no country that imprisons as many people as America, “enforces” oppressive law with military-style troops, and snatches children away from loving homes simply because those homes are not the ideal model of what the state desires can be called a free country.

With the recent increase of PC fascism enveloping the nation, even free speech and expression, no matter how ineffectual, is becoming regularly silenced by the long arm of the law.

Children are being routinely arrested for acting out in elementary school while citizens learn that their first “duty” in America is to “obey” police authority lest they be subject to brutal takedowns, torture, and possibly death.

This is the America many warned about years ago when they protested the militarization of police but were met with responses citing “officer safety” and “growing crime rates.” It is the America they warned about when they opposed the drug war but were met with programmed responses of a “drug-addicted youth” and “drug-related crimes.” It is the America many could see coming a mile away when the State-sponsored threat of terrorism was used to justify any and all means of “keeping us safe” and providing “security” to the frightened citizens of the world empire.

Those warnings were ignored and now we have the result.

It is now time to call the United States what it is – a police state.


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  • America has been a police state since the FBI, CIA, and NSA started doing what the local sheriff should never have stopped doing, enforcing all of the laws that protect the people and prosecuting anyone who commits a crime that damages an innocent person or their property. Until the CLEOs that were affirmed in Printz v US start doing their duty, there is no where to go but downhill into the dungeon.

  • frankw

    Unfortunately true. Itis often statede are 300 M guns in America but having them and having the will to use them are two different things.

  • SP_88

    In a country that uses places like Homan Square to beat and torture citizens for information, where they are not allowed to have a lawyer and nobody knows where they are, and police regularly execute people in the street and in their own homes, where police enjoy complete immunity from prosecution for any of their outrageous actions, and where the government is hard at work trying to think up every possible reason to invade the lives of any American using mental health issues and welfare checks and any other excuse to step around our rights, and many other reasons that could go on and on, paragraph after paragraph, this is indeed a police state. And to say that it is anything else is just being in denial.
    Our government is also hard at work trying to take away all our rights, because they get in the way of the government doing what they need to do “to keep us safe” from whatever the boogie man of the week is. That pesky old Constitution just keeps getting in the way. But don’t worry, it won’t for much longer.
    Eventually the government will find a way to get what they want and achieve their agenda. They won’t give up. They have been planning this for a very long time. And they aren’t going to quit now just because a certain person is elected to puppet president, or because some people called their representatives and complained.
    The only way to save the republic is the same way it was won from the tyrants, the same way it’s being taken away from us, by the barrel of a gun.

    • EnemyOfTheState

      Great post. I totally agree.

  • Revolution is the only recourse! It won’t require violence, and one of the things we’ll do, once they are all removed from power, worldwide, is write a new constitution, one rooted in liberty.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    The police state is only the beginning. We should be worried about what comes next-and how to respond.

  • Right to the Point

    “This is the America many warned about years ago when they protested the militarization of police………all means of “keeping us safe” and providing “security” to the frightened citizens of the world empire.”<—– When I warned about these things, starting about 35 years ago, it usually ended with them telling me, "You must have something to hide then," or the "If you're not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about."

    • whiteberry

      They still say the same crap today… pretty sad…

  • Dennisito

    Add to the police state the intrusion by the medical mafia. Refuse a drug or vaccine for your child, and the docs will report it. Then comes the SWAT team to whisk your child away.

  • James

    Yes it is here. But America is also becoming a Cam them State. Not all make the news. Many are shown in neighborhoods. Kids see cops in action on T.V.. Recorded on there own cell phone & the neighbors. They are better actors by far than those with comersials on T.V. Hay lets have a party. Every one bring your memory cards of our cops here on the street. The cops have forgot that and know so little they are idiots in action for public scorn & laughs. With out respect they will not last much longer. That they need to earn. If not they are in a escalating war in America.

  • EnemyOfTheState

    Excellent article

  • Some Random Guy

    First, the bad. The Police State has been enableb by the people contracting away their freedoms for privileges, such as the cases with the drivers license and marriage
    license. Why would we need a license of any sort in a free Republic? License is defined as “permission to do that which would otherwise be illegal” and the State recognizes that you want to be placed under their jurisdiction when they issue any license. This is why when one goes to traffic court and tries to protest using their “Constitutional rights” the judge doesn’t care, his jurisdiction is only concerned with whether you broke your contractual agreement with the State via the drivers license.

    Also, why would you need an agreement between you, your spouse, and the State if you are not giving them control of some sort, is not your marriage a private union between you and your spouse? Why involve the State? They are only going to recognize that you are incompetent to be married and issue the license after collecting a fee. If the State issues the license, then who is responsible for the marriage? The State. The only thing the license does is give the State control of anything the marriage creates. Which is why we see the State educational system overriding parents rights and removing children from their parents through the parens patriae concept.

    Now, the good. The answers are out there. First, we must know the history of the parties involved, and then learn the law to control those parties. Go to and study the documents in the historical record and in the records the government has kept since its inception. Learn all you can with the assistance of Team Law and help restore the Constitution and all its freedoms.

  • Dunno y

    Lookin more like Israel everday. How do you know when a Zionist is having a good time.?? Because your not.

  • Peak debt- not oil or CO2

    Jump to 16:35….please listen