California Water Authorities Using Smart Meter Data as Evidence to Impose Fines

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The smart grid isn’t coming. It’s already here.

Everywhere people’s houses are being fitted if they already haven’t with smart electric meters and smart water meters. These meters communicate real-time usage data via radio frequency (which comes with its own set of health problems).

Essentially, consumption of utilities in your home is being big brother tracked and traced at all times on the smart grid.

Sure, it was sold to everyone as a “smart” solution for keeping consumption in check, that it would decrease utility bills because people could use it to check out how much they use and find smart ways to cut down. (How many people are really even doing that, by the way?)

Not only is this going to be used to serve up “peak pricing” models against the population — to price electricity and water higher during times of higher consumption by the population — it’s also going to be used to allow the people to tattle on themselves via their data, a set up that will come with heavy financial consequences.

As we can see happening now in California during its historic drought, smart meters are also being used by authorities to seek people out and impose fines.

CBS Los Angeles is reporting that water authorities are using smart meters against “water wasters”:

Water authorities are using a new tool in a major effort to crack down on people and businesses wasting water in light of new water restrictions issued by Gov. Jerry Brown to fight the drought.

The Long Beach Water Department says sprinklers at a McDonald’s restaurant on Bellflower Boulevard went on for 45 minutes at a time, twice a night, for an undefined number of nights. Complaints continued to mount as water pooled and wasted. The department, however, could do little about the wasting.

That was before the smart meter.

Since its installation in February, Long Beach Water Department General Manager Kevin Wattier says he saw an immediate spike by tens of thousands of gallons, each time McDonald’s overwatered their property.

“It collects the data every five minutes, then after midnight, the cellphone that’s built in here comes on, makes one call, and calls it in to the database that we and the customer, through a password security system, have online access to their consumption,” Wattier said. [emphasis added]

The punchline?

Using this data, Wattier knew the precise moment to send his employees to videotape the infractions to use as evidence.

“We are using it specifically for an enforcement tool to go after those customers who we’ve gotten lots of complaints about,” Wattier said.

In this case, it’s McDonald’s, and while McDonald’s may suck for a bevy of reasons that have nothing to do with its water usage, it isn’t like this technology is only going to be used against crappy corporations. It’s going to be used against everyone, right down to the little old lady that forgot her sprinkler was on last Tuesday.

And those fines, depending on the area, can be $500 a day.

Or what if you hate that little old lady and, as a neighbor who is out to get someone, you decide to leave her sprinkler on for her? What a payback.

Could that happen? You see, the propaganda surrounding the drought has already turned a lot of Californians against each other.

A social media campaign #droughtshaming started by authorities in some cities seeks to get people to photograph and film “water wasters” and shame them on social media. The “evidence” gathered can then be used by authorities to impose fines on people as well. One of the guys in the article I wrote about was filming people’s homes at night and putting the videos up on YouTube. One of the videos he put up had the wrong address.

Meanwhile, 80% of water in California goes to mega agriculture operations, including Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). Cities are still selling millions of gallons of water for pennies on the dollar to megacorporations like Nestlé to bottle and sell. So the 20% of people left who are tattling on their neighbors for leaving a sprinkler on for an extra half hour that’s not really going to change anything just by the way.

Question: while the system is busy turning neighbors into angry snitches and using smart meters to impose heavy fines on everyone, is any of this making more water?

Is all that money making more rain happen? Or is it just making more money for cash-strapped municipalities? Are they going to take all those fines and do something about the situation or just make bank?

In the meantime, the smart grid is doing exactly what it was always designed to: keeping everyone tracked, traced, financially trapped and strapped, and under the thumb of the establishment’s ever-watching eye.

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  • bill lopez

    As I sat here this morning watching the Long Beach Water Department water the parkways in my neighborhood after Gov MoonBeam said it was a no no.

    • cama9

      Did you take pics and send them to the proper “authority”? Remember, if there’s no pics/video, it didn’t happen.
      Maybe people should park outside Moonbeam’s residence to make sure he doesn’t use water, either.

      • Rex

        Unless you have have a badge… then the only way it DIDN’T happen is if you have video.

  • Al

    People need to realized is that they created this situation on purpose and it’s working. They have been geoengineering this area for quite some time. They are literately in your home, looking at everything you do and don’t do. Does the word slave mean anything?

    • Schit Cunce

      I don’t think you know what geoengineering means.
      You definately don’t know what literately means because it makes absolutely no sense in that sentence.

      The word slave does mean something, but I don’t think it means what you think it does.

      • Al

        You are obviously clue less. Weather modification is what I am speaking about. You present no sound argument. What is your point?

        • Schit Cunce

          Weather modification. You seriously think that the government has been modifying the weather to induce a drought as some sort of justification to install smart meters in order to spy on your water usage?
          I will need to invest in a tin-foil hat to understand that level of crazy.

  • Rex

    “Question: while the system is busy turning neighbors into angry snitches and using smart meters to impose heavy fines on everyone, is any of this making more water?”

    No, but it IS a HUGE step forward in making California the Soviet-style, all-powerful Government dream state that Politicians here have alway wanted!

    • Schit Cunce

      Or maybe, just maybe, it’s intended to stop people and businesses using too much water. I’m sure you will be the first to complain when the reservoirs are dry and you turn on your tap and nothing comes out. You will blame the all powerful soviet government for trying to control people by taking their water away.

      • Rex

        If anyone was trying to conserve water for people, Almond Growers, Nestle, Golf Courses & municipalities keeping those medians green would be tasked with reducing water usage.

        To the best of my knowledge, they are not. So there must be another agenda. Unfortunately, my experience with politics has taught me that when you want to figure out why something Government types are doing, take the most cynical viewpoint possible. And then it will all make sense.

  • Kansas Bright

    First, the US Constitution IS the Supreme LAW of this land.

    The ONLY reason they get by with this sh… stuff is that most people do not know what it even says. Nor do they know what the *HIGHEST law of the state the live in, the state Constitution says (except where it conflicts with the US Constitution). They are the CONTRACTS those that are in government work under.

    ALL state and federal workers, regardless of the position they occupy – or even if they are hired, elected, assigned, volunteered, contracted – they are REQUIRED to take and to keep. Not keeping the Oath is a felony (at least one).

    What does that have to do with the “Spy… Smart Grid”? If you knew at least the Bill of Rights

  • RJ O’Guillory

    ….the SMART Meter is simply the current tool used by utilities to more accurately charge, fine or squeeze more funds out of the few left in the country with some money. When I worked for McDonald’s back in the late 70’s / early 80’s…they had already designed and implemented a…”Fire Up Schedule”….for electrical equipment, gas fryers and grills…..etc. Most people do not know that utilities charge businesses for both…”usage”…meaning how much electricity is actually being consumed….but you also pay for … “demand”…which is the rate they set based upon how much electricity needs to be ready to be consumed and at what times? So back in the old days, rather than coming in at 0500 and firing up all the toasters, grills and other equipment…we would stagger out the equipment being turned on…over several hours…(when not needed)….reducing the “demand” charge…and thus our overall utility costs. I’m shocked that in a “drought” condition…or even from a pure financial POV that the McDonald’s mentioned in this article would allow their utilities to be wasted so….
    RJ O’Guillory
    Author –
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  • middleway

    In order to better understand the overall scope of the ‘Smart Grid’, take the time to read:
    Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse Of Global Transformation


    – December 29, 2014, by
    Patrick M. Wood; available at Amazon books.