California Takes Aim at Disarming Law Abiding Americans

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United States –-( Yesterday, California politicians held a press conference to introduce the most draconian gun control, err, civilian disarmament bill seen to date in this country.

Seeking to exploit the tragedy of Newtown to achieve a political end, lawmakers introduced a bill that is completely filled with unconstitutional and extreme measures aimed at nothing other than the disarmament of law abiding Americans.

The list includes placing extreme financial burdens on gun owners by requiring them to pay what are essentially “poll taxes” on firearms and ammunition purchases as well as requiring liability insurance, annual certifications, and licensing of gun ownership. Standard self defense and hunting ammunition are now classified as “assault bullets” and are felonious violations for everyone except law enforcement. Almost every currently manufactured semi-automatic firearm in existence – and countless bolt action hunting rifles – are now a prohibited device merely because they have the ability to accept detachable magazines. Certain firearms such as shotguns are being redefined to make them prohibited under the new law even if they don’t meet the legal requirements to be prohibited.

The list goes on and on.

With this despicable new law the ruling class politicians in California have drawn a line in the sand and have now shown everyone that they believe that the Bill of Rights is a privilege that they grant to their subjects. It is now painfully obvious that they believe that they grant us our rights, and that they can proportion them out as they see fit. That they can amend our rights whenever they get the whim and however they wish. If that does not scare you as an American then you have no pulse, because as goes the second amendment so goes every other freedom that this great country has to offer... and as goes California, so goes the rest of the country.

The anti-gun crowd has now shifted their focus and moved the battle for liberty to the state level, and that is where we must engage them. I want to make this perfectly clear… The fight for the second amendment will be won or lost in the states. Federal legislators do not have the political will to risk their lucrative careers over direct civilian disarmament. However, liberal anti-gun bastions like New York, California, New Mexico, and the like are directly attacking the Bill of Rights… and they have enough votes to make it become state law.

The problem for the rest of us in America is that these extreme measures will not be defeated until they reach the highest court in the land. By the time that happens, Obama may have already added one or more liberal activist justices to the court to ensure that civilian disarmament is applicable nationwide. Even a court that is not stacked with liberal activists may choose to only throw out the most extreme of these measures as they will only be challenged in lawsuits one-by-one.

This attack on the Bill of Rights marks yet another cross-roads for our great nation. Make no mistake… Americans are being attacked here. We must make a conscientious decision to stand with our fellow Americans because as goes the constitutional rights of Americans in these liberal bastions, so goes the constitutional rights of every American. We can no longer sit back and just be happy to know that we dont live in California. We can no longer laugh it off and make jokes about “Kalifornistan” or “Live free or there“. We must stand with our fellow Americans if We The People wish to remain free. We must engage the anti-gun crowd and beat back any attempt to undermined the constitution anywhere that it occurs.

We must get involved on the state level even if it is not our state. Their fight is our fight. We have to contact the national gun-rights organizations and convey to them the importance of engaging in these local fights. We must join and financially contribute to local pro-guns organizations like the Calguns Foundation that are on the front lines of this fight. We have to help these state-level organizations get out in front of these battles and do everything we can to stop these invasive violations of all American’s rights.

We can not and will not allow any Americans to be treated like subjects and have their rights dictated to them by elected representatives. Politicians all over this country have now declared war on the Bill of Rights and we must stand up to them no matter where it occurs. As goes California, so goes our Bill of rights.


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  • wormdirt

    Fight back Californians, it’s your state, not theirs. Hopefully they have just wrecked their careers.

    • bernie

      they dont care becouse by the time the next elec. is here we will be toest that is 2 years away by then you will be in a fema camp

      • sniper

        @ TROLL”bernie” – speak for yourself – PUSSY.

    • Wolf

      Exactly! Refuse to comply. Let the bastards try to take them by force. When they do, Thomas Jefferson’s words will ring true. “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”

      • Orwellian States

        They have trouble with one rogue cop. How are they going to deal with thousands of residents practicing nullification? “Sell” them out of state. Buy ammo in Nevada …. Arizona. Stock up now.

      • Steve

        T.J. never said that. It is a quote that is attributed to him but did not come from him. Search the quote on the Internet and you will get the whole story about quotes wrongly attributed to T.J.

        But considering HIS quotes I would not be surprised if he were not a little bit jealous for not having said it 🙂

        • Wolf

          Does it really matter who said that? They were right. It means we have a duty to blow the traitors brains out.

    • SKIP

      Not likely caliFOREIGNERS keep sending Pelosi, Boxer and Fienstien back into to office so they are mostly clueless.

      • SKIP I was working in california when the first gun ban happened and all the girls cried and handed over their guns,the ones who didn’t had the worst NAZI GANG IN AMERICA beating down their door the “THE CHP GANG”these guys are killers and rapists, they love killing children,and kill for money,adolf hitler would have been proud of these guys(demons from hell)this is the most EVIL bunch I’ve ever seen,I guarantee it,they have the name of every gun owner in california and there ain’t no way courts or letters will help with these commie criminals,TREASON IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY in california,every cop in the state is a total piece of shit guaranteed….IF your a gun owner,move now or lose you weapons,they will send out these killers to your house,the lord says california goes down in the coming war(chinese and russians) without a fight,leave now…these commie bastards will murder everyone of you if you don’t leave………….

        • SKIP

          Arizona, if you haven’t, read “the Turner Diaries” a large uplifting part of the book takes place in caliFOREIGNER, it will lift your spirits for a while and set you to thinking of other scenarios that may be possible.

    • Paul

      Wormdirt, we would but we are hopelessly outnumbered. About 1/3 of the populace is on public assistance, another 1/3 is employed by state gov’t and votes liberal and Democrat without a thought. Its gotten worst and worst. I’ve lived here for 3/4 of my 52 years. Its a downward spiral – the sheeple vote for politicians that continue the dependency and other idiot policies that make the state worse – welfare, gun control, gov’t schools, etc. You try to talk to the sheeple about changing thing and they are so engrained in the liberal mindset they won’t consider it. Or they are so hooked on drugs, alcohol, video games or the Kardasians that they don’t care about anything else. We’re seriously considering moving. The real solution is to split the state into 7 parts. If liberal SF and LA want to live that way then so be it. Leave the rest of CA alone.

      • Jean

        Then you need to start thinking of less-than-honorable means of combat./
        You are faced with economic and demographic warfare. These can be quickly rectified, all it takes is a simple barbecue…

        God knows his own. 🙁

      • Jean

        Numbers (Demographics) can be changed. My advice, use knives or cheap ammo, or make your own, or use recoverable devices: Pipes, blades, arrows, etc.

  • Heimdall

    Psychopathic traitors are following their criminal communist terrorist traitor who should be imprisoned for life guru’s advise, the advise of Bill Ayers, to take advantage of a tragedy to promote criminalism, communism, and totalitarian draconian attacks on the American people.

    • SKIP

      Maybe Bill Ayers had it right in the early 70s, Turner Diaries anyone? Anyone read the book?

      • Jean

        Methods are correct, motive is wrong.

        Someone elsewhere summed it up well: People who don’t seek to control others have a difficult time wrapping their mind around the fact that some people DO want to control others. Those seeking freedom can’t comprehend it. Those seeking control can’t control themselves, so they control others – remove the temptation, if you will. Can’t control lusts? Outlaw porn and vice. Can’t control hate/wrath/violence? Outlaw the tools that can cause violence. Etc.

        We should learn from those who have won wars in the past, how to win this one. We either destroy the enemies (yes, multiple) by any and all means necessary, we find a “Galt’s Gulch” and make it sustainable and an economic and military powerhouse – MUST BE BOTH, and if weak in either, make it weaker ecnomonically, as it will become a military target almost instantly; or we take a fifth-column approach and find a way to beat them at their own game. (I won’t hold my breath, they’re oriented towards controlling others and have been manipulating for a long time.)

        But we take two fronts – corruption / fifth column, and outright warfare via improvised weapons (Fire, for example), we can decimate “them” and start twisting their agenda at the same time… Might have options then.

  • spencer

    this is a direct no-holds barred slap in freedoms face expected?yes..are we going to tolerate it?no…just someone tell me when and where the revolution starts because the peaceful diplomatic approach is doomed to failure. you can not agree to disagree on this one folks..

    • vaportrail

      @spencer The revolution has already started. If this law is approved I hope that there are some folks that live in Cali that will set up some well thought out ambushes on whoever is going door to door. Hit and run type of attacks. If that happens enough times, then this tyrannical shit will go away. Look how crazy the LAPD is going over Dorner, they are so scared shitless that they are shooting at innocent people driving cars similar to his. Authority is not used to being challenged and when its met with total disregard and ruthlessly applied force these half assed little wannabe Gestapo agents will fold up and run.

      • G-DAWG

        They aint got a clue what will start coming out of folks closets.

      • sniper

        fuckin A dude, the corrupt pigscum of lapd will run and we WILL hunt THEM down and KILL THEM.

    • G-DAWG

      Nor can there be any logical reasoning with those types as well. They must be prevented from operating in our system. They are the domestic enemy. G.

    • SKIP

      A huge fear I, and others here in Afghanistan have, is that the SWHTF while we are over here and we will not be allowed to fly home for some reason or other because most of us here are pro gun, conservative type voters which, of course, makes most of us enemies of the current regime.

      • SKIP I know people who say obama is going to abandon all the military over there,and if I was you guys I’d start thinking about a new way to get home if it becomes needed,I have heard its his little plan so americans don’t have the help of the military here,JUSTUS…….against the russians and chinese,and 6 other NATO militaries,who plan to attack america,and I mean soon……………..

        • Jean

          Don’t you still have Army Air Corp? Marines have AV-8Bs, right? Plus choppers? Navy has transports, right?

          How good are the Air Force pilots at shooting…?
          And if you have, say, three snipers with interlocking field of fire on an airstrip… How will they get any aircraft up regardless?

          “Remove before Flight” tag = safety on weapons and safety locks on equipment, right? And must be removed for the items to function as intended? If you can see into the hangars, you can make it a very unpleasant proposition for groundcrew to even try and make the vehicles flight-worthy. Tag a few in the knees, the rest will disobey orders real fast. 😉

          Alternately, a pilot with a gun to his head just MIGHT be willing to fly the plane home.

  • mijj

    it would make sense if cops were disarmed too. Otherwise it’s just a power transfer from the people to the state.

    Similar would be: if the world disarmed all nuclear weapons except for Israel. How would that make the world a more tranquil place?

    • SKIP

      WELL! maybe because the Israelis aren’t willing to blow up the fuckin world if it doesn’t convert to being Jewish whereas the muslims ARE willing to kill everyone that doesn’t convert to islam UNLESS they are willing to be slaves and pay a protection tax….Idiot…offense intended in this case.

  • John

    I live in California and I’m plain sick of all the liberals in our state who do what they feel like with out any regard for our liberty or God given rights. Its almost time for all law abiding citizens to gun up and protest in every city, town and small community to show that enough is enough. Get the local law enforcement behind you, you know they have families and are citizens too…..they don’t like what Sacramento is doing to their jurisdictions either. When it comes down to it there are more legal and law abiding citizens that the police or sheriffs. They don’t want a revolt….these citizens pay their salries. California wake up and be aware time is short before we have lost all that is dear to us…freedom, once lost you will never get it back!

    • sniper

      Who is losing Freedom? Not me, or around 120,000,000 others ARMED to the fuc-ing hilt. We have a few, as in 400,000,000 ++++++, guns as our Freedom insurance policies.

      The ONLY things that will soon be lost are the utterly worthless lives of several hundred thousand media/political/corporate/police zionscum and their gentile collaborators, and ALL their families.

      ALL: DEAD.


      • SKIP

        ROGER THAT. Perhaps a more computer savvy person than I could begin posting names and addresses of those that would deprive us of our freedoms to include their families schedules, schools etc. etc. the coming fight will be merciless and without pity or compassion because if you give it thought, what da gubmint will do to the mostly men of America will directly affect the families of those men and destroy them. Ask yourself, if you were killed or sent to prison or otherwise detained for XXXX amount of time, how would your family fare financially? Whereas those that would oppress us and deny us our freedoms have, in some cases, billions to sustain them behind their gated and guarded communities. Mortars and rockets don’t recognize walls as I can tell you from here in Afghanistan. Police types and military are going to have to make some god awful choices in the near future I fear and I hope they choose to support freedoms because THEY have families too.

        • Jean

          Air cannons can be used with IEDs, too – google “pumpkin chuckin”, and we just need to scale for size. Can do similar with arrows and boards, for targets in the open, it’d be devastating. Mortars just drive them out of structures.

          Maybe it’s time to hoist the Jolly Roger and go full-bore? Though I think it would be better to remove a few publically, to make the point that they aren’t safe, and that military-grade shootists are around – and won’t take their BS. Behead the hydra one head at a time, remember one head is immortal, but take out the ones you can kill – and sear the flesh before the two new ones can grow back.

          How much fuel can ultralights or gliders carry? Can we make FAEs from such items? 😀

  • RickE.

    This is unreal! One state after another is attempting to deliberately dismantle our constitutional rights! They’re choosing to remain totally oblivious to our innate human right to hunt for food and defend ourselves efficiently and effectively.
    All the while, retaining the right to do anything they wish to defend themselves and what is theirs.

    In addition, various government agencies and entities are amassing billions of rounds of ammo–ammo designed for an opponent here in the USA, not for military usage. And the opponent would include we subjects of the USA. We are no longer free citizens. We are subject to the politically correct knee-jerk reaction hysteria, and the laws that are “crafted” during these politician temper tantrums.

    Any law that removes, usurps, ignores, and degrades our constitution must be disobeyed and nullified. We gun owners and freedom lovers need to stand together with California gun owners to take our country back from the tyrannical criminals that are commonly called politicians.

    • sniper

      ALL traitors and treasonists will soon – be very very dead, along with their entire gene pool. Everyone [excluding innocent Pets] in the house of traitors will die… We promise…Get ready to DIE SCUM…

  • richard

    worhtless politicans

  • ncjoe

    Perhaps if gun owners would offer meaningful suggestions to disarm non-law abiding people, these actions would be unnecessary. I am a gun owner, and am increasingly convinced many gun owners and the NRA are gun rights worst enemies because their arguments are so illogical as to border on the insane.

    • G-DAWG

      I aint even gonna dignify that with a response.

      • G-DAWG

        is the NC for neo commie. WTF

        • sniper

          uh-huh – it is another DEAD cia TROLL scum.

      • Orwellian States

        NCJOE makes idiotic comments all the time at This type of comment is typical of the crap he always spews. Ignore him as he likes the attention.

        • G-DAWG

          Thank you. Semper Fi. III

    • Bill X

      We don’t have to disarm them. Just add 10 years to any sentence involving any crime involving a gun.

    • RickE.

      @ncjoe, it would be exceedingly difficult to disarm someone in advance of a crime that they intend on committing. This would be encroaching upon the realm of detecting bad thoughts and approaching the threshold of thought crimes.
      How can a person know if someone is going to commit a crime unless they state they are ahead of time.

      Perhaps a “use a gun, REALLY go to jail” campaign would be useful. With no plea bargains, and no disproportionately light sentences. Criminals that use guns, make we law-abiding gun owners look bad. THEY are the ones responsible for heinous crimes, not your law-abiding gun owner.

      Trying to guess who is going to do what crime, when, then take his guns away hopefully in advance, is an exercise in futility.

      Psychiatry and psychology is frequently a guess as well, and one can’t depend on a loon to take his medication as prescribed. Many psychiatrists discharge crazies from mental institutions when they should stay there. Permanently.

      So I hope that my suggestions make some sense to you. It’s a difficult task to be sure!

    • sniper

      @NeoConjoe – how much does the cia pay you – DEAD DIRTGAG TROLL?

    • HEY DUMB SHIT which hole did you craw out of,you need to read the DICK ACT OF 1902,all gun laws are forbbiden,can’t be repealed can’t be changed and goes on forever,these commie bastards know it, they don’t care what the law says,they would rather be dead then honor the us constitution,and there going to have their wish granted……so says the lord,so wake up,coward,your going to have to fight or lose everything you own including your children,cause thats who they really want anyhow……………

    • Jean

      The appropriate way to disarm non-law-abiding people is to kill them.
      It also ensures there won’t be repeat offenses.

      AND, it’s EXACTLY what our would-be lords and masters wish to do to us… So, screw unto others, as they would screw unto you – but do it first, and make sure they don’t get back up.

  • MX Mike

    Basically the way I see it is like this. The state of California is bankrupt, and has been for a number of years. These same politicians who ran the state into the ground now want to draft “new and improved” laws to protect us from ourselves. Their track record on just about any legal or political circumstance is dismal. How about they deal with the mess they currently have, clean up the red ink, deal with the gangs and immigration and keep it up to snuff for a few years, then we’ll talk. Until then, piss off.

  • G-DAWG

    Good. Let them all go on record then we can take them to the woodshed. LITERALLY.

    The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

    • sniper

      We WILL Kilo-India-Lima-Lima them ALL. Done.

      • SKIP


  • krmike

    These aren’t lawmakers they’re Marxist idiots and must be stopped !!!!!

  • Smarty

    I wonder if Diane Fuckstein looks just as ugly up close through a rifle scope?

    • sniper

      uglier – just like ALL zionist scum pig dual israeli citizen traitors. I hope no one shoots her. That is muuuuuuch tooooo fassssssst.

      After the war, the new US Military will hunt this demonic insect down, then after her capture and trial, her sentence will be death by SLOW TORTURE for at least 90 days, just like all her pals.

      Have fun while you can lieanne zionstein…

      Your time IS gonna come….. :)))))))

    • LISTEN smarty,you better be careful looking at that ugly whore,I heard some bad stories about people dropping dead after looking at her,you might want to use some kind of filter or something on your rifle scope,I shes a living example of california women,so BE CAREFUL,theres more of her…………

      • Gardencat

        Comparing her to medusa.

  • spartacus !!!!!!!

    it is like these people have become unhinged from reality ! , I realize that some people here are talking with their emotions but our leaders have lost there bearings and think by infringing on other peoples rights by enacting unconstitutional laws they know better . history has shown that by walking down this path it will not end peacefully . when you have national leaders subverting the rule of law but expecting all others to comply you creat an enviroment of distrust and this is where this nation is at this point.

    • G-DAWG

      Thank you. OH, and that series “Spartacus” is awsome.

      • SKIP

        Yeah it is, it is also an analogy to what is coming.

        • Jean

          I hope it is merely comparable – Spartacus LOST.

          Of note, every member of his band claimed to BE Sparatacus, though – so ALL were crucified.

          We should start thinking black-bagging these people, and post the execution videos on Youtube. Hack accounts, use anonymous accounts, etc, but – make them go viral. That might be even more effective than public snipes. They already know there are people who can reach out and touch them.
          But if we can get to their homes, and kill them a piece at a time…? THAT should be terrifying. Something to think on…

          • SKIP

            Good plans all Jean, wish i was savvy enough to help with the computer attacks. All will not be lost though as I have reason to know that the stone age (or even earlier) Afghans have fought us, and the less than PC Russians, to a halt and are now in the winning/nogotiation phase of that defeat. The coming fight (though I wish I and others are wrong) will be long and messy.

  • GAshepherd

    Have to agree with NCjoe. If people like vaportrail and groups like the NRA are our loudest voices and the representation that are contiously portrayed because they yell the loudest, then its no wonder the law abiding gun owners are under attack. You people are CRAZY. Honestly, I am embarrassed to be cast in the same lot. Sure I own guns. I collect them. I shoot them. I repair them. I have even built them. I can and do reload my own ammunition. And I am a life long member of the NRA. But jeez e Pete, i f I thought for an instant that you idiots.were the majoruity, I would want to ban guns, too. Do us all a favor– sit down and shut up. Please and thank you.?

    • G-DAWG

      @GAS. Bull crap on that all. Do U even read what you write and expect others to believe it. Your no NRA lifer just an Obama hack. Besides we’re not talkin bout Daisey BB guns here. Even if you had one real firearm, (orange muzzle dont count eigther) sounds like your the type who’d be first in line, Here you go Mr. Father Goverment take mine, anything else I can give up for you.

      Yeah, I’m raggin on you cause I have zero tolerance for stupidity.

      Other than that I wish you well cause your gonna need it. Anyone that thinks gov is there friend, well, your a special kind of stupid. 🙂

    • sniper

      shoot yourself – cia TROLL.

    • GASHEPHERD your going to love your new home at the obamay fema camps…………

  • Bob Marshall

    I wish people would see that Marxist Saul Alinsky’s book,RULES for RADICALS is Obama’s play book.To understand Obama’s politics,first you need to understand Alinsky’s politics.OBAMA’S AMERICA,FOOLME TWICE and THE SHADOW PARTY/HOW GEORGE SOROS,HILLARY CLINTON and sixties radicals seized control of the Democratic Party and RULES for RADICALS.These and more including Obama’s two books are available for$5.00orlessincluding s&h at “If America is to remain free,its citizens must become far more politically educated than they are at present.” G.Edward Griffin.

    • LISTEN bob,its to late to talk to these traitors,theres only one punishment for treason,you really believe they don’t know that? their caught in their own trick bag,and it to late for them to sneak out,they have to JUMP its their only hope of survival,and they know it………….

  • spencer

    @gas i gotta agree with gdawg on this..either your just blind or a willful idiot an armed society is a polite society LAW ABIDING CITIZENS i do not worry about but stupidity is very contagious..were not crazy we see the writing on the wall and were tired of being stripped of our rights one at a time wake up fool..our tolerance is ending

  • sniper

    CORRECTION TO ARTICLE: There was no “tragedy” in newtown. There is overwhelming PROOF of this imbecilic HOAX and NO ONE was killed. Just like Aurora, actress “gabby giffords”, VA Tech etc, NO ONE WAS KILLED – it was just another despicable [DEAD]jew-hoax for the nwo delusion of trying to get our guns.

    On a happier note – can’t wait to shoot down my first enemy drone and enemy chem trail plane!!!

    • Jean

      Well, how are these people being persuaded to say it’s all real? Not the media talking heads, but the people who were supposedly killed? Witness Protection? Sent to prison and mental hospitals?

      If it’s a false-flag, well, BODIES SELL. If Teacher X laughs every time someone mentions Sandy Hook Massacre, then sooner or late the story will get out – but if she’s DEAD, then there’s a body for “proof.” Most people can’t tell a .22 wound from a .45 or a .50 rifle… (Includes me, I can just say “too big.”)

  • Forrest D Rader Jr

    it’s time to ready your arms, stay loaded and never surrender. If they come for your arms give them hell and send a lot of lead down field. But with every shot make it count one shot one kill don’t waste a round, and leave no survivors when this fight starts. They already declared war we must not back down our blood runs deep from our forefathers lets not let them down. when we win this war we will make it clear our constitution will not be infringed upon and our freedoms will not be trampled on. As a Marine veteran I’m willing to die to serve and protect my oath to fight our domestic enemies in our government and the traitors living on our soil. Lets not let down our forefathers who gave us our freedoms from tyranny and our 2nd amendment to fight and remove tyranny at all cost, I believe there is no peaceful resolution to end this act of war on our freedoms, only by a violent war on our soil. Americans have resolve were beat a great superior force with the British and we can overcome this tyranny government as well. Any federal agent or military agency who dares turn on American to take their freedoms will be traitor. A traitors punishment is death period. it is time to come together to fight and win our freedoms back from tyranny we can’t give in. When they come it will be the new shot heard around the world once more. Semper Fi my fellow Americans

    • Wanderlust

      My biggest fear is the like minded individuals that live nearby that will peek out of their homes and watch you get butthurt by the tyrants. They wont lift a finger to flank the intruders. Instead they will say, “glad it was him and not me” and go back to posting rants on websites. Just look at the guy in Cali that is being media raped as the bad guy. He may be BUT he also might be one of us that has just had enough and decided to stand his ground so to speak. Yet here we are posting one website and doing nothing.


      You wanna know how its gonna go down??? Many of our eyes may be open but we still dont see the big picture. Its happening right now and we are huddled in the dark corner like mushrooms, believing what we are being fed as truth and saying “glad it was him and not me”.

      • Jean

        You have just explained herd mentality – explicitly perfect for Sheeple.

  • SKIP

    The reason the politicians are in such a flaming ass hurry to disarm American citizens is to protect themselves from US! They have so damaged our country and raped us that they know the rage is building and the Saxon is truly beginning to hate and when that builds to a climax there will be no prisoners taken and we know who is responsible for the decline and rape of our constitution..There aren’t enough light poles and trees left in the country to accomodate the number of traitors so some improvisations will have to be made..Turner Diaries has a huge part of it taking place in caliFOREIGNER too, read it.

    • Wanderlust

      At least we dont have to worry about most liberals in a SHTF event. They are only armed with opinion and someone elses ideas. They will be to busy running in circles and crying or whimpering in the corner to even get underfoot when the real men and women in this country rise up and do something about the corrupt business, politician and community leaders that have only served themselves while fucking the rest of us. I know many in my immediate area that have been imsufferable busybodies and have served no purpose other than fucking with honest independant and hardworking families. I know they will be some of the first removed when our community starts taking back our rights and freedoms. I know many european and 3rd world nations that are exactly like what they want this country to be like. I suggest relocation using inflatable rafts with a bottle of water and one of those green energy solar motors we paid so dearly for. Oh and we cant forget sunscreen.

  • G-DAWG

    99 1/2 Wont Do..

    The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

  • YOU know skip,we must be getting close,because the lord told me a stack my supplies by the back door and start making my final preperations to be leaving,not sure whats happening but I’am ready…………

    • SKIP

      I’m still in Afghanistan but my wife is onboard with me as are my sons and daughter.

  • Denis

    I assume this is another “Onion” spoof web site.

    Very funny I was very entertained, but you will need to be more careful. In a couple of places you were dangeorously close to quoting facts, and in another spot the conclusion almost related to the evidence !

    Great entertainment ! Keep it up !

    • Wanderlust

      And when you finally pull your head out of your ass remember to wipe the shit from your eyes or you still wont have a clear view of what is actually happening … right before you die of stupidity and willful ignorance.

  • Treleus

    The first time I read this article, I wrote it off as alarmist propaganda and didn’t take it seriously. While I was writing my response, though, I did some Google searches on standard ammo and re-read the article, and here’s what I have to say.

    I don’t like guns or hunting, but I respect the right for law-abiding people to own guns–even for hunting game. I understand why you all think this is extreme, and I agree. It is extreme, and it’s unnecessary.

    As I understand it, gun ownership is expensive enough, so driving up the price with federally/state-imposed taxes and tariffs just isn’t the answer. It’s punishing good people who have no intention to harm others. The real solution to preventing tragedies like the Newtown school massacre is to address the underlying issues that allow those events, and many others, to happen:

    1) Reform our mental health system and education (how we view mental illnesses & who has them, & how to treat them), and making that education available everywhere through school & social outreach programs

    2) Strengthen & enforce existing gun laws and making the penalties for gun crimes more severe; enabling the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms (ATF) to actually do their jobs

    3) Reforming our law enforcement system to discourage the business of illicit drug busting for profit/federal monies and shift it to cracking down on black market weapons trading

    4) Providing for the needs of poor and/or crime-ridden cities, districts, and neighborhoods to prevent tendencies towards crimes of survival and the promotion of racial stereotyping

    The answer to preventing tragedy in our country is much bigger than gun control. It has to do with love and being decent, responsible fellows to each other. We have to encourage that from our leaders, from each other, and first & most importantly from ourselves.

    Sorry for the long idealistic post, but I can at least say that our country was founded on lofty ideals like that, that everyone shares. American or not.

    • Jean

      One note: BATFE (ATF) doesn’t do their job to begin with, nor do prosecutors. Even if the case is wrapped up with a bow, it may not be prosecuted.
      That’s assuming ATF actually DOES do a real case, instead of attacking some nutty “prepper” who has no intentions of doing anything wrong, just wants to be left alone.

  • Henry

    I have already packed my household goods and
    am in the process of leaving California for good
    since eventually good citizens will not be allowed
    to have guns. I am moving to Las Vegas immediately, and already have a public storage unit
    and post office box in Las Vegas. I am willing to
    give up my $80,000.00/year job to retire in Vegas
    on only 16,500/year and not have someone take my gun away from me. And I am taking my 6 cats with me.

    • Wanderlust

      Leave the 6 pussies in Cali, the state is full of them so no one will notice.

      I dont know that Vegas is such a good choice. Its not exactly making a profit anymore and the water table has fallen to a point where if the SHTF you will die of thirst before you would find a way out. Make it a little closer to water ways and commute to Vegas if you have to.

    • joey

      lake tahoe/reno area is awesome i used to live there and liked it alot check it out

    • SKIP

      Cats are a possible food source ya know:) After you cut off their head and feet and skin them, they look just like squirrels! My wife totally hates that comparison.

      • Jean

        There’s a joke in there about eating… Nevermind… 😀

  • spencer

    we all know our freedom wasnt free….it wont be this time either

    • SKIP

      Let’s just make it cost da gubmint far more than it cost the British. NO PRISONERS either, no mercy, no pity and no compassion and no exemptions either since our families are fair game, so too are theirs.

  • Anonymous

    They are creating and manufacturing false flags here to
    falsely “justifiy” anti-gun and anti-2nd amemdment propaganda.

    If you start hearing more ex-cop manhunt fatally injuring innocent persons in the news,
    it has to be the propoganda. Perfect. STRIP the police first.

  • Cineski

    As a current Californian, I’m sure you’re all aware of the masses of Californians and businesses leaving this once grand state that’s been completely ruined by socialists/communists democrats and republicans? When you see a California license plate show up in your state, be very aggressive with this person. Make sure you let them know California politics are simply not welcome in your state. If not, the virus will spread like it is in Colorado, Washington and Oregon. Do not underestimate the insane stupidity of California voters, folks. Your state’s livelihood depends on it.

    • Jean

      You left out New Jersey, New York, and – from what I’ve heard – Connecticut, too.

  • SKIP

    Not yet disarmed citizens of caliFOREIGNER take aim on politicians attempting to disarm them.