California Legislators Appear To Spend Every Waking Hour Finding New Ways To Tax Their Citizens

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In the wake of a massive increase on the price of gasoline a few months back, one of the biggest tax burden states is preparing for their next scheme to fleece their populace.  And it appears that this will include invading their privacy as well through the tapping into their cell phones to monitor mileage use which will allow for a new mileage tax.

California already is number one in state income taxes, and number 10 in sales tax charges, but these do not include the vast number of other fees and charges that proliferate the lives of their citizens every year.

However their new idea of of a mileage tax may be pushing things to the extreme since it may require the state being allowed to track your cell phone without a warrant to be able to monitor and tax your travel.

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Now, after 3 full years of studying various methodologies for tracking mileage, from requiring a “plug-in” for each vehicle to tracking your smart phone movements to more manual systems that would track odometers, the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA), according to a newly filed report is officially ready to declare a mileage tax ‘feasible’.  Here’s what they found:

The Road Charge Pilot Program successfully tested the functionality, complexity, and feasibility of the critical elements of this new potential revenue system – road charge – for transportation funding.

Manual options provide the highest degree of privacy and data security, but will in all likelihood be the most difficult to enforce, and could be costly to administer

Plug-in devices are the most reliable options, however as new technology emerges this methodology could be obsolete by the time a road charge program is adopted

More technologically advanced methods, such as the smartphone application with location services and the in-vehicle telematics show great promise, but need further refinement – Zerohedge

In addition to taking in some of the highest tax revenues in the country, California is also one of the most irresponsible when it comes to being able to live within their budget as their deficits for 2017 alone came out to more than $1.6 billion.  And when you add in the hundreds of billions of dollars in underfunded pension plans that have led Calpers to cut payments to retirees in some cities, then the issue isn’t one of not enough revenue, but of fiscal irresponsibility.

Over the past 20 years California has seen a large migration of both individuals and businesses leaving the state for more equitable standards of living, and it is very likely that this new mileage tax scheme will drive even more to want to get out of the state.

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  • Razedbywolvs

    I moved to N.C. 2 months ago. I know 3 other people who are moving out of state and none of them are even the people who took the check at the shelter after the fire. Were moving out faster than the Mexicans can move in.

    • glamdeluxe

      I’m leaving LA too.

      • Razedbywolvs

        Congratulations! Unless your going to Austin TX, The RINOS are wearing skinny jeans there.

        • glamdeluxe

          Hurley, New Mexico Population 500

    • Simon says

      I wish I never moved here..

    • Kendoaz

      I left 20 years ago, just too expensive to raise a family there.

  • John C Carleton

    Got to find some way of feeding half of Mexico.

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    You people have no right to bitch and moan. You bought the cellphones and you bought the cars. You continue to buy the cellphones and cars.

    To be totally blunt… you caused this thing and I have zero sympathy for your species. Except for cute female breeding stock I would just as soon see you all die.

    I’m a Ginger and I have no soul.

    Cynical? You have no fucking idea.

    I’m what you’re facing when the S impacts the fan.

    • Razedbywolvs

      So when shtf we will be dealing with an Ginger Otherkin with no car or cellphone. Well thats encouraging. For a minuet i thought we would be dealing with a Soros funded diversity army and a bat shit crazy government.

      • Cynical Old Bastard

        Heh-heh. Otherkin. I like that one.

  • I had to send a form to my insurance co. stating my mileage on a pickup truck that can only be registered as Commercial in CA, by law. Because the mileage I put down was below 12k/yr. the average low of most people. Vehicle is stationary in the driveway, being prepared for sale, needed to register so I can do the minor repairs, re-fuel, etc…
    I could see the mileage tax coming and it’s been proposed on the books for quite a few years.

  • Jeri Brace

    I refuse to pay taxes to a sanctuary state that harbors illegal criminals wanted for deportation by the Feds. Glad I moved out of California.

  • David E

    And if four people all with cell phones take a trip together, they can tax all four for the same mileage!

  • Joe Joe

    I am betting most Californians don’t know about this yet. It was news to me.

  • madtxn

    these tax supported leeches do nothing but bring misery to the citizens. how can anyone with a conscious sit around thinking of ways to penalize those that pay their salary. 1,000’s of “laws” that do nothing but bring in revenue to make sure they stay employed. amerika, the land of the free?

    • Arrow

      The figurative elephant in the room is the fact that the people continue to allow it to occur. That’s what the “tax supported leeches” are there for… consider it job security. Amerika, land of the fee, home of the slave.

      • Codygunn

        Home of the stupid!! Only Calif.

  • SP_88

    California votes for these left wing extremist politicians who tax and spend like there’s no tomorrow, so of course they are going to look for ways to take your money.
    So how much longer before California becomes the socialist utopia these leftist politicians keep promising?

    • Razedbywolvs

      Ironically it’s been a socialist utopia since Regan creating the California Air & Resource Board. After that Californians were so sick of republicans they never won anther election.

  • gazoo3

    Only slaves pay taxes.

  • Kendoaz

    I would get a cellphone that doesn’t have gps, or put my cellphone in an aluminum bag when driving around. It’s illegal to use your cellphone anyways when driving in CA.

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      You do NOT NEED those pieces of spywareSHIT. Wake the FUCK UP. Do NOT try to justify your “need” for it here, either. You will just be furthering the exposee of the depths of your good sheeple conformity.

  • Mike

    well of course, they are democrat scum after all.

    • Wally

      This stuff isn’t Dem or Repub. All the politicians are scum. They are all bought and paid for. did you know that all congress has to sign a pledge to be loyal to Israel first? Sounds incredible, no? Look it up. Cynthia McKinney a former Georgia congresswoman knows this first hand. She refused to sign that pledge and she is no longer in congress.

      • Mike

        Oh I believe it, the only difference between the two parties is how fast they will destroy us, and the dems will destroy us much quicker.

  • Wally

    Oregon already has the tax you by the mile program. It is called Orego.
    Look it up.
    Soooooo, it looks like no one will want to come there so don’t worry.

    This is Agenda 21 bs right in your face. They want us all out of our cars.
    They are going to tax us for everything until we can no longer afford to drive a car. Nice huh?

  • Rift

    Sounds like agenda 21 stuff to me

  • Codygunn

    These people need to be taken down.