California Gets Rain…and Possibly Flash Floods

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It’s raining in California, and much more is forecast before the week is out. Although it is more than welcome it doesn’t mean the drought is over, it would take much more precipitation to fill the reservoirs. The  rain that is due to fall will bring with it major problems for some residents.

The areas of Glendora and Azusa, northeast of Los Angeles, is it at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains, an area that was hit by wildfires recently. 2,000 acres of trees were destroyed by the fires, and the loose ash and dried earth on the slopes where the trees once stood make the area very prone to mud slides, some of which may contain debris such as semi-burnt tree stumps and rocks.

Mudslides have an enormous power, gaining speed as they move down the mountain.

Flowing like rivers, they wipe out everything in their path and can move at speeds that give little chance of escape.

Fox News reports:

Glendora on Wednesday raised its flooding protocol alert level for a second time, urging that residents near the burn area voluntarily evacuate or prepare essentials such as medications and important papers in case a mandatory evacuation order is given.

The city provided thousands of sandbags to residents who streamed into a city yard to fill the bags and drive them away.

Sandbags were also being provided in other foothill communities along mountain ranges east and west of Los Angeles, where other fires have burned in recent years, including the area of the May 2013 Springs Fire in the Santa Monica Mountains.

The National Weather Service said light-to-moderate rain from the first storm was expected through midday Thursday.

The weather service said the second storm will be stronger and move across Southern California from late Thursday through late Saturday, reaching Los Angeles County early Friday morning with rainfall amounts ranging from 3-6 inches in the foothills, and up to 8 inches in localized areas.

Lets hope that sandbags will be enough.

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Contributed by Lizzie Bennett of Underground Medic.

Lizzie Bennett retired from her job as a senior operating department practitioner in the UK earlier this year. Her field was trauma and accident and emergency and she has served on major catastrophe teams around the UK. Lizzie publishes Underground Medic on the topic of preparedness.

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  • CharlesH

    ‘Raindrops keep falling on my head…’

  • Tatiana Covington

    Develop desalination and fusion power. That will solve all these water problems forever.

    • Ken, Megapolis

      Sorry Tatiana but the buck stops here my dear. You are falling into the fatal trap of assuming that forces outside of yourself are responsible for caring for you when even if the technology you seek was developed, corporations controlling it would only care about milking you as a consumer for as much money as possible.
      The secret is to impose your own personal austerity plan on yourself and develop your own discovered ways to make do with very little. For example start simple repairs eg sew the dress instead of throwing it away. This mindset will grow and you will never be short of good on the spur of the moment ideas.
      Hope this helps.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!

  • Rick E.

    It’s pouring here in northern Arizona! In fact, I can’t get out, as the access road is 10 miles of pure mud! And I have a Tundra with 4WD and air axle lockers too! But we need the rain, and we are well prepared here, so I’m watching it come down! We need it.

    • Ken, Megapolis

      Must be a truly spectacular sight Rick. Same in Saudi, Yemen etc all of a sudden the world is ablaze with colour and frogs and insects. They have short lifecycles and must breed fast. Bet the children just want to run out into the monsoon rain and bathe in the giant puddles splashing and screaming no end trying in vain to catch a frog ha ha!
      Here, Saint David’s day, Patron Saint of Wales. Therefore much eating of welsh cakes and evening entertainment planned in which patriotic songs will be sung.
      My bug out plans didn’t come to fruition. Sorry I wasn’t ready but then again will any of us be as SHTF?
      So help me God.

      • Rick E.

        Hi Ken, lol, the sight of deep mud doesn’t get me old bones going as it used to!

        But no kids here, as my kids live about 350 miles to the west, and they’re all adults now! (well chronologically that is).

        Have a great Saint David’s day! What are Welsh cakes??

        • Ken, Megapolis

          May take time for server to upload but set profile pic as some welsh cakes. Mouth watering

  • James Jagermeister

    Background reading for Ken our Welsh friend:- google Aberfan disaster 1966.