California Drought May Wipe Whole Towns off the Map

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People build cities and towns in many different regions on Earth, and for many different reasons. We seek out places that are easy to build our homes on, provide security, have an abundance of resources, or have easy access to neighboring communities. In the modern world however, many of our basic necessities are available no matter where we live, and it’s easy for us to take for granted the one resource that really matters. That resource is water of course, and if you don’t have it where you live, then all of the other advantages that might be found in your community’s location, are completely negated.

The people living in California’s Central Valley are learning that lesson the hard way. The relentless drought that has stricken the region over the past few years, has gotten so bad that it’s threatening to turn some communities into ghost towns. In East Porterville, over a 1500 wells have dried up, and residents have to rely on water trucks that take water from the few who still have functioning wells.

Water trucks fill up tanks in East Porterville front yards, but as the drought deepens, there are new reports of neighbors becoming hostile with the water haulers. They don’t want their dwindling well water to be taken elsewhere.

In one case, people reportedly parked their cars, trying to form a barricade to keep the truck from getting to that well. Another time it got so tense, the sheriff’s department was called out.

Conditions are so bad in the town, that residents are now leaving in droves.

Drinking water and food lines are longer than ever at Iglesia Emmanuel.

“It’s dire, it’s dire here, it’s dire straits,” said Antonio Alvarez.

Fear in the air is as thick as the humidity on a sweltering summer day. The Porterville church hands out fruits and vegetables. Each time, the supplies seem to run out faster.

“We’re seeing a lot of new faces lately in the last few weeks, said Iglesia Emmanuel Church Pastor Roman Hernandez.

Nobody knows the area’s worsening struggles more than he does. He says families are packing up for Oregon, Illinois, and even Georgia to find farm work. One woman talked of going back to Mexico.

“She grew up in Mexico very poor: no running water, no shoes, no electricity, but she told me that she at least had plenty of water,” he said. “I haven’t seen her, so my suspicion is she went back to Mexico altogether.”

That last statement pretty much sums up the heart of the matter. You can go without just about anything for a period of time, but the buck stops with water. If the drought continues for long enough, people will just keep leaving these communities until they disappear altogether.

But until then, you can expect most people to refuse to accept the reality of their situation, and dig in while they hope for a hail mary solution.

There is hope of drilling a new well to solve East Porterville’s water problems. Tulare County has a $1.6 million state grant and is asking the federal government for the remaining $400,000 balance to cover the cost of the new well.

Time will tell if digging for more wells is really the solution needed for the rural communities of the Central Valley, or if that is really just a futile act of desperation. If California is entering one of its extended dry periods that sometimes last decades or centuries, then many of these communities are bound for extinction.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • wilson

    Just as thought the Californians don’t come to Nevada, I could care less!

    • Reverend Draco

      Nevada is next – Vegas is a catastrophic failure begging to happen.

      Don’t come whining to Cali when it does.

    • Razedbywolvs

      Going from Dianne Feinstein to Harry Reid is just pointless.

  • frankw

    Californians are caught in the relentless realities of nature. Cycles of drought and wet times are part of the region. Drilling more wells to further siphon off the shrinking water table will not help. Moving on may be the only choice left.

    • Well you could always shoot down the spray planes that caused the problem in the first place.

  • Water, Water Everywhere But Not A Drop To Drink

    • Love your site, man, I am going to buy some of your books too.

  • Occam’s Razor

    yawn. The drought in California is engineered for the purpose of causing real estate prices to plummet so the corrupt pharaonic talmudic templar masonic bankers can come in and by land for pennies on the dollar. Once they own the prime farm land, they’ll turn the water back on, stop the chemtrailing, restart growing food and try and rip off the country with astronomical prices, gmo, and whatever else they conjure up. This benefits the talmuds and illegal aliens mostly. Follow the money trail, it leads straight back to the California Israeli criminal cartel and the illegal aliens — they are working in cahoots to steal California. Sadly, their bosses will turn on them once they’ve done their jobs. …lol. Oh the bitter irony of it all.


    Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California

    • Also check out the videos uploaded on The HAARP Report youtube channel for documentation of just how HAARP, SBX Radars and geoengineering aerosols are maintaining the drought. It’s deliberate.

  • Shoulda’ sold when you knew it was coming. Fill up your gas tank, and drive to where the water is, buy 5 houses with the over priced house sale you COULD have done, and collect Cash Only rent

  • James

    With 47 States last I looked useing more water than falls on them. Some day the wells will go dry.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    The trolls think me and Joshua are lovers but one really does have to love the way Mr Krause reminds us of an environmental issue above and beyond some mandatory vaccine policy more in the news lately tut tut.
    My best advice is to look towards, possibly visit, Middle Eastern places and realise one does not need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ LOL.
    My ‘pet place’ if I have 1 is the Yemen, struggles a lot yet somehow survives?. Israel too proves how hotness and dryness should not bother us anywhere near as badly as many a politician usually succeeds in doing LOL.
    I feel confident, yes CONFIDENT that Good Ole Cali4-ni-ay will triumph in the long run.
    God always helps those who help themselves.

  • morsextenebris

    Dane Wiggington over at geoengeeringwatch .org will explain in full detail what really is behind the catastrophic drought in CA. These criminals are wreaking havoc all over the globe and it will affect all of humanity if they are not stopped dead in their tracks with their big science experiment. Though it has shifted from experimentation to all out war against humanity. Look up into the skies folks…they are ruining the ozone layer, killing the trees, contaminating water and earth which in turn contaminates all of us.

  • Teknikid

    Wait until the collapse happens. When there are roving gangs murdering people and pillaging houses, that “American spirit” you speak of will vaporize. People will stick together in groups to survive the gangs.

  • disqus_c197zi57ib

    When you decide to live in a state that is running out of water and has to many people in it and way to much desert then you live with that or MOVE. Don’t expect others who happen to live in state where water is plentiful to bail you out.

  • Alleged Comment

    THAT entire State might be fried or fall into the water. Punished for breaking entire laws and flouting God.

    • I don’t know what flouting a non-existent deity might have to do with it, but good riddance to the state, and I hope they all have life preservers.

      • Alleged Comment

        Non-existent diety? Oh, I see, YOU are god.

        • I guess it would be pointless to ask you to engage in critical thinking since you are having difficulty with non-critical thinking. How can I be god when there is no god?