Cali Town Evacuates Complexes for Fear They Might Literally Slide off into the Ocean

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Remember when people used to talk about how someday California might slide into the ocean?

Well, for several housing complexes in the town of Pacifica, home to 40,000 people, this became a reality when a state of emergency was declared due to El Niño. Apparently the cliffs there have been so eroded due to the weather, that authorities fear the cliff-side apartments might actually slide off into the ocean.

Check this out:

Via Fox:

On Monday afternoon, an apartment building along Esplanade became the at least the third property to be evacuated. Police fanned out to post yellow tags on 20 apartment doors, giving residents access to move their belongings out.

“That’s scary,” Pacifica Police Chief Daniel Steidle told KTVU, referring to the eroding cliffs out the apartment windows. “I wouldn’t want to be in those buildings right now. It’s very scary to look at that.”

Police have been going from complex to complex, evacuating people.

Some residents were more willing to leave than others.

“You guys are going to have to physically drag me out,” Michelle McKay told Steidle. “I’m not leaving!”

She can say that now… but she might be forced to leave anyway in a way she doesn’t want to go if she doesn’t get out of there soon.

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  • Mike

    building that close to a freaking cliff proves the insanity of californians.

    • kirkpatrick

      I thought that at first, but there is no telling how much erosion took place.

      • Mike

        true, but to build within a half mile of a cliff with the ocean beating at its door is still insane.

      • Reverend Draco

        You can see in the picture above, one building has an entire parking lot hanging off of it.

        They were likely a few hundred feet from the edge when they were built.

    • Reverend Draco

      building that close to Tornado Alley proves the insanity of Nebraskans.

      building that close to where Hurricanes make landfall proves the insanity of Texans.

      • lonebear

        Thank you sincerely for making that point. As a Texan I have been blasted countless times over why people live in Hurricane Hell and been in many hurricanes. The bottom line is if people didn’t live on the Texas or Louisiana coast the country wouldn’t have a great deal of things they do have like oil and seafood. It is simply a way of life and we deal with it. I live further up north now days and I ask myself why people want to live in a place that gets so freakin cold you can’t feel your face. I know why I live here, grandbabies. There are lots of reasons people live where they do. I feel sorry for these people. I am sure when they built they never thought this would happen

        • EmmettGrogan

          lonebear, I hear you. I’ve lived all my life in Calif (am 61) and we have the same problem with earthquakes. Really bad earthquakes have numbered just a few in my entire lifetime and I’d much rather deal with them than hurricanes or tornadoes. You don’t just pick up and move because of natural disasters, which are in every state.
          Thanks for your comment, I agree with you.

          • lonebear

            I appreciate you Sir. Thanks for your comment

          • Obviously, you’ve never been to DC: The official “state of denial.” Nothing bad EVER happens in DC. (If you go by what THEY tell you, anyway…)

      • Mike

        well, mother nature throws weather around everywhere, so your point is moot.

        • Reverend Draco

          As is yours.

    • Observing All

      I grew up one mile north of these apartments and 40 years ago the buildings were 75-100 feet from the edge. The problem with the location is the propensity for slides in the area and the fact the ground is basically sand stone.

    • EmmettGrogan

      One construction crew/developer built those apartments, so that makes ALL Californians insane? Excuse me, I’ve lived in Calif all my life and we are progressive, we vote for policies that help to make people’s lives better. Wish the rest of the U.S. would catch up to us. You are only proving your ignorance and hatred of all things that are progressive and that help the people.

      • Mike

        Yea, all those nice taxing policies and all that free stuff going to the ILLEGAL INVADERS. The fact that you are proud to live in comiefornia shows your own insanity and just further proves my point.

  • doucyet

    The structures sit on 100 feet of topsoil, it would be different if was rock! Those folks across street will soon have ocean views………..and their property values just went way up.

    • kirkpatrick

      Some neighbor will probably go out and give a big kick and have the last building fall.

  • august

    Hear about that all the time, Storms can cause that.
    as well as mudslides, Cliffs decaying Earth quacks ground cracking.
    sink holes from tunneling.

  • Reverend Draco

    There’s a place near Avila Beach/Port San Luis, California. . . called “Pirate’s Cove.” (there is a legend of 60 tons of pirate silver stashed nearby)

    During the day, the beach at the bottom of the cliff is a nude beach.
    At night. . . my friends and I used to park up top, smoke a bowl or 2, drink a bit of Southern Comfort. . .and climb down the cliffs into a cave about halfway down.
    We’d party for a while. . . then climb back up. No lights. No ropes. Nobody died, amazingly enough. (Ahh, the 80s. . .)

    A lot of that cliff is gone now – washed away back in the early 90s.

    Nature happens, no matter where you live.

    Building near cliffs is no different, really, than building in Tornado Alley or where Hurricanes are common or where there are trees.

    • sunshine

      True but maybe just build a half mile away or more just to be on the safe side? I can understand wanting to be close but with the threat of earthquakes, and on a freaking cliff….I don’t know. But here on the Gulf Coast people build on the barrier islands and directly on the shoreline, which is also pretty dumb because hurricanes do destroy here. But the difference is that you can predict a hurricane so you have time to leave. Those houses on a cliff could just collapse during any earthquake! Really though, it’s all pretty ridiculous but with so many people I guess people are going to live wherever they can.

      How did people get to the nude beach? Did they have to climb down? Lol I’ve never been out West and the idea of mountains/cliffs at the beach is so weird to me! Cool and different but weird!

      • Reverend Draco

        Yeah. . . they climb down. But the climb to the beach is a beginner path. . . it’s not straight down the way it is a hundred yards north, where we used to party.

    • S Lynn Hastings

      We did the same at Blacks Beach down near LaJolla. Fun times. Good old memories.

      • Reverend Draco

        Yeah. . .

        Sometimes, I wish I had a video record of all of that stuff. . .

        Then I think about it, and I’m glad I got all the stupid shit out of the way before cellphones. . .

    • David

      hows that nuclear power plant at avila doing? i used to love the shorecliff hotel in san luis. i lived in the bay area and we’d go to san luis for vacation. san luis was a happin’ little beach town in the early 80’s. i do miss it. however the state of california has changed a lot since then.

      • Reverend Draco

        Diablo Canyon hasn’t melted yet. . . other than that – I moved away in 1986 and only go back to visit rarely.

        I hate that they changed the name of Grover City to Grover Beach – freakin city doesn’t have a beach, it’s all Pismo State Beach down to Oceano.

        • David

          i left in 92. been back a couple of times. i live in maine now. the coast of maine around belfast is truly beatiful. reminds me of mendocino and fort bragg back in the good old days. maine is cool, lots of good people. good seafood too. i do miss the central coast of california though. but as we all know those great days are long gone. sad!!

          • Reverend Draco

            Yeah. . . the kind of fun I had back in the day’d get you capped by a ‘roid raging cop today.

            The ocean is still beautiful, though.

  • Mark C. Danzig

    that edge might have been 30 feet from the edge (or more) when it was built dumba*ss

  • Nicole S.

    Check out The New USA Navy Map That’s beyond scary.