CA Vaccine Bill Passes Health Committee, Heads to Full Assembly for Final Vote

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California is going full totalitarian, but is anyone surprised?

The state’s controversial and tyrannical mandatory vaccine bill has jumped another hurdle on its path to becoming law.

Yesterday, California lawmakers approved the bill, which requires all schoolchildren be vaccinated before being permitted to attend public or PRIVATE schools unless they have a MEDICAL exemption.

That’s right: they are not going to allow religious or philosophical/personal belief exemptions to vaccinations any longer if this passes the full Assembly.

From the text of the bill:

 (a) As used in this chapter, “governing authority” means the governing board of each school district or the authority of each other private or public institution responsible for the operation and control of the institution or the principal or administrator of each school or institution.

(b) The governing authority shall not unconditionally admit any person as a pupil of any private or public elementary or secondary school, child care center, day nursery, nursery school, family day care home, or development center, unless, prior to his or her first admission to that institution, he or she has been fully immunized.

If you have an unvaccinated school-aged child in California, your only option for education will be homeschooling (which is arguably far better than public indoctrination centers anyway, and likely better than most private schools).

If the bill becomes law, California would join Mississippi and West Virginia as the only states with such authoritarian requirements.

How long until other states follow, though? Some think that this law would encourage lawmakers in other states to limit non-medical exemptions too.

Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, one of the bill’s authors, said “SB277 is about freedom. Freedom from deadly, crippling contagions that are now preventable through the science of vaccination.”

I don’t know about you, but I think this bill is the antithesis of freedom.

The bill was approved after five hours of emotional testimony from hundreds of opponents.

From the Associated Press:

Opponents of the legislation say they should have the freedom to decide what’s best for their child and that the bill would unfairly deny students a public education.

Assemblyman Jim Patterson, R-Fresno, said he was not convinced that there was a health emergency because of insufficient vaccinations.

“I think that really stretches the facts to the point of really almost being sort of a scare tactic,” he said before voting against the bill.

Naturally, those who support the bill cite the Disneyland measles “outbreak” as justification for taking away parental (and children’s!) rights – even though measles is a relatively benign disease and the majority of those who contract the illness during “outbreaks” in the US are…vaccinated.

Santa Monica pediatrician Dr. Jay Gordon testified against the bill. He sought to separate the bill from the December measles outbreak, noting that all those cases of measles occurred outside a school environment:

“If SB277 had been in place last year, this outbreak would have proceeded in much the same manner,” he said.

No matter what you personally think about vaccinations, laws like these set a dangerous precedent.

This is a violation of civil and religious freedoms.

It is not moral nor ethical to force people to submit to medical procedures that carry the risk of serious injury or death.

Who owns your body, or those of your children?

The government, it appears.

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  • Smarty

    Sen. Richard Pan….. more like a BED PAN if you ask me, had better sleep with one eye open. Sooner or later, these fuckers are going to get what’s coming to them. They just keep fucking with the little guy, and one day that little guy gets pissed enough to kick the shit out of them….
    How’s the American Dream working out for us so far?

    • Mike

      Please, if the nuts in CA have not lynched them yet, they never will. They evidently like living like cattle.

  • Mɿ jinǫlɘƨ

    U.S. government data breach tied to theft of health-care records

  • Guillotine_ready

    People get the government they deserve and in the US that is especially true.
    Quit being punks and you will not treated like one.

    • Please tell me how you quit being a punk? I’m sure others will be interested also.

      • Undecider

        It begins with making a personal decision.

  • Gil G

    Things would be a lot easier if stupid, anti-science people stopped having children.

    • Things would be a lot easier if stupid, anti-$cience people stopped having children. – You forgot the “$” in $cience.

      • Gil G

        Because those “natural” types are all volunteers, right?

        • People who find out the truth aren’t “natural” types, I’d venture to call them intelligent.

    • Ryan

      Trouble IS ……we want SCIENTIFIC research on their vaccines ……….

    • Razedbywolvs

      So you condone segregation of people who don’t believe the same as you so there kids will never get a education… I’m confused, was it your intent to imply that all “science people” are trying to build an idiocracy?
      I got to tell you, if you don’t like stupid people breeding that is a really bad idea.
      Maybe you should look into this “anti-science” thing. Maybe the people your calling “anti-science” are actually “anti negative eugenics people”

    • Undecider

      They did. Anti-science means you don’t want to read the results of science. Science is a process. Not a conclusion. The process of science shows us what culminates in a vaccine insert. The process of science shows us the multitudes of the injured.

      The anti-science crowd refuses to acknowledge this science. As well, this crowd is also the least likely to have children.

  • jim_robert

    Leftist icon Herbert Marcuse popularized the “repressive tolerance”
    theory of modern progressives. “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance
    against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left,”
    Marcuse pontificated. “Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed,
    certain policies cannot be proposed.” This vaccine scam is just a variation on at theme

  • America: land of the duped and home of the enslaved…enjoy!

  • Ryan

    (1) If the vaxers are so “scientific” why do they demand religious-like BLIND FAITH and refuse to fully address the anti’s concerns.
    (2) If the vax is so effective,and YOU got it …… YOU are safe …… what is with this psychological FEAR that EVERYONE must do as you do?
    (3) Your TERROR that I am not joining your CULT concerns me ……also,why do you feel a need to FORCE me to join?
    (4) We are BANNED from suing vaccine makers. THAT tells me all I need to know. If they have to have IMMUNITY then they do not believe their own B.S. Remove the IMMUNITY if you really believe in the vaccines. DE-immunize the $BILLION Drug Companies……… From being UNACCOUNTABLE . The filthy government IMMUNIZED the drug companies from Citizens seeking redress.
    (6) Why Don’t the Amish Have Autistic Children?
    (7) Measles among vaccinated Quebec kids questioned

  • molon_labe

    Its commiefornia. It’ll pass.

  • John Francis

    It appears that the majority does not realize it yet, but our president Obama has proven himself to be a TYRANT. Every single day, you look at the news, and it’s some new government control and lessening of some civil or religious liberty. The people seem to be fast asleep as the noose gets a little tighter every single day.