Bye, Bye Daddy? Chinese Scientists Just Created Artificial Sperm

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We’re living in a dystopic sci-fi nightmare that only gets more bizarre every day.

Not only are we about to encounter three-parent embryos that can pass down traits to their offspring, but now China says they have created viable, artificial sperm.

Via the Daily Mirror:

Scientists have claimed they have found a way for women to have babies without men by creating artificial sperm.

The team from China claim they have created healthy mouse babies by injecting laboratory-made sperm into eggs to produce mouse offspring.


The mouse cells produced were technically “spermatids” – undeveloped sperm that lack tails and cannot swim. Yet when they were injected into mouse eggs, mimicking a common IVF technique called Icsi (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), they delivered viable embryos and healthy, fertile babies.

Why China, home of the one-child policy, even cares enough to bother to make artificial sperm is anyone’s guess, but it’s equally sad that media outlets seem to be heralding the announcement as a marvelous day when men won’t be necessary for the reproductive act to continue the race…

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  • They gave up the one child policy a few years ago, when their population started to drop abruptly. It seems there is a severe boy-girl imbalance, and they need both (for some reason:-)

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    It will be far easier to subjugate humanity if there is no one left but females. Once appropriately subjugated, the artificial sperm can be used to bring back the traditional two sex system that has served mankind so well for eons. Additionally, care may be taken to control populations-in terms of overall numbers as well as male to female ratios-as is deemed necessary. No doubt the next “breakthrough” will be the ability to generate male babies who will develop without producing viable sperm, thus making the artificial stuff necessary to propagate. This is scary stuff.

    • Middle-aged-White-Man


  • Tallkiwi

    Ah, yes, but what does it taste like! That’s the question many women want answered…

  • Robert Raulerson

    i wonder what kind of monster they’ll create

    • Obie Miller

      MOTHRA maybe?

  • Glenn Turner

    Planned obsolescence of man. The feminazis are gonna love this!!! Until the mutations start to occur…

  • brooklynjoe

    Once again, Man plays God!
    One way or another, somewhere down the line, we will pay for this abomination.

  • whistlepigger

    I think they shoved their first attempt gone wrong across the border into NK years ago.

  • no more mr. nice guy

    Ending humanity as we know it without shots being fired. The STATE will not only own and control the powers of production but even more demonic the powers of procreation. Now that’s what enslavement looks like!

  • Flyby

    Artificial sperm to make to make artificial children to work in packed factories and make the lowest quality products on earth. Sounds like an oriental plan to me.

  • Robert Chow

    there’s not such thing as artificial out of nothing, must be sperm from orangatan ape byproduct of the POTUS. the result will be half ape and half obamoron feature.

  • lloyd

    Maybe they should turn their attention to making food for their population rather then babies!

  • elgavilansegoviano

    …….Slanted eyes and all??……..

  • mkkevitt

    What are these artificial sperms, or spermatids, made from? Men unnecessary? I ain’t so sure. Even if this, or some, method DOES make men unnecessary, that doesn’t stop men and women from ‘getting together’ and reproducing in the old fashioned way. Mike Kevitt

  • william g munson

    Women and Mice are not the same Dummies and you are fooling with God stuff and he is not going to Like It

  • I forgot

    I guess they only need to create an artificial egg now. What an abomination.

    • ギャッジラー プリテッシュ

      artificial egg is not posible…

      • I forgot

        It wasn’t possible to fly, until it was. It wasn’t possible to manipulate genes, until it was. It wasn’t possible to clone, animals until it was. It’s only a matter of time before scientist realize their dream of creating anything they wish!