‘Burglars Just Want Tacos’: Restaurant Turns Burglary Footage Into Viral Commercial

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This is what someone’s grandma would call turning lemons into lemonade (or making tacos out of a pretty pathetic robbery attempt).

Here’s how it happened, via KTLA:

The security footage shows three men breaking into a closed Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos establishment on Dec. 16 and sacking the restaurant.

Greg Carlson, the general manager of the family-owned and -operated restaurant, was alerted by an alarm system when the burglary occurred.

When he got to the scene, he saw that the glass door was smashed and two cash boxes were stolen. Fortunately, they were empty.

“I thought to myself: ‘We’re going to have some expenses from this. I might as well turn this into something that will inspire people to come try our food,’” he told CNN.

The ad has since gone viral with nearly 4 million views, which means millions of people have now seen the burglars’ faces. Those guys picked the wrong place to try to rob.

(H/T: IWB)

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  • Nabi

    “Mom wants a taco?” If he knew who is Dad was, Dad might also want a taco.

    • whiteberry


    • Reverend Draco

      Dad might be yet another mom – and still want a taco! =P

  • whiteberry

    That’s the type of people I’m supposed to rally behind? Those lives matter more than mine? Hmph… maybe I should quit being a good person, who works for what I have…

  • doucyet

    Taco benders robbing a taco joint………Irony.

    • whiteberry


    • Americadies

      “Din Du Nuffins” preparing for future careers.

  • SP_88

    Are these stupid thieves going to get royalties every time they air the commercial? And did they air it on tv or just the internet? I hope they don’t have to pay them for this.
    And what kind of stupid people don’t realize that they don’t leave money in the cash register just for the reason that stupid people like this will break the window and run off with their money.
    Did these morons actually think that they would leave the money laying around for them to grab and run off with?
    They were probably going to go buy drugs with it. Losers.

    • Why would one leave an empty cash box in the same place?

      • SP_88

        They wouldn’t. The “box” those morons stole was the cash register drawer. It’s part of the cash register computer. Nobody puts those away because they are empty, and it’s wired into the computer. All the cash goes in the safe, including the till with all the change in it.

        • The box was a drawer? The cash register computer is inside the cash register, having no physical connection with the cash drawer, which is not physically connected to the computer in any way, being a tray that sits in the cash drawer. The till is the tray. Most businesses I have worked for don’t have safes, they take the paper with them and leave the change, in the drawer, on a shelf in the office.

          You seem to have the same twisted concepts of business accoutrements as you do of national and state laws. Cash boxes can be found at http://www.amazon.com/b?node=705335011 and none of them would fit in a cash drawer.

          • SP_88

            The morons ripped the cash drawer – minus the till – off the counter, pulled the wire attaching it to the computer out, and ran out the door. The till with the change in it was not in the drawer. It was in the safe, which many retail businesses use to lock up the money until either it is picked up by an armored vehicle or is carried to the bank for deposit.
            Watch the video again and you will see the wire he rips off of the drawer and runs off with.

          • I have never watched the video, and don’t need to in order to determine that you don’t know the difference between a cash box and a cash drawer well enough to be credibly talking about it.

          • SP_88

            Well there’s your problem. You are the one who said “Why would one leave an empty cash box in the same place?” But there was no cash box involved in this crime. The stupid thieves stole the empty cash drawer. If you had watched the video you would know that.
            Next time gather all the facts before spewing nonsense.

          • All I did was read the article, which says, “When he got to the scene, he saw that the glass door was smashed and two cash boxes were stolen.” Do I need to capitalize “cash boxes” or is it the plural that confuses you?

          • SP_88

            Well if you had watched the video you would realize that there were no cash boxes or Cash Boxes in the Restaurant. The Thieves took the Empty Cash Drawers.
            Like I said, get all the facts before you start spewing nonsense.
            It’s better to let people think you’re an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

          • I do know that, henceforth, this will probably be a monologue of yours.

          • SP_88

            Obviously we disagree about whether this was a drawer or a box, but can we at least agree that the people who broke into this restaurant are stupid people? There are things that people do to prevent thieves from stealing the money from the cash register after they close for the day, such as taking the cash till out of the drawer and locking it up in a safe or in a cabinet or office or whatever. And most people know this. Although obviously not everyone, considering that the thieves stole the empty drawers not realizing this. And that was my point. These thieves apparently thought that businesses just leave money in the register all night, or that they would leave it somewhere where it could just be grabbed and they could run off with it, which I thought was stupid. In the video, they were running around in the restaurant looking for the money, and when they didn’t find it they ran out, then they came back in and grabbed the cash drawer, ripped the wire off it and ran back out. They looked like a couple of idiots. And that’s all I intended to point out.
            And when you mentioned something about a box, I simply pointed out that it was the cash drawer that they ended up taking, not realizing that you hadn’t watched the video. I wasn’t trying to insult you or tell you that you were wrong or argue with you about it.

  • Morgan Freeman

    Hmmmm…looks like Black Lives Matters folks who are turning their lives around and giving back to the community. They Dindu Nuffin!

  • One doubts that any of those millions of people have bothered to identify the perpetrators or disclose their whereabouts. It would be more likely that the restaurant will be sued for defaming their reputations.

    • LiberalsRLost

      L…M..A..O……!!!! I can see the new headlines…oh the irony of it all…..!!

      • pamelajleonards

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  • Mister_Gray

    Those of you in business noticed how easily the expensive POS (point of sale) machines were moved, doing I’m sure more damage in repair than any money they might have found in them.
    I suggest any business people watching this simply bolt down your cash drawers (or cash registers) to the counters with at least 2 @ 5/16th inch carriage bolts, fender washers and wing nuts. These types of burglars are brazen but not smart.
    I pre emotively like to fu$k with thieves (internal) by leaving tempting empty targets around (like locked cash boxes on an open office shelf with some papers and assorted washers inside to simulate money) then I review the security cameras when the boxes go missing. You weed out a lot of thieves this way.
    For the external guys, I make them work hard for empty targets, like that bolted down empty drawer. The whole game is to make them chew up time.

    Think of them like lab rats. Make them run the wheel for what they think is a piece of food reward, but then deny them their promised treat.

  • Pablo Descartes

    Hilarious!!! I’m tempted to fly to Vegas just for dinner at this establishment.

  • ccambridge

    Knowing how our laws only protect criminals these perps will sue the establishment for not getting paid to be in the commercial and win.

  • Americadies

    feral blacks are so easily distracted. No wonder they kill each other by the thousands every year. Chimp Out Nation.