Brothers Jailed for Facebook Posts While ‘Rich Kid’ Walks Free in Child Pornography Case

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by Michaela Whitton

United Kingdom — Two brothers who were initially given suspended terms have been recalled to court and ordered to serve the full two-year sentences after writing Facebook posts mocking the judge who presided over their case. The Sledden brothers, from Lancashire, had originally received suspended two-year jail terms after admitting to being involved in the supply of cannabis in 2014.

Shortly after receiving the suspended sentence, jubilant Daniel Sleddon updated his Facebook status: “Cannot believe my luck 2 year suspended sentance [sic] beats the 3 year jail yes pal! Beverly [sic] Lunt go suck my ****.” 

His brother Samuel wrote: “What a day it’s been Burnley crown court! Up ur **** aha nice 2 year suspended…”

The defendants were swiftly recalled to Preston Crown Court after their comments were brought to the attention of the judge, who said their posts indicated they had not changed at all. She added that their posts contained “offensive and sexual content directed at me as a judge, and also as a woman judge.”

While we’re on the subject of offensive sexual content, elsewhere in the U.K., a former Eton College pupil was spared jail, despite sharing images of the most graphic child abuse imaginable — to an undercover cop.

Andrew Picard not only made horrific images of children, but shared them via Skype to an undercover police officer. Some of the images included children as young as two being forced to have sex with dogs. Picard was given a suspended 10-month sentence with a requirement that he receive mental health treatment.

Two cases: one is a couple of immature boys who insulted a judge, the other is a lawyer’s son caught making and distributing unfathomable images of brutal child abuse. Some might say the disparity in sentencing couldn’t be summed up any better than by the words of one of the judges:

“This defendant Andrew Picard was a privileged young man. His family are clearly wealthy enough to send him to school in Eton. Quite how you found your way into this unpleasant world Mr Picard, the world of chat rooms and exchanging this material, is not clear to me.”

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  • chad

    No surprise in England. Muslim rapist are given special treatment because their religion tells them its ok to rape… anyone.
    Thousands of rape by scum muslins were hushed.
    Pretty sickening. Obama wants MORE muslins in America, the recent European refugees are the cream of the toilet, many rape like its a job, something they dont want cause everything is free and westerners owe them, islam preaches.

    • We’re armed in the US, they try that raping shit and they will be filled with holes which is why our liar in chief wants the guns, he needs to take away our protection so we will be defenseless against the imported hoards, just as in Europe, all according to their zionist plan for world domination.

      • Right to the Point

        That’s exactly what it’s about J0g3r.
        Yesterday, I read the SCOTUS transcripts from the DV case before the court. The Justices were pushing to find out about inequalities in application of the statutes between states. The Lawyer against the defendants had some fancy, slippery descriptions, but it was obvious there’s a huge disparity in prosecutions of DV…..
        My final conclusion; “It’s about taking Guns. Nothing More; Nothing Less.”

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if the rate of handgun self-defense were as common across the pond as here, where the tool is available. Until I moved to my current home, I could never be confident that anyone in my sight was armed. Now I know that many of them are, beyond the ones that I can see are.

      • Mike

        Я0llyJ0g3r it is happening here in high muslim populated areas. It is just kept quiet.

        • Oh I bet, they ever try that with my woman they will be shot dead instantly. I will not furnish a weapon I won’t use it’s just with these crazy laws slanted against white people you have to be very careful. I could waste them without a second thought, it’s the separation from family that worries me because I can’t provide from prison.

          • Mike

            so true man, and I fell the same way. Anyone rapes my wife or kids and a trial won’t be needed, and neither will a casket.

          • For the rapist, perhaps.

          • Mike

            would not be anything left of the rapist for the trial or a casket is the point.

          • A corpse isn’t required to prove corpus delecti.

          • Mike

            would not care if they hurt my family.

          • It wouldn’t matter to the judge or jury if self-defense isn’t an affirmative defense, but hiding a body is a contraindication for the use of self-defense as an affirmative defense.

          • Is self-defense not an affirmative defence where you live?

          • I’m a criminal, dude.

          • At least I’m in good company 🙂
            (unbelievable that somebody gets arrested for the first amendment right in this country)

          • He wasn’t arrested for expressing an opinion. He was arresting for telling the jurors about their rights to judge the facts and the law, and apply jury nullification according to their consciences. A lot of FIJA activists have gone through this.

          • Handing out fliers is your first amendment right to free speech whether opinion or fact.

          • Only until you hand one to a empanelled juror or a prosecutor.

          • How can informing someone of their rights be considered a crime?

          • If it is a juror that you are informing, it can and frequently is considered to be prima facie jury tampering. Judges really frown on jury nullification.

          • I believe that is wrong and their very position on the issue is an obstruction to justice.

          • The more I learn about the law, the more of it I think is wrong, but that and $2 will buy me a plain coffee almost everywhere but Starbucks, and I don’t drink caffeinated drinks.

          • Goof for you, I drink them for NO reason, I do not need them, my blood sugar levels remain steady so I have even energy all day, the only reason I drink coffee is from habit but it calcifies the pineal gland thus why I am going to stop.

          • You have a magnesium deficiency if anything in your body calcifies.

          • It starts to show up in brains scans in older folks, looking like bone. I am not sure of the state of mine but I MUST take 5htp to remain “normal” + melatonin for sleep, 2 things that point to mine not working correctly. I am contemplating dissolved boron to combat it.

          • Auscultation does not detect any calcification in my circulatory system. If there is any, it would have to be found with an MRI or CAT scan, all blood chemistry indicating none. This is the case because I take daily doses of magnesium chloride dissolved in purified water. Magnesium is a natural calcium channel blocker, and counterbalances calcium in the body. They should be consumed in 1:1 ratio, but most people get far more calcium than they do magnesium, because they take magnesium supplements with very low bioavailability, and all surplus amounts are quickly removed and excreted. Calcium tends to become bound in magnesium-deficient tissues and remains until chelated. I use magnesium chloride from because it is used to adjust the pH of salt water aquariums, which is critical to the health of them.

          • Thank you for that link, I’m probably going to order it soon. I want to get that book also so I can read the specifics.

          • You might want to subscribe to the free newsletters from her educational organization,


          • I thought the Inuit lived an average of 10-15yrs though, could be BS, but that’s what I read before.

          • gato felix

            Don’t worry man there won’t be anybody wanting to partake in the jury selection after hearing the facts, I know I wouldn’t! and if by chance they do come around to getting a jury it will be a resounding Innocent!!!

        • I don’t know of a single muslim in my town of 9500 population, but there are plenty of hispanics, and a noticeable number of blacks.

        • I’m glad I don’t live among the locals there, who are too cowardly to defend themselves.

  • whiteberry

    On the first topic… isn’t Facebook great… HAHAHAHA! On the second topic… SHOOT HIM NOW!

  • This is nothing new when one considers the competence of well-paid defense attorneys to commonplace ones or public defenders. If one can afford Gerry Spence, who has never lost a criminal trial, only a fool would take anything less.

  • Enough is enough

    I know here in the U.S. rapist and sick S O Bs. Get let off with really nothing for there sick crimes. My son was raped from the age of 3 to the age of 5 by a 16 year old. The kid that did the crime got 1 year probation that’s it. Now he is free to do what ever, nothing is even on this kids record. Two years later my son is still messed up sees a therapist two times a week and so on. This person in the story didn’t get off because his family is well to do. He got such a light punishment because the sex a fender laws are nothing but bull s~#t. It protects the crimanal not the victim.

    • Keep track of him… if shtf you have your opportunity. All the names on my hit list died already, lucky me… or, rather, lucky them.

      • Enough is enough

        Yes sir. His day will come.

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  • Kerris

    I am a Nurse, Goth, and a Akido – Kenjutsu practitioner, my new religion as priestess requires me to castrate or disembowel those that impose their own religion on my body. I usually carry a very sharp Japanese Wakizashi that functions well as an umbrella, so if these horny guys want at it from me, I will feel obliged to practice what I preach.

    • Former Isshin-ryū practitioner here but I’ll just shoot the bastards, save the bloody swollen knuckles for another day.

      • Kerris

        As much appreciate the modern conveniences like microwaves, cell phones, and an extended clip AR-15 with bayonet, …where’s the fun in that?

  • Guillotine_ready

    The rich go free because we justice up to the court system, which they own. Maybe a little change in paradigm would be helpful, messy but helpful.

  • lilred

    Well, if you’re dumb enough to have a fb account in the first place-

  • DrNo

    all laws are selectively enforced and political in nature