British Police Are Breaking Into Homes to Highlight Robbery Risk

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British police may not have the same reputation for brutality as American police do, but like our cops, they sure seem to think they are above the law. Police in the city of Coventry have apparently started breaking into homes without any kind of warrant. The reason? So they can let homeowners know how easy it would be for burglars to break in.

The police patrolled the streets looking for opened windows and unlocked doors and gates. Rather than minding their own business, they used these openings to enter the homes and warn residents about how vulnerable they are. Then they took pictures inside these homes, and posted them to Twitter. The police claim they haven’t received any complaints, and the responses from residents have been positive.

The Twitter users who saw these images however, were not so enthusiastic. One person tweeted “I’m not sure where you stand legally entering a private home without a warrant. Unlocked doors don’t give permission” while another added “If you enter my home like this, don’t be surprised if I use reasonable force when I hear you.” They were also criticized for essentially advertising which homes were unsecured. The police responded, completely unperturbed by these complaints “Thanks for all the feedback on one of the burglary prevention tactics. We’ll review based on feedback #socialmediasuccess ?”

You’d think this sort of thing could only happen in a country where private gun ownership is highly restricted, but American police have done something similar. Last year, police in Illinois started entering unlocked cars without permission, so they could issue faux tickets that listed all the personal belongings that could have been stolen.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • otis cambell

    Here in the south, it’s a damn good way to get shot in the face.

    • Smarty

      Here in the north, it’s a damn good way to get shot in the balls, and then the face.

    • Reverend Draco

      Here in the west, it’s a good way to get beaten with a stick until you stop twitching – then get shot in the face.

      • otis cambell


        • Reverend Draco

          At least.

    • StevetheHun

      Brits have no guns.

      • BW83

        Given recent moves they’ll soon have no knives either.

        Cricket bats it is I guess. Maybe scalding tea :shrugs:

        • Reverend Draco

          Well. . . they certainly can’t use harsh language. . . they’d get busted for “antisocial behavior.”

      • otis cambell

        I know. Puzzies. Gave up their god given rights to man.

      • sunshine

        I heard that if you want to buy plastic knives for whatever reason (community picnic, kid’s school function, etc) you have to show your ID and sign a form so they can track you. How true this is, I don’t know, but from a country that puts people in jail for mean Tweets, I’d believe it.

    • BW83

      Here in the east it’s a damn good, ah forget it lol

      • otis cambell

        Move BW!

        • BW83

          Nah, rather fond of good ‘ole KY lol.

          • otis cambell

            Dayum ! pretty country.

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  • Mike

    happens at my house, well, let’s just say it won’t be open casket.

    • Reverend Draco

      Wait – you intend to leave enough scrap to fit in a casket?

      • Mike

        A very tiny one.

        • Reverend Draco

          Ok. . . just checking.

  • whiteberry

    Yet rapists and child molesters walk the streets in all confidence of not being detained…

    • Reverend Draco

      Or “retired.”

  • SP_88

    The police are apparently shooting unarmed civilians to let them know about the dangers of gun violence as well.
    In New Haven, CT the police had a plan to “steal” items out of cars and then when the people came down to the police station to pick up their “stolen” items, they got a lecture on keeping their car locked and not leaving expensive items in plain sight. I’m not sure how that plan has worked out for them. It seems like a questionable method of crime prevention to me. Couldn’t they just leave a note? And the British police could leave a note too. What if the people don’t use Twitter?

  • M_111

    It’s like when that child protection agency kidnapped those kids to show the mother she was a “bad parent” for not helicoptering around said kids the agency kidnapped. WTF.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Hmmnn! Seems like a sales ploy for Twatter, ie make the Sheeple be afraid they are missing out on essential news in their community if they don’t subscribe. I tell you in all honesty I have seen nothing about this in my papers and wonder if it is a hoax.
    But sorry, you will have to try harder to get me to join another Social Gnatwork.

  • frankw

    The intrusiveness of government agents here and abroad continues to worsen and the reason, I believe, is because the population has become too cowed to resist.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Pretty easy to do against an unarmed populace.

  • Shut the full cup

    In Washington DC it’s a good way of getting a severe tongue lashing by an overweight single black woman with 3 kids.

    • sunshine

      Haha or a bunch of moonspeak gibberish shrieked at you by some smelly foreigner. I grew up in the DC area and now it’s literally no different than a Third World hellhole. Which is why I don’t live there any longer and almost never go back.