Breaking: Russian Ambassador to UN Just Passed Out and Died of an “Apparent Heart Attack” in NYC

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Just a day before his 65th birthday, Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin has died of an “apparent” heart attack.

Early reports say he passed out at his desk at the Russian Mission to the UN on East 67th Street in Manhattan around 9:30 a.m. this morning. Churkin was rushed to the hospital where he could not be revived. He was pronounced dead at 10:55 a.m.

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed Churkin “unexpectedly died” but provided no further details confirming exactly how he died. Western mainstream outlets are reporting “apparent heart attack” and an unnamed law enforcement official reportedly told CNN it was “cardiac arrest” with no further details.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly “deeply upset” at Churkin’s sudden and unexpected passing.

And suddenly everyone thinks we’re living in a James Bond movie.

Then again, there is the fact that a security officer was found dead with facial and head wounds inside the Russian Consulate in NYC on election day…

Don’t forget another Russian Ambassador was shot dead in Turkey in front of everyone in a truly unbelievable terrorist attack back in December…

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  • Abe

    Add one more to the Klinton Kill kount.

  • straight shooter

    No tin foil required on this one whatsoever. Sure feels like the game is about to accelerate big time.

  • Andreas Schlüter

    It appears a bit fishy! Remember what Morell demanded in summer last year:

    And there were two strange incidents already:

    Plane Crash: 92 People Dead, Including Many Members of Famous Russian
    Army Choir!“:

    & „Teheran Plasco
    Building Collapse: was this to be Demonstrated?“:

    • Mollie Norris

      I agree; it’s odd that the media ignores attacks like this and also ignores the motives behind Putin-bashing.

  • TrevorD

    It could be coincidence but my intuition tells me not as there are far too many `incidents` right now There is for sure at back street war going on as `The Establishment` sqirms at being affronted on so many fronts.

  • Tiger

    Maybe someone ought to check out McCain/Graham and Hillary for the Russian Connection. They are the ones screaming the loudest about Russia although not a peep when Hillary gave them uranium or when O had the hot mic saying to the Russian I will be able to do more when re-elected. By the way how was he so sure he would be re-elected?

    They also had no problem when O told the Ukraine sorry can’t help you no treaty that was just another president that said that he would help you.

    Yeh check out those three vermin. So easy the way these Russians just go down or get shot.

    • Mariabstandifer

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    • Mollie Norris

      “McCain/Graham and Hillary for the Russian Connection. They are the ones screaming the loudest about Russia” – gee; could this be yet another diversion?

      • Tiger


  • Michelle

    The coroner should be going over his skin with a bright light…likely find a small wound with poison in it…heart attack gun, has frozen bullets that melt the “evidence” after death.


    Lots of things can look like a heart attack. Is this the man Flynn was talking to that he was supposed to have discussed Russian sanctions with??

  • Time Will Tell

    Moar Russians will die. The Deep State is in so deep they all think they are triple agents or double agents…

    • Mollie Norris

      They are – they’re the Nazis and their descendants that the CIA actively recruited as intelligence agents after WWII through the 60s.

  • Renrah

    Vlad strikes again !!
    Please pray for the safety of our President as he is really shaking up the status quo and the global “elites” are very ticked off.

  • Renrah

    agreed – straight up murder of a great conservative judge. Are you also aware of the massive numbers of alternative health doctors mysteriously meeting their maker ?

    • Mollie Norris

      I’ve changed my mind about this – sources that say Scalia had been involved in the global pedophilia ring and was a liability to Obama and others seem more likely now that WH and secret society involvement in Satanic child sacrifice and trafficing has been exposed. Scalia’s last visitors were from a French Illuminati society.

  • Mike

    one of obama’s or killary’s operatives did this.

    • Mollie Norris

      Obama is a CIA Manchurian candidate.

      • Michael O Malloy

        been sayin’ this for 10 yrs now

        • Mollie Norris

          You’re a smart guy!

  • It is not Paranoia

    Someone’s been heart attacked.

  • Err Amerika

    Sometimes it’s okay to relax.

    This poor guy just had a heart attack; it happens all the time.

    Take a breath, there’s probably nothing here at all; folks die.


  • Mollie Norris

    It’s certainly becoming more difficult to rationalize the disinfo claiming Russian aggression.with these CIA-Mossad hits.