Breaking: Police Officer Charged With Homicide for Shooting Unarmed Man

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This isn’t something you hear very often.

From ABC27 News:

A Hummelstown [PA] police officer has been charged with criminal homicide in the fatal shooting of a South Hanover Township man last month.

Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico said following a state police investigation, he concluded 36-year-old Lisa Mearkle was not justified in using deadly force when she shot 59-year-old David Kassick.

This story is quite disturbing. On February 2, Mearkle attempted to stop Kassick for an expired inspection sticker. Instead of stopping, Kassick drove to his sister’s home and fled on foot.

Mearkle chased Kassick and shot him with her stun gun, shooting him in the back:

Kassick fell to the snow-covered ground and was lying face down when Mearkle ordered him to show his hands. She continued to use the stun gun while Kassick was on the ground, then shot him twice in the back, Marsico said.

Mearkle told investigators she shot Kassick because he would not show her his hands and she thought he was reaching into his jacket for a gun. She acknowledged that she did not see him display anything that could have been considered a weapon, however.

But the stun gun recorded portions of the encounter, and Marsico called it the strongest evidence in the case.

He said it appeared Kassick had been trying to remove stun-gun probes from his back.

“At the time Officer Mearkle fires both rounds from her pistol, the video clearly depicts Kassick lying on the snow covered lawn with his face toward the ground,” according to the arrest affidavit. “Furthermore, at the time the rounds are fired nothing can be seen in either of Kassick’s hands, nor does he point or direct anything toward Officer Mearkle.”

Kassick, in fact, was not physically aggressive at all, according to the criminal complaint filed by state police. He had no contact with Mearkle and was not facing her when she fired the first shot. She ordered him to show his hands and was still using the stun gun when she fired the second shot – while Kassick was still face-down on the ground.

Mearkle performed CPR on Kassick, but he died at the scene.

Mearkle is a 14-year veteran of the Hummelstown Police Department. She was arraigned before District Judge Lowell Witmer and jailed in the Dauphin County Prison without bail.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled April 20.

The police department issued a news release that said it had cooperated fully, calling the matter “an extremely difficult case for all involved.”

“We are servants of justice and must now allow the judicial process to conduct a fair and impartial review of the allegations that have been presented,” the news release stated.

The offense of criminal homicide encompasses a range of charges, from misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter to felony first-degree murder. Prosecutors often narrow the charge later in the process, about the time when defendants are formally arraigned.

Kassick’s family issued the following statement through their attorneys at the Slusser Law Firm:

The Kassick family is extremely pleased that the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office has elected to pursue homicide charges against the police officer responsible for David’s untimely death. The family would like to thank the Dauphin County district attorney and his staff as well as the Pennsylvania State Police for their hard work and impartial handling of this matter. Their courage in doing what is right and just in criminally charging this police officer is to be commended.

Davis is dead and he should not be. The family would like to respectfully remind the public that while David had his problems and struggled with addiction, he was loved and will be deeply missed. The family is comforted by the knowledge that the individual who caused David’s death will be held to answer for her cowardly and criminal behavior. This prosecution is a substantial step towards closure following a horrifying tragedy.

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  • SickOfTheStupid

    Now watch how much money from police unions pour in for this POS’s defense and watch how hard they fight to make sure this scum never faces a jury…….

  • CharlesH

    When we start to treat police in the same manner in which the average citizen is treated – then and only then will there be justice. NO ONE should ever be considered above the law.

    • I’d prefer to be treated the way the Bill of Rights says I should be than the way that the average citizen is.

    • varlog

      I don’t think they should be treated equally. I think they should be held to a higher standard.

      We put our trust in them to do the right thing and enable them with great power. When they abuse our trust, I think they should get double the penalty a regular citizen would get.

  • oscarmadison
  • Bert

    So that’s what it takes for charges to be filed? The officer has to stun them, and then while still using the tazer on the incapacitated victim, shoot them in the back?

    Well, we’ve had plenty of cops shoot unarmed victims in the back, I guess they just needed to be using their tazer at the same time to be prosecuted.

    • Then there are those officers who have murdered people by tasing them until their hearts stopped beating or they stopped breathing.

      • Bert

        Well, yeah, but they didn’t shoot ’em, right? So it’s not illegal for cops to kill people that way, of course. That’s how it’s been working to this point, right?

        • None of this was a problem until we started tolerating it.

          • Bert

            Agreed. Not sure where we got lost (US Citizens) on this, but there’d been hundreds of thousands protesting and marching if this sort of murder so routinely perpetrated by LEOs today had started happening with this sort of frequency 20 or 30 years ago.

          • The answer to that was provided by Thomas Jefferson a long time ago:

            “The spirit of the times may alter, will alter. Our rulers will become corrupt, our people careless. A single zealot may become persecutor, and better men be his victims. It can never be too often repeated that the time for fixing every essential right, on a legal basis, is while our rulers are honest, ourselves united. From the conclusion of this war we shall be going down hill. It will not then be necessary to resort every moment to the people for support. They will be forgotten, therefore, and their rights disregarded. They will forget themselves in the sole faculty of making money, and will never think of uniting to effect a due respect for their rights. The shackles, therefore, which shall not be knocked off at the conclusion of this war, will be heavier and heavier, till our rights shall revive or expire in a convulsion.”

          • mirageseekr

            Unfortunately marching and protesting means nothing to them other than that they are going to put some under cover agents in the mix to make sure you get on the “proper list”. Time to step it up with massive civil disobedience, in the meantime I suggest people prepare for martial law as daily it looks more and more likely that it will happen soon.

  • Joe Lizak

    To the writer Lily Dane. It was strong of you not to include the STATE in which this incident happened. Do you really think the readers know where Hummelstown USA is?…. in Dauphin County? Didn’t Burt Reynolds and the truck driver Jerry Reeves pass through that county in Smokey and the Bandit? “Shut you ass”…. signed Sheriff Buford T Justice.

    • For those too challenged to use a search engine:
      Slusser Law Firm, Hazleton, PA – View by Ixquick Proxy – Highlight

      The Slusser Law Firm has been retained to represent the family of a Hummelstown, PA, man who was shot and killed by a Hummelstown Borough police officer …

      • Joe Lizak

        I could have Googled it just like you….but I didn’t want to be called anal.

  • Matt

    thats one but plenty of killers still wearing a badge with a gun, what could go wrong there, nothing but trouble

  • It should be noted that Ted Nugent has always said that it is OK for a police officer to shoot a fleeing person in the back, which is just another reason why I will never join the NRA again.

  • He was shot because he made her chase him. That’s a death penalty offense, right there.

    • Only an extrajudicial one.

    • Joe Lizak

      I love your Bermease Mountain dog photo….or is that an Aussie? I’m going with luv it. (by the way I miss your posts)

      • Bernese Mountain dog. Coolest kind.

    • at least i could outrun the whore, how long are those taser wires?

  • what a *^#(

  • lan

    She really wanted the standard two weeks paid leave but got too eager. Perhaps she forgot to yell stop resisting.They’ll make her a Martha Stewart scapegoat. The casino needs a few winners to appear legit

    • Bert

      That’s exactly what I thought when I first read the title, that over the next few months when people complain about whatever murder of the week cops commit and don’t get indicted for, they’ll point to this and say “But look, we did crucify one of our own, you can’t say we’re not being fair”.

      I swear, the more of this shit I see every single day, the more it makes me want to lead a damned rebellion. I’ve gotten so I can’t even watch any more videos, makes my damned blood boil for hours.

  • doucyet

    It’s about time one of them goes to court for their actions.

    • Bert

      Keyword there is “one”. ONE cop gets indicted, and only after she’s caught tasing the guy to the deck and shooting him in the back….while he’s laying on the ground….and while she’s still tasing him. Wow….just thinking about that, folks. Maybe I’m wrong here, but that doesn’t seem too difficult a job for any prosecuting attorney to take to trial and win, but like someone else said below, there’ll be a plea bargain where she’ll probably cop to negligent homicide and spend 5 years probation, a thousand hours of community service, and not a single day behind bars, which is where that psychopathic bitch belongs.

      They’re killing a few people a day, and by the stats I looked at last year (and please don’t quote me on this, it was some time ago when I hunted them down and I’m not 100% sure I’m right) it was close to 50% of their victims are actually victims. Unarmed, and not guilty of much more than pissing off the LEOs, many not even that. That one video where they shoot at this guy and miss, then CHASE HIM ABOUT A BLOCK AND GUN HIM DOWN WHILE HE’S TRYING TO SURRENDER….holyfuckingshit, that was about more than I could stand to watch. The guy is standing there, with his arms IN THE AIR, trying to surrender, and they murder him. That was the last bad-cop video I could stand to watch without cracking my teeth or breaking my jawbone from grinding them so hard.

  • We wouldn’t be having alot of these problems if the government wasn’t rewarding and promoting these torturing and murdering Military and CIA criminal monsters into Law Enforcement and Homeland Security Positions.

  • James

    Needs put on foot patrol. Were she walks between narrow buildings. Were cement blocks can fall and do. Works were I live. We have good cops of good reputation. All police in America need do 2 hours foot patrol a day. Get out and meet the citizen. Meet those who think highest of what they are. But then in America most 95% or more would quit in a week they had to do that.

    • L O

      I agree, Take cops out of those cars and make them interact with the public… shootings would go down, their approval rate would go up.

  • Sam

    She should have kept herself bare foot and pregnant in the kitchen where she belonged raising a God fearing family.
    Ya but, the feminists will have a hissy and demand more role reversals etc etc etc despite the glaring obvious of traditional time honored values that go caddywompus by the femonazis.

    • mirageseekr

      Sam, has anyone told you what century it is? And maybe you haven’t noticed but there are a lot of male cops shooting innocent people as well. You must be a real treat for you’re wife/girlfriends, that is if you have managed to make it out of mommies basement yet.

  • rick

    more ANTI-JUST-US,……murder, theft, intimidation,welcome to america, bitchezzzzz………at least i know i’m sheep!!!!!!!!!

  • In 8 notch

    Just another isolated incident….


    H` town is a very small, 4300 about, the cop surely knew the guy some way.
    Its obvious the armed costumed clowns are taught to shoot to kill , if anything at all is not according to their script, judging from the many other similar reports in the recent past.
    In LV NV recently, two handcuffed prisoners were shotgunned, one lived.

  • mirageseekr

    No she wont, she will be put in protective custody with the child abusers. If the system were fair, they would all be lumped together and they could have a little mad max scenario going on. But it is not fair and she will be protected if she even serves time, just like those nice cushy white collar “prisons” that have tennis courts. Funny a bankster can take you’re life savings and a cop can shoot you and they have it easier than the guy doing life for stealing a pair of socks under the 3 strikes law,

  • mirageseekr

    I agree, maybe she actually was a good person who made a tragic choice. Pigs don’t throw their own under the buss no matter how wrong they are.

  • Joe Lizak

    What dumb ass puts the state in brackets.

    Boston, MA.
    Providence, R.I.
    Miami, FL.

    Get it? This is how you write city and state.

  • Jakob Stagg

    I have no personal knowledge in this case. Therefore, I have no opinion. I will, however, comment that “unarmed” does not imply “not a threat”. The word unarmed is misleading. It assumes things not in evidence. I’d prefer the media try to learn and stop distorting truth.

    As far as killing someone who is not a threat, that should be a capital offense, as should abuse of the power of one’s position.

  • MAS

    I wonder how many of her partners complained of her skittishness on the job and were ignored by PC brass? Don’t ask me how I know this happens…

  • Doesn’t Chile or some S. Am country have bullet proof shirts or jackets that look quite regular? I wanna’ import a few million