BREAKING: NY Assembly Passes SAFE Act; Strictest Gun Control Bill in the Nation

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January 15th: Tuesday night the New York Assembly passed the NY SAFE (Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement) Act with a vote of 104-43. Some are praising the bill while some lawmakers say that the bill was rushed:

“This bill tramples on the constitutional rights of our citizens,” said Assemblyman Marc Butler, a Republican from upstate Herkimer county.

Butler was one of several Republican Assembly members who voiced strong disapproval for the bill. He and others worried about the impact of the new law on New York gun manufacturer Remington Arms, based in Ilion, N.Y. The law would render some of Remington’s products illegal, like the AR-15 rifle used in the Newtown, Conn., shootings.

Republican lawmakers said the bill was rushed through by Cuomo so that he could make national headlines.

via The Wall Street Journal

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, at a news conference at the Capital, said he was proud “not just because New York has the first bill, but because New York has the best bill.”

The bill not only broadens the definition of “Assault Weapons” but also bans “High Capacity Magazines”. It will also increase penalties for gun related crime and will make it easier to revoke gun licenses of those they deem mentally ill.

Cuomo gun bill fact sheet by Casey Seiler

This all takes place one day before President Obama is scheduled to deliver his own recommendations which could include issuing Executive Orders for tighter gun laws.

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  • ZombieDawg

    …exactly as I said…
    Welcome to the United States of Australia.
    Give it 3 years and you won’t be able to buy a catapult.

  • Ben

    @ Zombie,

    This is not Australia. Americans are NOT Australians. Do you think the majority of Americans will willingly give up their firesarms? Some might…but the majority will not do it. Have you been to a gun shop lately? Are all of those people buying rifles and AR’s so they can turn them in? Get real.

    • Disgrunteld

      @ ben

      In case you didn’t notice.. they just did it in New York. They aren’t going to do a fucking thing about these scumbags taking our rights. Quite acting like you will.

  • brandon

    What would be great is to see all gun manufacturers refuse to sell firearms of any kind to NY. Of course would put a lot of legit businesses out of work or force the prices to skyrocket, but it would send a message and hopefully lead to a stampede of citizens out of that crap hole of a state. Losing all those tax dollars is just one of the ways to help escalate the collapse of these ginormous states who are already bankrupt.

  • Kulafarmer

    All i know is if the feds do something like that bill theres going to be a lot of unhappy politicians when the patriots stop paying taxes and being as difficult as possible.

    • johnd32

      Many of us already stopped paying taxes. Since the IRS is illegal, on your W-4 federal forms claim 9 on the bottom and don’t fill out the top. You will not have anything taken out of your checks. Also don’t claim at the end of year. Many are doing that since the IRS are croaks and illegal. We stand behind our gun if they have questions. I just gave you some tips.

  • Joe Shmoe

    Watch crime skyrocket just like it did in DC back when they required gun locks and cracked down on firearms… Mark my words, NY will be the new Chicago.

  • Deathgoat

    Crime control is a Governmental Red Herring I wish people would stop nibbling at.

    It’s about Population Control, something the sheep are starting to wake up to.

    WE are the people Homeland Security has purchased those 1.6 Billion ( with a B) 40 cal hollow points to use against… I suspect they realize our Military won’t do their dirty work for them. If they bring in Foreign troops to help out, That’s when it all goes sideways.

  • Treydiddy

    I thought the rifle was in the trunk and all Lanza had on him were the pistols…

  • Jay smith

    Damn! All New York residents got screwed! Limits on 7 round magazines. registration for ammunition, register your weapon every 5 years. Cuomo had a hard on to get this past so quickly. All I can say is i feel for you and maybe this will teach you a lessen next time don’t vote for a gun grabbing cock sucker that is only worried about looking good for the possibility of running for 2016 presidential elections. Gun owners should unite and get these gun grabbing polititians out of office. if your not an NRA member I suggest you join now!!!!!! good luck with your lame ass laws.

    • johnd32

      We go out of state and buy mags and drums, in facts any of my friends have drums and high cap mags. We don’t buy anything here. We have no plans on selling them neither.

    • johnd32

      No one voted for him he was pushed into a capital after getting kicked out of another state as governor.

  • Abe Simpson

    Poor Andrew, just like like his father Mario his zeal for power has blinded his ambition. Didn’t they read Macbeth in his H.S. He has blown his bid for the Presidency by rushing to be first, and thus historic (easy to point out, better than blaming Bush) in 2016. Yeah Mario showed great promise too but finished as an also ran. I feel so sad for both of them.

  • Smarty

    7 shots in your clip is enough if you’re only hunting one gun grabber at at time… just sayin..

    • Kulafarmer

      Id like to use my black powder rifle just for the sport of it,

      That or my compound bow, that way the noise from the shot doesnt interrupt my theme music plaing on my Ipod

  • Hannibal

    The problem with chump American consumers is that they are too stupid and cowardice to resist the police state oppressors. When they come for you it’s too late to complain!

  • johnd32

    If they want blood spilled then its a revolution they will get. If it includes any cops trying to confiscate and follow any UN-constitutional law. In regards to any gun that isn’t registered. Will be shot and killed with his follow officers. That I can promise you.

  • Mark

    I found this on another site so I will pass it on & hope it may help

    ● ➪ NYS Gun Owners


    ➪ “ACTION REQUIRED: Federal Challenge to NY BANN
    Lawyer : Jim Tresmond, Attorney in Buffalo, New York. Attorney phone is 716.202.4301
    Successfully represented clients in the past on Second Amendment issues in NYS Supreme Court. This case is pro-bono for all the gun owners of New York.
    According to Mr. Tresmond the new ban is illegal as it is an ex-facto law taking away previously owned property and he intends to file this action in Federal Court.

    “We are looking for as many as possible to add to CLASS ACTION CASE:”

    ➪ “SEND Your Name and EMAIL ADDRESS and phone number to: TRESMONDLAW@GMAIL.COM

    ● Above quotes from other sites, hope it helps!

    Μολὼν λαβέ

  • johnd32

    Thanks I will pass that on…

  • akvalmet30

    looks like a lot of people who cherish freedom and their gun rights will be leaving Jew York this year, and may they be better for it.

  • nails nathan

    .the men and women of the n.y.p.d license division has done a good job of keeping firearms out of the hands of people who can’t cut the muster. After reading about the state what about the most and civilians employed by the city to safeguard our lives.