Breaking News: Missing 15-year-old Student Found Safe, Ex-Teacher Arrested

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Image credit: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

Here’s some good news: the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says 15-year-old Elizabeth Thomas has been found and safely recovered. They say they have also arrested her accused kidnapper Tad Cummins, who was her teacher at Culleoka Unit School in Maury County, Tennessee.

From WHNT:

Cummins and Thomas disappeared from Maurry County on March 13. They were last seen at approximately 8:00 a.m. at a Shoney’s in Columbia, Tenn. A friend dropped her off at that time. Her parents reported her missing later that day.

Associated Press says court papers filed recently in Elizabeth’s disappearance say she was afraid of the teacher and thought she would face repercussions at school if she resisted him.

Just before noon, the TBI tweeted Cummins had been arrested and that more details would be provided soon. A press release says the pair was found at a commune. A news conference is set for 3 p.m. in Nashville.

TBI Director Mark Gwyn said in a statement:

“Our intelligence analysts and agents have worked tirelessly since issuing this AMBER Alert to process more than 1,500 leads from all 50 states. What happened in California this morning, however, proves it only takes one person to lead to a successful end. We are extremely thankful the hard work of all partners in this search has paid off. We’re also grateful for the public’s support and vigilance throughout this search effort.”

According to TBI, Cummins is in custody in a California jail without bond, awaiting extradition to Tennessee to face charges of sexual contact with a minor and aggravated kidnapping.

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  • jimmy joe

    If its in there with other “guests” it is getting its ass kicked, that I can assure you!!

    • Tommy p

      and lots of sex too!

  • L. A. McDonough

    Parents today cannot control their kids. The girl decided to just run off with this teacher. Parents too busy to parent.

    • 667..neighbor of the beast

      Yeah…too busy racking up charges of child abuse in the years prior..

      In the good old days a self respecting 15 yr old Tennessee belle would drop out of school before eloping with her teacher!

  • Simon says

    she was 15 going on 35 and he was 50 going on 20 with the IQ of 12

  • Panda

    Of course the girl was found safe…
    That is, until She’s turned over to the State…
    Then She will no longer be safe !!!

  • Simon says

    naturally normal attraction…illegal and abnormal in our society standards and agree /believe he should be beat down …

    but ??? how did the unnatural relationships become the only ones in our society today that are rejoiced ..where are we going as a species?

    • Guillotine_ready

      As a species we are devolving from our once lofty moral and ethical perch. We no longer recognize gender as a natural biological state determined before birth. We no longer realize that sexuality is biologically mandated to be between female and male members of the species, and should not involve other species.
      Unnatural realtionships are glorified for the shock value to those of us with more old fashioned notions. We are to be villified and forced to accept and celebrate the sick and twisted so we move away from traditional morals and ethics and accept whatever depravity social planners wish to push on us next.
      We are at war with schools that teach nothing of value any longer, gov that is a means of robbing us till it is cheaper to kill us, the media which is just a manipulative device used to mold public opinion and to further the feelings of inferiority when people are subjected to portrayals of happy people living in clean luxurious environments and never seen working or stressing over the multitude of man made stressors in our society.
      As an earth dwelling species we have the right and the need to make use of the bounty of the planet to survive and thrive. But we are so far from anything natural that a homeless person is seen as a threat and run off or beaten for pleasure. Being homeles is the natural state of person who has been rejected by the socially accepted institutions of labor.
      We are just about ready for our final act as an agressive species, WOrld War that goes nuclear. Despite all the planning and building of bunkers the elite have been engaged in for decades, they will not thrive on the earth after a nuclear war. If they come out of their bunkers and try to assume leadership I think they will be killed on the spot.

      • Said it better than I could.

      • 667..neighbor of the beast


  • Now, if the roles were reversed, the woman wouldn’t be charged with anything, and the man would be accused of raping her, and thus sent to jail, or praised for having sex with her.