BREAKING: MULTIPLE WITNESSES Say TWO MEN Were In the Elliot Rodger BMW During Shooting

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Multiple witnesses say they saw two people inside the suspect’s vehicle, however, during the press conference, Sheriff Brown would neither confirm nor deny whether there was a passenger in the car.

Michael Vitak, a student from the Czech Republic, told Sanchez what he witnessed.

Guys in a BMW. Maybe they were trying to prove they’re tough,” Vitak said during a live televised interview. Vitak saw them shooting at two girls; one was shot dead, the other was critically hurt.

One woman identified as Sierra told Sanchez she was approached by two men in a black BMW. The driver flashed a small black handgun and asked ‘”Hey, what’s up?”‘

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  • bob

    ding ,ding, ding,
    we have a winner
    Building 7 called false flag first.

  • Undecider

    Why not reference the multitude of traffic and intersection cameras they are surveilling us 24/7 with? Or let me guess, they weren’t working at the time?

  • Useanameplease

    Comments can’t be blank.

  • Moveonsux

  • BubbaT

    This is all designed to condition people to demand gun confiscation. It’s all setups orchestrated by our traitorous Govt.

  • matrix reloaded

    I wish for once the American public will demand the truth come out. Why the secrecy around events like Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, etc…? National security my ass.
    Watch the video of the so called grieving father of one of the victims the day after his son was murdered. He read a script to the press, no tears and blamed craven politicians and the NRA. I call BS on this event too. Very bad acting. Maybe the crisis actors need a few more classes to be a little more convincing.

  • As one can see in the NBC news item linked below, the “parents” of Weihan “David” Wang are faking crying. Not one tear, no watery eyes, no red eyes present, no running noses though each “parent” (especially the “father”) is groaning like a dog…

    The next false flag incident that comes around the corner, if crying is occurring check the actors’ eyes.

    Note that eyewitnesses saw TWO men in the BMW, not ONE, meaning Elliot Rodger had a controller, assuming Elliot Rodger was actually in the car…

    What’s the purpose for these false flag events, you ask? Two-fold:

    (1) Before Chinese Communist troops can invade the United States (after the fake “collapse” of the Communist government in Beijing) from Mexico in the near future, first Americans must be disarmed, otherwise the invasion can’t take place.

    Keep an eye on Mexico. Soon the Mexican-manufactured “drug wars” will spread across the nation, which is when Mexico will ask “democratic” China to send troops to assist Mexico in combating the spreading conflict. That’s why Mexico City (in co-operation with Moscow & Beijing) created the “drug wars”, as a pretext for requesting the aide of a future “democratic” China; and

    (2) establish a national “mental health” program that determines if you’re “mentally healthy”.

    Why would the United States government want to facilitate the invasion of the United States by China and lock away in psychiatric facilities those who are sounding the warning, you ask? Because the political parties of the West were long ago co-opted by Moscow & Allies, which you would have already known had you been paying close attention to world events…

    Take a look at the main paper of the Russian Ministry of Defense…see if you notice something odd…

    “Krasnaya Zvezda” is Russian for “Red Star”, the official newspaper of Soviet and later Russian Ministry of Defense. The paper’s official designation is, “Central Organ of the Russian Ministry of Defense.” Note the four Soviet emblems next to the still existing Soviet era caption titled “Red Star”(!), one of the Soviet emblems including the image of Lenin, the man who removed the independent Russian nation from the map, supplanting it within the new nation called the USSR, a murderous one-party government that spread violence throughout the world in order to “liberate” the world, and bring into existence a one-world Soviet dictatorship! If the “collapse” of the USSR was real, then the “Red Star” caption, four Soviet emblems and Lenin’s image could not form the masthead of the Russian Ministry of Defense’s newspaper, due to their association with the Soviet Union and its ideals of world revolution. Imagine the official paper of the German Ministry of Defense is named “Das Third Reich”, where next to the caption are four Nazi emblems, one of the emblems sporting a profile of Adolph Hitler’s head!

    Then for Russian Naval vessels, take a look at the following photo from 2013, and note what’s still appended to the bows (enlarge picture)…

    See the Soviet era Red Star still attached to the port bow, near the anchor.

    Take a look at what’s still on Aeroflot aircraft…

    Note the Communist emblem of the hammer & sickle stenciled on the Aeroflot aircraft’s fuselage! Imagine the Swastika still on Lufthansa commercial aircraft!

    The Soviet Air Force Base outside the town of Engels (Saratov Oblast District, Russia) named Engels Air Force Base (the only Soviet Air Force Base named in honor of Engels; none were named after Marx nor Lenin), is STILL called Engels Air Force Base, and the adjacent town is still called Engels. Both town and air base were named after Marx’s colleague Friedrich Engels…

    Engels Air Force Base:

    Also, notice the modified Soviet Red Star roundel, created in 2010, 19-years after the collapse of the USSR (people were talking about the inexplicable continued use of the Soviet roundel, so instead of creating a new roundel for the new Russian nation, which was supposed to have occurred in 1992, the Duma instead merely modified the Soviet roundel!). Here’s the Soviet roundel, for comparison…

    The only difference between the two roundels is the addition of the narrow blue trim bordering the red star. Imagine today’s German Luftwaffe using a modified Nazi Swastika on its aircraft! Even so, the unmodified Soviet era roundel remains in-place on most military aircraft, meaning Russians, who were 94% non-Communist Party members in late 1991, have fond memories of being persecuted under the nationality that that roundel represents! Imagine if Germany had been 94% ethnic Jewish during World War II, and after the Allies’ occupation the Jewish German population used the Swastika roundel for the new Luftwaffe!

    Engels city:,_Saratov_Oblast

    In fact, Engels city still has Lenin Square…

    …and Saratov city (right across the Volga River from Engels city) still has its massive statue of Lenin…

    In fact, approximate 97% of Lenin’s statues that stood in Russia before the fake collapse of the USSR are to this day still standing (that 97% statistic constitutes thousands of statues)….

    The only statues taken down were in those locations where foreign tourists would travel the most, and those statues were lovingly disassembled and placed in museums or parks, waiting there for their planned resurrections–after the defeat of the West…

    The fraudulent “collapse” of the USSR (and East Bloc) couldn’t have been pulled off until both political parties in the United States (and political parties elsewhere in the West) were co-opted by Moscow & Allies, which explains why verification of the “collapse” was never undertaken by the West, such verification being (1) a natural administrative procedure (since the USSR wasn’t occupied by Western military forces); and (2) necessary for the survival of the West. Recall President Reagan’s favorite phrase, “Trust, but verify”.

    Notice that not one political party in the West demanded verification of the collapse of the USSR, and the media failed to alert your attention to this fact, including the “alternative” media. When determining whether the “former” USSR is complying with arms control treaties, what does the United States do to confirm compliance? Right, the United States sends into the “former” USSR investigative teams to VERIFY compliance, yet when it’s the fate of the West that’s at stake should the collapse of the USSR be a ruse, what does the United States do to confirm the collapse? Nothing!

    It gets worse–the West also never (1) de-Communized the Soviet Armed Forces of its Communist Party officer corps, which was 90% officered by Communist Party members; and (2) arrested and detained the 6-million vigilantes that assisted the Soviet Union’s Ministry of the Interior control the populations of the larger cities during the period of “Perestroika” (1986-1991)!

    While we don’t know when exactly the Democratic Party was co-opted by Marxists, thanks to the peculiar historical nature surrounding the founding of the Republican Party, we do know when exactly the party of Lincoln was co-opted…

    Marxists/Socialists who after the failed 1848 revolution in Germany came to the United States. Upon arrival to the United States they infiltrated the embryonic Republican Party, many forming voluntary Germanic Union Armies and becoming General Officers themselves within the Union Army, such as…

    (1) Brigadier General Joseph WEYDEMEYER of the Union Army was a close friend of Karl MARX and Fredrick Engels in the London Communist League (Assistant Secretary of War Charles A. DANA —close friend of Marx, published with Joseph Weydemyer a number of Communist Journals and, also “The Communist Manifesto,” commissioned by Karl Marx. As a member of the Communist/Socialist Fourier Society in America, Dana was well acquainted with Marx and Marx’s colleague in Communism, Fredrick Engels. Dana, also, was a friend of all Marxists in the Republican Party, offering assistance to them almost upon their arrival on the American continent.);

    (2) Brigadier General Louis BLENKER, Union Army—radical socialist/Communist from Germany—was remarkably successful in encouraging German immigrants to join the Union Army and the Republican Party;

    (3) Major General August WILLICH—often called “The Reddest of the Red ‘48ers” was a member of the London Communist League with Karl MARX and Fredrick ENGLES. Before seeking refuge in the U.S. Willich was a personal acquaintance of Karl MARX;

    (4) Major Robert ROSA, of the Union Army, was a proud member of the New York Communist Club;

    (5) Brigadier General Carl SCHURZ –as a young socialist, was noted for helping Gottfried Kinkel of Bonn escape from Spandau while imprisoned there for his socialist activities in the ’48 Revolts. Schurz came to America in 1848. He was a forty-eighter who became very active in the development of the Republican Party and in politics. He was given a high position by Lincoln in the Union Army;

    (6) Brigadier General Alexander Von Schimmelfenning, like most of the other MARXISTS /Socialist/Communists who came to the U.S. after their failed uprising in 1848;

    (7) Major General Franz SIEGEL, thought to be one of Lincoln’s most controversial and the poorest of his generals;

    (8) Commander Friedrich Karl Franz HECKER, (exact military title not known) known as “Red” and “Flagrant Friedrich.” Educated in Germany, received his doctor of law degree in Munich. He was expelled from Prussia. Arriving in the U.S., he took part in the creation of the Republican Party, encouraged the proliferation of German newspapers carrying the Socialist propaganda, aided in the election of Lincoln, and propagandized heavily among German immigrants for volunteers for the Union Army. He was named Commander of a regiment he raised of Germans;

    (9) General John C. FREMONT was noted for his close association with all of the socialist/communists whom Lincoln placed in positions of command in his army. Fremont was the first Republican candidate for president. He was considered to be the “darling” of the most radical socialists. His chief of staff, early in the war, was Hungarian socialist revolutionary;

    (10) Brevet Major General Frederick Charles SALOMON, one of a group of four radical socialist brothers, with highly similar names– three of whom were in the group of Socialist 1848ers. Frederick began his career in the Union Army as a Captain in MO, wound up as a Colonel in the Ninth Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment, then a brigadier general and a brevet major general;

    11. Brevetted Brigadier General Charles E. Salomon, also started his American military career with a bunch of MO volunteers. Born in Prussia, he, also, was one of the radical socialists arriving in the U.S. after the 1848 Socialist uprising failure and was a brother to Frederick Charles;

    12. Governor Edward Salomon, a third Salomon brother, also born in Prussia, did not do military service, but ran for political office in Wisconsin, was elected lieutenant governor, becoming Governor of Wisconsin when the elected Governor “drowned”; and

    13. Colonel Fritz ANNEKE/ANNECKE was a Forty-eighter, with a strong leftward tilt. He was a Communist League member and a Baden Revolt veteran…the list goes on…

    Now you know how Bolshevik Russia survived in 1917; how the West “lost” China to the Communists in 1949; why the Eisenhower administration turned a deaf ear to the anti-Communist Hungarian uprising in 1956; why the Eisenhower administration in 1959 was indifferent to the Castro brothers’ Communist fidelity, actually used the CIA to overthrow the Batista government; why the Nixon administration abandoned Taiwan for Communist China, and signed treaties/provided economic aid to the USSR; why the Nixon administration refused to tell the American People that over 50% of North Vietnamese NVA regiments were actually Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers (attired in NVA uniforms), thereby (1) ensuring the war would be lost; (2) destroying the prominence of the United States abroad and at home; and (3) securing Communist victories in Southeast Asia. Working in the background within the political parties of the United States and Great Britain were Marxist agents doing their best to (1) ensure the survival of Communist nations when they popped up; and (2) sabotage any policies that would bring down a Communist nation.

    • Fleendar the magnificent

      In a shortened version… Red Dawn….

      • “In a shortened version… Red Dawn….”

        In Red Dawn John Milius’ script assumed the Sino-Soviet Split was real and not the strategic deception it was, hence why one of the characters says China was nuked by the USSR.

        • Fleendar the magnificent

          What I am saying is that we can not only expect an attack by our own… But we can expect an attack by external forces as well.

          • “What I am saying is that we can not only expect an attack by our own…”

            Our own what? Not our military! That’s the only entity that is keeping us free at the moment. Why do you think the United States Armed Forces is being sabotaged by sexual attacks? 53.8% of the sexual attacks (14,000 out of 26,000 in 2012) are aimed at males, not females, proving sabotage is taking place…

          • Fleendar the magnificent

            Then what do YOU recommend? That we just give up and submit to death as the Holocaust victims did?
            No thanks….

          • “Then what do YOU recommend? That we just give up and submit to death as the Holocaust victims did?”

            Where did I say that?

          • Fleendar the magnificent

            I would agree with this. However, how would one get the ball rolling on this? Something has to be done before blood is spilled and as you stated, the communists which have taken over the system have to be purged.

          • “…the communists which have taken over the system have to be purged.”

            The process for “purging” is quite implicit in the Constitution–don’t vote for any current political parties.

            That means American have to first become aware with the comments/links/analysis I provided. THEN we can get the ball rolling…