Breaking: Edward Snowden Vanishes From His Hong Kong Hotel Room

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According to reports from the BBC, Edward Snowden has vanished from his Hong Kong hotel room. Ex-CIA employee Snowden, 29, was not expected to check out and the move has taken many by surprise. His whereabouts are unknown and thus far he has not made contact with anyone as to his plans.

Snowden who is on record as saying he had:

“an obligation to help free people from oppression”

He is being investigated regarding the leaks and the case has been referred to the Department of Justice as a criminal matter.

An online petition on the White House website has so far gotten 30,000 signatures calling for an immediate pardon for Snowden, though sadly, an opinion poll commissioned by the Washington Post reveals that the majority of American Citizens think that this kind of intrusive phone monitoring is acceptable if it is aimed at fighting terrorism.

The implications of Snowdens’ leaks have reverberated around the globe with similar allegations being leveled at GCHQ (Government Communication Headquarters) in the UK.

Before fleeing to Hong Kong Snowden said:

“The NSA has built an infrastructure that allows it to intercept almost everything. With this capability, the vast majority of human communications are automatically ingested without targeting. I don’t want to live in a society that does these sorts of things. I do not want to live in a world where everything I say and do is recorded…. We have seen enough criminality on behalf of the government, it is hypocritical to make this allegation against me.”

Hong Kong does have an extradition treaty with the US though a standard US visa lasts for 90 days, he is believed to have arrived in Hong Kong on May 20th.

He has recently said that he fears his actions could put him in jail and he is worried about his family and friends being sucked into the affair. His vanishing without warning from the Mira Hotel has concerned those close to him.

On Thursday, the Washington Post and Guardian said the NSA tapped directly into the servers of nine internet firms including Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to track online communication in a program known as Prism.

All the internet companies deny giving the US government access to their servers.

Prism is said to give the NSA and FBI access to emails, web chats and other communications directly from the servers of major US internet companies.

Other major US Security Leaks

  • Pentagon papers, 1971: Daniel Ellsberg leaks study showing the government had knowledge it was unlikely to win Vietnam war
  • Watergate, 1972: Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein reveal extent of cover-up over burglary at Democrat National Committee HQ
  • Iran-Contra affair, 1986: Iranian cleric reveals illegal US arms sales to Iran, the proceeds of which are later used to fund Nicaraguan Contras
  • Valerie Plame, 2003: Ms Plame is revealed to be an undercover CIA agent, ending her covert career
  • Abu Ghraib, 2004: Publication of pictures showing abuse of detainees at Iraq prison by US officials turns initial media reports of abuse into full-blown scandal
  • Bradley Manning, 2010: The soldier downloads thousands of classified documents from military servers and hands them over to Wikileaks

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  • Unfortunately, Hindsight is always 20/20! Life is not! We all struggle along doing the best we see to do at that time and then work with the results! At least the kid did something! How many others were in a greater capacity to do more and did nothing! God bless this kid! God Bless Snowden! We don’t walk in his shoes… I cannot imagine the burden of all of our Citizens, troops, Civil Servants, etc. who find themselves in his dilemma! We, regardless of our positions, are Citizens first and our First obligation always is to our Country! To guard and defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic! It is pathetic and tragic that our main enemy, islaam is now among us! How stupid and careless can we be!

    • anonoman

      islam is NOT our main enemy

      • RickE.

        So true! Our government is most definitely THE ENEMY!

      • Jean

        anonoman, and RickE as well:
        Our Dear Leaders believe they will be leaders in the new Caliphate as well. Our government, like any other government, will ally itself with whatever gives it more power.
        Please remember that.

  • Tom Thatcher

    Hopefully Snowdom can get to another country safe. Then he can expose more on these monsters that dare to call themselves American Leaders… They all need to hang high before the very people the have Deceived… These Scumbags must face Justice…

  • mijj

    > the majority of American Citizens think that this kind of intrusive phone monitoring is acceptable if it is aimed at fighting terrorism.

    perhaps the American Citizen should be polled for his opinion on whether people being randomly punched in the face and kicked in the nuts is acceptable if it’s claimed to be for fighting terrorism.

    Tearful passerby, holding bloody nose: “Why did you do that?”

    DHS officer: “Fighting terrorism, Sir”

    Passerby: “Well done!”

    • anonoman

      lol…that was great!

    • Jean

      That’s unfortunately what would happen.
      True even if you were to beat the person to death.

      Boobus Americanus wants to be “safe”. This is a feminine tendancy, to value safety and security over all else. Men tend to value freedom. Security, men realize, is an illusion.
      Women like that pretty little lie…

  • Tom

    A poll from a piece of rag Washington propaganda tool, about to go out of business newspaper, says Americans think it’s ok for NSA to do what they do in the name of National Security and the fight against terrorism?

    What a laugh.

    And not too smart for Mr. Snowden to hide in a country that has extradition? What? Is he in Dubai with Ken Lay now drinking little umbrella drinks and laying out in the sun?

    And what’s with the Daily Sheeple even adding the paragraph about the Washington poll full of crap poll? Why not add the bogus unemployment numbers to the article while you’re at it?

    BTW…Valerie Plame was also part of the Washington theatre, to keep us distracted from the real criminals.

    Washington is all about…
    Now you see it, now you don’t….

  • RickE.

    It is very ironic that Snowden felt compelled to leave “the land of the free” to go to comparative safety in communist China.
    The USA is gone. What remains is a communist shell.

  • robertsgt40

    This whole deal is starting to smell. A high school dropout pulling in $200K year? The Guardian(MSM hack) going public with this? The Guardian never gave Sibel Edmonds any airtime(biggest whistle blower in decades). I’m guessing the NSA can track Snowden’s credit card transactions(LOL). Lotta unanswered questions.

  • Evie

    I know more believe the majority of americans condone government snooping to protect us from terrorism, than I believe 90% of peopke support universal background checks.
    Fake numbers, like the economic figures.
    Most people are concerned about the costs of these security systems.

  • hsabin

    Vanished? Due to his actions or those of the US?
    And for those who think the government should be allowed to spy on us – F*** You! You are stupid! Go look at what Ben Franklin had to say about this situation! STUPID SHEEP!

  • braveheart

    Something about Hong Kong has been overlooked here. The US HAD an extradition treaty with Hong Kong when it was under British colonial rule, but that changed in 1997 when the British handed Hong Kong back over to China. It’s possible Snowden could be in Chinese custody or even Russian custody since Putin did agree to grant him political asylum if he requested it. I say wait and see on this one.

  • Evie

    Which country would have harmed him or are they all in it together. Probably not just our own gov watching us. All vultures if you ask me.

    • Jean

      Not vultures. Tapeworms and nematodes, if that.
      Vultures have a spine… Don’t insult them.
      Politicians ride the train of whatever is popular to manipulate public opinion and get power. They fill whatever space they can, like water. They are as formless as amoebas.

      If you follow the idea of unified government to its logical conclusions? We must conclude that government’s purpose is to rule us, eternally, deciding when we may procreate, where we are born, when, how, who is worth educating, and how, and how long we are allowed to live. And increased centralization of power, until there is ONE person making ALL the rules and decisions.
      Not all people are willing to live and let live – some want to decide IF you can live. And they don’t know you, so they don’t care – you’re an easy patsy for a crime, you’re an easy target for manipulation, you’ll be removed if you’re an annoyance (forget a problem).

      Until we are willing to act like the enemy, we will be controlled by the enemy, outside the OODA loop. We need to get into their OODA loop and blow it to hell.