ABC’s “Bombshell” Michael Flynn Report That Triggered Market Sell-Off Was Fake News

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On Friday, ABC’s Brian Ross got the facts completely wrong in his panic-inducing “bombshell” report on former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Ross initially reported at 11:00 a.m. EST that a “confidant” told him Michael Flynn is “prepared to testify that President Trump, as a candidate, Donald Trump, ordered him — directed him to make contact with the Russians which contradicts all that Donald Trump has said to this point.”

The news went straight to the top of Drudge report and nearly every news site and induced a sharp market sell-off:


Ross issued this embarrassing “clarification” over seven and a half hours later at 6:34 p.m. EST:

Ross said: “And David, a clarification tonight on something one of Flynn’s confidante’s told us and we reported earlier today. He said the President asked Flynn to contact Russia during the campaign. He’s now clarifying that statement, saying, according to Flynn, candidate Trump asked him during the campaign to find ways to repair relations with Russia and other hot spots and then after the election, the President-elect asked him — and told him to contact Russia on other issues, including working together to fight ISIS, David.”

Ross did not “clarify” his nonsense claim that Trump directing Flynn “to make contact with the Russians” supposedly “contradicts all that Donald Trump has said to this point.”

On Twitter, ABC News released a similar “clarification,” only to delete it hours later and change it to a “correction.”

This is not the first time Ross reported fake news.

“Ross gained infamous notoriety for jumping to conclusions that a ‘Jim Holmes’ who belonged to ‘the Colorado Tea Party site’ was the man who killed 12 and injured 70 people,” NewsBusters reports. “It turned out that this was actual fake news as the shooter was a different person named James Holmes who had nothing to do with the conservative organization.”

No doubt Facebook and Google will now demote ABC News in their search results and suppress their content on their platforms in the interest of “promoting honest journalism” and fighting “fake news.”

Incidentally, the liberal “fact checkers” at Politifact and Snopes have so far ignored the story.

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  • Mike

    ah, fake news yet again. Imagine that, a liberal regressive news station lying yet again.

  • Arrow

    Considering that illusory bs would affect the alleged free market in any way is indicative of the fact that the forces that drive the so-called market are in fact emotional. The “market” is a casino, where the house always wins since TPTB control the narrative. One should be privy to this fact… you’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy. Isn’t this interesting…

  • John C Carleton

    As soon as it was identified as being carried on a MSM outlet, one knew it was not only a lie, but a damn lie.
    If an editor of a MSM outlet allowed the unadulterated truth to be published, they would at least be fired, perhaps murdered.

    • moTrouble69

      I’ll take murdered as the best solution.

      • John C Carleton

        Don’t worry, pedophilia, being a rape artist and a pervert, will take out at least a third of big name talking heads and those behind them in the next few months.
        going to be opportunities for new faces in the halls of congress, the white house, pentagon, supreme court, FBI, CIA, FDA AMA, HLS, State governments, police departments, churches.
        They can not stop whats coming. Mother nature, is shinning the light of illumination on the scum bags, and they are squirming like Dracula caught in the sunlight.

  • moTrouble69

    Did ross check to see if Michael Flynn was a member of the Colorado Tea party?

  • Spatial Memory

    Fake News caused a panic induced sharp market sell off of 1.5% finishing down 0.17%?

    Traditional pullback / profit-taking is 5%. Traditional corrections are 10%. Crashes defined at 30%.

    How to explain Wednesday 2%+ decline in NASDAQ?

    Protracted evelated volatility since July. Price action never lies.