Breaking: A Mass Shooting Did NOT Occur

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Breaking news: A mass shooting did NOT happen in Arizona last weekend.

All of the circumstances were in place for another tragic incident when a responsible gun owner, who was carrying concealed at the time, shot the aggressor, potentially saving many lives.

A man was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries early Sunday morning after a shooting broke out at a Glendale house party, authorities said.

Investigators determined an argument started between individuals at the party and the 27-year-old, and he was asked to leave, she said. The man left for a short time, then returned with a rifle and began firing off rounds outside the house.

The man pointed the rifle at partygoers and a 39-year-old partygoer pulled out a handgun and shot the 27 year old before police arrived, Breeden said. The shooter did not try to leave and waited for officers to arrive.

The shooter has been cooperative with investigators, she said. He was questioned and released by detectives.

“This is standard procedure under these type of circumstances,” Breeden said. “Information and evidence detectives have gathered leads them to believe the 27-year-old was not only firing his rifle, endangering partygoers, but also pointed the weapon at other partygoers, endangering them, prior to the 39-year-old displaying a weapon and shooting the 27-year-old.” (source)

In this situation, if the partygoers had been forced to wait for the police to arrive and deal with the angry young man with a rifle, how many people would be dead? Sadly, this is not considered newsworthy for that very reason – no families are mourning innocent victims today.

The mainstream media is far more interested in shootings that perpetuate the current gun hysteria, like the Mother’s Day Parade shooting in New Orleans that claimed 17 lives or the spa shooter that took the lives of three people or the Sikh temple shooting during which 6 people were massacred. They don’t mention that school shootings might be prevented altogether, or at the very least, claim fewer lives, if an armed, trained individual was on site to deal with threats to our children. They don’t point out that in many of those cases, one responsible gun owner carrying concealed could have saved the lives of  scores of innocent victims.

Responsible use of weapons does not promote the gun control agenda, even though responsible gun owners save lives. Only the tragedies make the news.

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  • Jean

    Ok, one BIG note:
    If you’re going to spout off, don’t make stupid mistakes like that; it undermines credibility.

    The rest is OK, but still bows to GOVERNMENT authority WRT ownign and using guns.

    • Ripped

      You sound upset that the bad guy got what was coming to him.

      • jean

        Just peeved that the OP didn’t proof-read at ALL.

        Other than that? I’d like to see less fellating of the cops, on general principle. Citizen did what was necessary. End of story.
        which is why it doesn’t get any media coverage. 😛

  • Jean:

    Thank you for catching that mistake – it’s been fixed.

    Best wishes ~

    The Editor

  • charlie tango

    He definitely saved the lives of 1. the shooter, who would of been shot by the police, 2. people who would of been accidentally shot as the police laid down barrages of hundred of rounds to exterminate the target.

  • Bug Doody

    C.T. brilliant observation. B.D.

  • aahrats

    The Mother’s Day Parade wounded 12, it did not claim the lives of 17 people. Jeebus H!, read your own headlines, your making it worse than what it is.

  • Karmakaze

    Wait… someone went to a party carrying a loaded handgun…

    Was he drinking?

    And I’m supposed to think that guy was a hero, rather than the guy who would have been shooting the place up later, if the younger dude could hold his liquor better?

  • Vellach Samie

    Charlie Tango is right on the point. Police has been demonstrating very aggressive behavior. Latest news was shooting of a 1 year old boy holding dummy gun. Shot several times.
    And there were many more SWAT team shootings of innocent people on false premises.
    Sick Husband killed by team which responded to the wife’s 911 call for medical help.
    Veteran killed because Team entered wrong house, etc etc.
    The list is long.
    In USA today, I would carry a gun even to a wedding.

  • Vellach Samie

    The second line should say 13 year old boy.