Boycott Celebrities Who Advocate Gun Control

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NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control public service announcement included many top celebrities endorsing “a plan”. These celebrities are endorsing the defilement of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. They are using their fame and influence to manipulate the people into supporting the abolition of the rights of responsible American gun owners in a propaganda attack. While they travel with a cadre of armed bodyguards, while their children attend private schools with armed security, they want you to “demand a plan” to become defenseless.

We at The Daily Sheeple are calling for a vocal boycott of these celebrities.

Boycott the movies and music of these celebrities and let them know why. Let them know that their anti-patriotic participation in the destruction of the Bill of Rights will not go unnoticed. This is a call to action – comment on websites, write letters and share this on social media. Demand your 2nd amendment rights and vote with your wallet against those who would be complicit in taking those rights away.

Celebrities to boycott:  

Jamie Foxx, Jason Bateman, Paul Rudd, Beyonce Knowles, Amy Poehler, Jeremy Renner, Amanda Pete, Jon Hamm, Carla Gugino, Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, Rashida Jones, Will Ferrell, Sarah Silverman, Aziz Ansari, John Legend, Olivia Munn, Kathryn Hahn, Julianne Moore, Busy Phillips, Jennifer Garner, John Slattery, Nick Offermann, Chris Rock, Cameron Diaz, Courtney Cox, Christina Applegate, Zooey Deschanel, Steve Carrell, Adam Scott, Ellen Degeneres, Mark Ruffalo, Kate Hudson, Peter Dinklage, Jennifer Aniston, Elizabeth Banks, Max Greenfeld,Gwyneth Paltrow, Conan Obrien, Aubrey Plaza, Debra Messing, Megan Mullaly, Jennifer Westfeldt, Selena Gomez, Michelle Williams, Chris Paul, Victor Cruz

Now watch these very same celebrities in movies where they promote gun violence.

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  • brandon

    I pirate all their movies anyways. Because why feed the propaganda machine?

  • GhostlyHero

    Instead, I demand a plan to draw a fucking line in the sand right here and right now. To all you NWO whoring scum that think you’re just going to pull the same shit here in America the way you swindled upon the British and the Australians, you can think again. Did you forget what country you’re in?

    Look at our history and you’ll find out exactly who the fuck we are and what we will gladly die fighting for. We have guns to prevent tyranny, first and foremost. You don’t like that? You think that doesn’t make sense? Then I suggest you get the fuck out of America since we’re not giving up our guns, at all. Never. Fuck you.

    I will not compromise anymore on this. I am finished trying to find a common ground with you gun grabbing cunts. The object has nothing to do with the person. The object doesn’t perform the crime, the person does. If you can’t handle that, get the fuck out of America.

    You think I’m alone? You think these are just angry words from an internet Rambo? You think there aren’t millions of us that simply won’t let you cross this line in the sand? Yeah, you’re completely wrong on all accounts. Back the fuck off and get that wormy cunt finger out of my face.

    • G-DAWG

      SEMPER FI brother. I sure hope all those folks with the catchy slogans are really ready to step up when the time comes. Got to be the majority of us moving as one or they’ll systematically turn us all into Wacos’ and Ruby Ridges’. The fix is beyond the ballot box. III.

      • Andrew

        Sign me up, organize this. We need to sharpen the stick.

    • scott

      dude you are right on!!! keep it up!!! I will NEVER surrend my guns!!! thanks YOU have too be a veteran as i am thanks and God bless, and if necessary KICK ASS!

    • willy J

      Hey history show’s Never piss off the white guy.

      hell we built the bomb baby…..That ATOMIC BOMB .

      Any questions. Then leave now while you can.

    • Maurice Dinnars

      I like your passion. I hope you truly do stand up to the autocratic celebrities, and all those who have placed them in power.

  • Steve

    Way ahead of you, made a list and no longer will I watch, buy or have anything to do with a sponsor of these fools.

    • Maurice Dinnars

      I am so glad. Celebrity worship has reached massive proportions, and it is time to take our power back and stop giving it away to these opinionated jerks who have no respect for anyone.

  • KorHi

    Looks to me that most of them like guns! I’m confused??

    Right back at you, POS’s….

  • Me

    I have not supported Hollywood for over 2 years now. The crap that comes out as entertainment is ridiculous. I shut off cable TV 2 years ago. And you know what I have not missed it at all.

  • jeff

    If these celebs really want to make a difference in gun violence, then stop acting in the hollywood crap that promotes and glorifies gun violence in TV, Film and video games. Amazing to see them reel against guns yet star in shows that promote violence. hypocites!

  • The people I like are not on the list.

  • Mark0

    A bunch of has-beens ‘demanding a plan’ while offering no plan of their own; Are they afraid to stick their necks out, or simply unable to form a sentence that has not been pre-written for them to read from a cue card by their masters?

    Either way, I find it extremely doubtful that, even as a group, they could put forth a plan that would produce any meaningful reduction in violence.

  • tward3

    I don’t know who most of these play actors are.

  • None of your business

    Boycott?!?!? Don’t you think death would be a more appropriate response to treason?

    • BringitMF’s


  • Be informed

    Hollyweird is the core of hypocrites and the grandest of phonies there are on the planet. The southern San Andreas fault is primed and ready to go, been at least 310 years since it last broke. There is a massive amount of energy that is going to break in a north, northwesterly direction and direct the energy right at LA and near hollyweird. The area will be hit extremely hard. You watch the sicko news, it won’t be the poor that have nothing that are suffering, it will be the rich actors and actresses and the tradegy they are going through. Mother Nature has a way of letting loose true catastrophes and eventually nailing those whom most deserve it.

  • Lars Olfen

    Haven’t had television since 1987. Haven’t been to the movies, with one exception, in over 5 years.

    So let me ask this, when was the last time anyone flew domestically?

    I’d rather organize a No Fly Week and bring TSA and the airlines to their knees.

  • steve

    As a veteran, I want the country that we fought and died for BACK! Hit them in the wallets: no fly, no cable/movies, no music, and no taxes…

  • Jake

    contact these actors’ managers and let them know what a bunch of hypocrites their clients are and because of their promotion of gun violence in their films and then attacking the second amendment as a Hollywood whore that all of their future artistic work is being boycotted!

  • I am under the impression the entertainment industry is not making the money of the bygone years, autos are not selling so that is why tv has tons of auto ads.
    Because both make less money they are funded with stimulous dollars, another corporate enity supported by taxpayers. Another reason people have to pay higher taxes and do without.

  • idiotacters

    All these hypocrites need to give back their income to the american people from their gun movies immediately. What a bunch of arrogant idiots,hmmm sounds like the idiot in chief

  • garret

    ahh damn, no third season of game of thrones now my fave actor in it turns out to be a band wagon jumping idiot (peter dinklage as tyrion lannister)

  • Jay

    I don’t pay any attention to those losers anyway, but I agree.
    A line needs to be drawn. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution has been compromised too much already, we have cities ignoring Supreme Court decisions and it is time.
    We need people control, not gun control. The NWO Socialists are going to have to be stopped, now. I AM boycotting every business I can find that supports the nullification of my Constitutional Rights, and I am making certain they know why.
    I suggest you do the same.

  • Sunshine

    celebrities are so screwed up and messed up in their heads. They can all screwed themselves. I am so sick of them. They think they can own us because they are fame. They can just f themselves.

  • mce

    till thee end we will fight! till we all unite under one flag, one heart, one nation under God. the time is now starting right now, unplug and know your neighbors and start uniting

  • Thanks

    Thanks for the convenient list. I will now make sure that I watch ALL the movies these brave actors are in! The 2nd Amendment was a MISTAKE.

  • If I watch these loons any less, they’ll have to pay me! And, we do have a simple plan to stop this evil. Eliminate gun permits, and have free and open carry for every law abiding citizen in this country. Abolish all gun free zones, and STOP making excuses for evil by calling it mental illness – it’s EVIL If you can’t ID evil, you sure as heck can’t beat it!! WE are the 1st responders!!!

  • QuisPercusit

    I demand a plan to shut Bloomberg up and keep his idiot gun control diatribe from ever seeing the light of day. Boycott all things New Yawkish.

  • Michael

    I’m not going to boycott celebrities who advocate gun control. That’s just stupid. They have their right to their opinions in the same way everyone else does, and of course you have the right to ‘boycott’ them but it’s still, just stupid.. When I watch a movie or TV show I could care less about the actors political positions on anything. They are playing a character and many of them are play damn good characters. Imagine anti-gunners boycotting Clint Eastwood films or Ted Nugent’s music (or simply because he shat himself to avoid the draft). You people would be up in arms. Tom Cruise is an absolutel nutjob but on screen its a different person and I enjoy his movies. Now, I love my gun rights. I despise the NRA because they aren’t extreme enough, but I’m not going to cry, whine, and deprive myself of good movies and acting because some idiot playing a character in a film doesn’t understand the moral necessity of firearm ownership.

  • Michael

    ‘Wake the flock up” Unbelievable. You people don’t know anything about the enlightenment or the intellectual values that founded our country, do you? You think the men who reated this country referred to people who didn’t conform to their positions as sheep in a flock? If so then you certainly do not understand the philosophical positions of our great Founders, nor do you understand their intent.