Booze and Bullets: Bullies With Badges Behaving Badly in NY

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In the last two weeks, six NYPD officers have been charged with drinking and driving – and three of them shot at people while they were drunk.

The first round of arrests happened within a 27-hour time frame during the week of April 14. On Thursday, Jeffrey Balzotti, an NYPD sergeant, was pulled over and charged with driving while intoxicated and reckless driving.  At 4:30 the next morning, Officer Jose Vanderpool was charged with DWI after he got in an accident. He refused a Breathalyzer. Thirty minutes later, NYPD Sgt. Donald Stewart was arrested and charged with DWI.

The next week was even worse…

On Tuesday night, Officer Brendan Cronin allegedly fired thirteen rounds from behind the wheel of his car into a vehicle in front of him, hitting the 47-year-old driver six times, the NY Daily News reports:

Cronin was so drunk, he did not even remember firing his weapon, the sources said. “We have not been able to find any link between the two persons,” said Pelham Police Chief Joseph Benefico. “We have nothing to link either party to each other — no road rage, nothing.”

The victim is currently in stable condition. Cronin refused to take a breathalyzer test at the scene, but one source told WCBS he was so drunk, he couldn’t even remember the shooting. He was charged with assault.

Next up: NYPD Sgt. Wanda Anthony:

About three hours after Cronin’s arrest, Anthony apparently fired one shot into a parked car at a New Jersey home. The New York Post reports that she got into a fight with her date and his wife at the home.

Anthony was pulled over for drunk driving shortly afterward. reports she’s been suspended from the force for 30 days, and is also charged with assault along with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

And, last, but certainly not least, we have 58-year-old Detective Jay Poggi – a 30-year veteran of the police force – who should probably get some kind of Idiot of the Year award for this stunt:

[Poggi] was arraigned on a criminal complaint charging him with driving while intoxicated early Thursday morning. He later had his license suspended.

The complaint states that Poggi accidentally shot his partner, Detective Matthew Sullivan, in the right wrist after taking out his Smith and Wesson revolver to show off the weapon’s hammer. Poggi then allegedly drove Sullivan to the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, where he was observed to have bloodshot eyes.

According to the complaint, a field sobriety test was administered on the detective, which read .11 percent. The legal blood-alcohol limit in New York is .08 percent. Later, Poggi allegedly refused to take a Breathalyzer test at the 112th Precinct.

CBS New York reports that the detective was released on his own recognizance and is due back in court on June 16. (source)

Wait, what? Poggi was “released on his own recognizance”?

And Cronin was charged with ASSAULT after shooting an innocent man who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time in front of the wrong officer? Assault? That’s it? He’s out on bail, but thankfully his license has been suspended (although that doesn’t mean he won’t drive anyway – people do it all the time). He has been “temporarily” relieved of his duty as of now.

Anthony was suspended for a month? In approximately 30 days from now, she will be back at work – carrying a lethal weapon. Sleep well, NY.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said that reports of misusing alcohol by officers were a cause for concern:

“I personally am very disturbed about the number of incidents in recent weeks that are part of a longer-term problem of inappropriate use of alcohol by members of the department.”

Very disturbing, indeed.

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  • farmhat

    How shameful– at least there are some good cops left who are not afraid to stand up to the corrupt ones and charge them with their various crimes like drunk driving and assault… in the town i grew up in the hard drug addict (alcoholics) cops are routinely let go by equally corrupted judges or other sympathetic cops, even after the drunk cops cause property damage while driving intoxicated.

    • matism

      Wanna bet what happens to those officers who DARED to arrest these pigs?

      • Reverend Draco

        When I finished high school, in the early 80s – I had a brief moment where I considered becoming a cop.
        I saw the writing on the wall way back then – I knew that I’d be the one in trouble, for failure to ignore the crimes of the politically connected. I became a truck driver instead – it’s honest work, and I get to spend a lot of time out-of-doors.

        • Rick E.

          Yes! Truck driving IS an honest way to make a living. I drove for years before I got into the stock market.
          At times I miss truck driving, but mostly I enjoy my early retirement!
          A cop I would never have considered as a serious job choice.

          • Reverend Draco

            I work in seasonal Ag. . . I get to spend my days out in the sun, wind, among the trees and green growing things – it’s a win-win for me, being Pagan as I am.

            Sometimes the hours suck – but getting the entire winter off makes it all worth it. . .

        • Cracker122049

          Cops and Sheriffs are pigs feeding at the trough for the pay check! And a giant ego boost that they all seem to need.

          • Reverend Draco

            That pretty much covers it.

    • jimmc1952

      Assault, and you think shooting an innocent civilian six times warrants an “assault” charge? If it were a civilian doing the shooting would the charge be assault? Don’t you think given his position in society he should at the least be charge with attempted homicide?

  • Drunk psycho cop du jour.

  • Mike Litoris

    Amerika The Paradox: it has the most HEAVILY ARMED citizens in the world, yet at the same time the most BALL-LESS.

    Good luck with that.

  • Kountry Bumpkin

    Assault? You shoot at somebody 13 times and hit them 6, that is attempted murder, assault, what a joke. This is the result of having a domestic military force that is above the law and everytime I see some brown nosing useless idiot taking up for and defending these soldiers it makes me sick, are these people totally detached from reality, these soldiers are murders, more dangerous that anything most of us is likely to face in our lifetime, they murder innocent people daily all across this country and they get away with it because they’re protected by other criminal soldiers, their superiors, unions, the DA and judges. I’ve heard it said if SHTF they are not going to engage in a fight with the people, they’re going to go home to protect their own families…. only a fool would think that would keep them safe, they have gone out of their way to make themselves a target and somebody always knows where they live. I never advocate harming innocent people unless there’s no alternative but I don’t think the people have a problem using the domestic military forces tactics against them, in short, if they have to burn down these soldiers houses with them in it, I think that’s exactly what the people will do.

  • Kountry Bumpkin

    I might be wrong but I think it’s because most departments aren’t set up to do sporadic blood test on the side of the road, that means they can’t do a blood test until they get them to jail where there’s a medical professional on staff to do them. The more time that passes the more alcohol your liver filters which means the lower your blood alcohol levels will be when they finally get around to testing a person. I’m not 100% sure so you might wanna look it up but I think that’s the basics of how it works.

  • Reverend Draco

    I saw a movie once, where only the cops and military had guns. . .

    It was called Schindler’s List.

    • Cracker122049

      Nothing has changed and history is repeating itself right before our eyes!

      • Reverend Draco

        Well. . . there are still about 80 million private gun owners in the US – and they have enough guns among them to arm everyone in the country, if need be. . .

        Not that things aren’t being steered in the direction of repeating history. . .

  • ducky do

    This is why NYC is such a shite hole. People should not be stacked on top of each other, it’s not a quality of life conducive to normal behavior.

  • Thomas Parker

    Remember it well. We weren’t commies, we were anarchists. Up against the wall motherfuckers!