Bombshell: Judge Roy Moore Accuser, Promoted By The Washington Post, Worked With Hillary Clinton And Is A Democratic Activist

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In a shocking development in the series of allegations against Alabama Republican Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore, it has now been revealed that one of the accusers has worked for Hillary Clinton and is a public supporter of Moore’s opponent, Democrat Doug Jones.

The allegations, published in a highly promoted piece by the openly Democrat aligned Washington Post, claim that Moore had a series of inappropriate relationships with several teenagers some 34 years ago. Although The Post repeatedly stated that the allegations do not include actual sexual contact, they are none the less shocking.

Now, after 24 hours of the mainstream media promoting the allegations as fact as well as establishment Republicans immediately demanding that Moore resign, we are starting to learn more about who the actual accusers are as well as their connections to not only Moore’s opponent, but the Democratic Party in general.

It turns out that one of the accusers, Debbie Gibson, is actually a “fervent” Democrat who has literally worked with the DNC as a sign language interpreter for both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Gibson has also publicly supported Doug Jones, Moore’s opponent in the Alabama senate race.

Keep in mind that The Washington Post seemingly purposefully left this KEY FACT out of their “reporting” which one has to assume the “journalists” on the story knew about as it took less than 24 hours for independent researchers to find. Post reporters Stephanie McCrummen, Beth Reinhard and Alice Crites ALL apparently thought it was unimportant for their readers to be aware of this obvious conflict of interest. All three have also repeatedly discussed their hatred for both Trump and Moore throughout social media.

This alone should call into question the entire narrative around Moore, especially when you consider that The Post had already announced their support for his opponent.

For her part, Moore’s wife Kayla Moore, told The Activist Mommy yesterday that, “The Washington Post has been calling and harassing our friends and family, trying to find garbage. We’ve had people back home telling us they are getting phone calls and when they would tell them good things, the Washington Post would ask them if they knew anything bad on him.”

Amazingly, her statement lines up with a rumor going around Twitter that claims that a reporter for the Post named Beth (presumably Beth Reinhard) had offered a women in Alabama $1000 to accuse Roy Moore.

As Activist Mommy reported, “Go figure! This is exactly what Kayla claims has been happening.”

In a report about Gibson for, Kit Daniels noted the lawyer speak the Washington Post used in order to pretend that none of the accusers had anything to do with the Democratic Party.

Interestingly, when attacking Moore ally Steve Bannon for suggesting the Washington Post was politically motivated in its reporting, the newspaper implied that Gibson wasn’t “down with Democratic propaganda,” a statement which seemingly conflicts with Gibson’s political activism.


The Post also reported:

“According to campaign reports, none of the women has donated to or worked for Moore’s Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, or his rivals in the Republican primary…”

But notice the precise wording; it’s lawyer-speak. It might very well be true that Gibson didn’t donate or work for Doug Jones, but according to her Facebook profile, she did actively campaign for him, which doesn’t help her credibility and it should have been reported – yet the Washington Post conveniently left it out.

Make no mistake, this was purposeful deception.

While the allegations against Moore are obviously disgusting in their own right, one has to wonder if this entire thing was nothing more than a Washington Post fueled Democratic Party hit piece aimed at taking out a candidate that both the establishment and the paper itself are openly against.

What do you think?

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  • Joel W

    The fraudulent traitors at Fox News are in on this conspiracy as well. The ENTIRE panel of ‘The Five’ today was talking as if this has been verified fact on. That Neocon scum Jesse Waters even said, ‘if I am right about this, and I usually am…’.

    • darkhorse

      ummm, Joel…Fox News IS the media, isn’t it??

      • Joel W

        Obviously they are, that’s not the point of what I was getting at. They, the alleged ‘conservative’ outlet, is running the same script as the rest. And acting as if this man, a true conservative, is in the same class the likes of the Hollywood rapists.

        In a nutshell, what I was saying is Fox is showing their true agenda again.

        • darkhorse

          who owns the media? The synagogue of Satan, right?

          • Joel W

            Again, obviously. Let me try putting it another way. Fox usually at least makes an attempt to look slightly legitimate. And the way they presented this character assassination could have just as well been on CNN. That’s all I’m saying. Trust me, I have no delusions about what they really are on and only put it on when I am cooking dinner just to get an idea of what is going on in the world. Just with this story, they weren’t even almost pretending to live up to their motto. Of everyone on ‘The Five’ today, Geraldo, of all people, was the only who wasn’t acting as if they were out for blood and was opining rather rationally about it. Gutfeld, Waters & Perino were acting as if they had video evidence of it and were essentially saying, ‘evidence be damned, Moore MUST step down now’ and then were equating it to that devil Weinstein. Kim Guilfoyle kind of stayed out of the discussion. Perhaps she has some slight level of integrity left and chose to stay hush instead of blatantly lying.

          • darkhorse

            Heraldo is piece of shite – a Zionist liar scum.. why would you listen and expect truth from serpents? Better off listening to lite classical music.

          • Joel W

            Do you think you can stop essentially accusing me of things I am not saying? Did I ever say Fox was trustworthy? No. Did I ever say Geraldo was either? No. Just saying Fox wasn’t even pretending to pretend and that Geraldo was the only one behaving rationally over this. Jesus f’in christ. I wrote in exact plain English what my point was and you are behaving as if I’m a damn fool. I was just trying to make a damn point about something and you obviously can’t understand what I am writing. Or you have some damn superiority complex and feel the need to explain the obvious to me over and over.

            Let me make it as simple as possible. The ones claiming to be conservatives were calling for blood. The liberal/commie (Geraldo) was acting like a rational adult. Do you fucking get it now. Damn

          • darkhorse

            you keep being annoyed that Fox is telling you fairytales.. yet you keep watching …sounds like you’re a bit masochistic, hmm?

          • Joel W

            The only thing annoying me is you and your damn assumptions about what I am saying. It was a fucking comment about a peculiar observation I made. Jesus fucking christ, I don’t know how I could have made that any clearer. I never remotely hinted at being annoyed. Am I not allowed to just make a fucking statement about something that struck me as odd?

          • darkhorse

            you used angry words in your first comment…that means you were angry! Now, you’re in denial bout it….duh…

          • Joel W

            The fraudulent traitors at Fox News are in on this conspiracy as well. The ENTIRE panel of ‘The Five’ today was talking as if this has been verified fact on. That Neocon scum Jesse Waters even said, ‘if I am right about this, and I usually am…’.

            That was my first comment in full. There is not a single angry word in there. There are truthful descriptors, but nothing that remotely borders on anger. I don’t get angry at anything. But I do get annoyed by idiots such as yourself who cannot understand simple English and then put words in my mouth and try to talk down to me. Now take you, and your Satanic namesake, and go to fucking hell.

          • darkhorse

            you are absolutely crazy and in denial….”YOU DON’T GET ANGRY AT ANYTHING?” … hahaha … you psychotic thing! There’s no human being on the planet capable of not getting angry — even animals get angry — even bees if you mess with them… Your head is in one big mess -better get it into therapy real fast before it explodes …so many people commenting on the internet are really really nuts! … a dark horse (as in a dark brown or black horse) is SATANIC???????????????

          • Joel W

            Well you keep proving time and again that you cannot comprehend simple English. Its not anger you are erroneously accusing me of. It is annoyance at your insufferable idiocy and your presumptuous petulance. Now go away, or start acting like an adult and actually try to have a conversation here.

            And yes, darkhorse is satanic. As in Dark Horse of the Apocalypse. Darkhorse and dark brown horse are not the same. Or maybe it could be that apparent lack of comprehension of English you keep showing.

            So I will say it again since you have trouble reading. If you have nothing useful to offer this discussion, you can kindly go the fuck away now. Or you can keep up your infantile petulance and continue to show what you really are. Your call.

          • darkhorse

            you are very stupid and have no self knowledge…also, I think you are a HASBARA…LOL!!!!! Now YOU fook off…demented one.

          • Joel W

            Whatever dude. Thanks for all of your glorious insights and logical additions to this discussion. You definitely made my life better with your wealth of knowledge.

          • tonye

            Large beasts are most dangerous in the throes of death…

            The Swamp is being drained and they can see their death coming.

          • Joel W

            That seems to be a very logical assessment of the situation I witnessed. Thanks for not being a pretentious douche like this other fucktard, darkhorse (of the Apocalypse???) who keeps putting words in my mouth. Glad somebody here has the ability to comprehend plain English.

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    Doesn’t really take much to shock you, does it Alex?

  • Joe Joe

    So we have as “accusers”:
    1 Democratic activist (above)
    1 slightly off-balance three-time divorcee who has accused multiple pastors of having made passes at her:

    Now we just have two more who will probably shown to be equally compromised. What the GOPe couldn’t get at the ballot box, they’re getting through smear. I’m with Bannon: Moore should fight this crap.

  • Idahocntryboy

    This is nothing more than a character assassination on a honorable Christian man. I know longer watch Fox news.

    • darkhorse

      don’t watch ANY of them…

      • Idahocntryboy

        I watch One American News

        • darkhorse

          never heard of it….

          • Mob Smash

            I watch One America News as well.

          • darkhorse

            I’m in NYC

          • darkhorse

            ohhh…I thought it was a TV show…

          • Mob Smash

            It is, but that is their website. Their program is carried by FIOS, not sure if you have that or not.

          • darkhorse

            me either…but thanks!

  • darkhorse

    ‘dere you go….

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Soo, those shopping-mall concert gigs musta finally dried up, eh Debster?

  • Frank Energy

    Obvious hit piece. WaPo spent a lot of money to find 3 girls who could possibly be linked to Moore, and they were all over the age of consent, and even if the story was correct…2 of the mothers were also fine with things.

    I would like to get sworn testimony from the one 1 possible girl that matters at all, and discovery on her recent banking records,purchases. And let her know that the time clock on defamation has just started.