Blueseed: Floating Bilderberg Cities Where the Elite Control the Masses

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Blueseed is a San Francisco startup corporation that plans to launch a floating city 12 nautical miles off the coast of California. Blueseed will revamp a cruise ship or barge to create the off-shore city. It will sit in international waters and be a metropolis where foreign and American workers can conduct business and theorize new corporations without the pesky need for American work visas.

The sustainable design of the ship will allow for an environmentally-friendly workplace.

Only passports will be needed for businesses to work from the ship. Being situated in international waters means that no taxes will be collected or have to be paid by the corporations involved.

Those living on the ship and working on the mainland will be given temporary or tourist visas through investors, partners and collaborators.

Sitting just across from Silicon Valley, this floating city will allow entrepreneurs to do what they cannot do in the US because of business restrictions.

The ship will showcase all the luxuries of the Elite, including pools, massage parlors, gyms, rock climbing walls and indoor soccer fields as well as trendy food and other aesthetics. Food and supplies will be provided by local merchants and corporations on the West coast.

Employees can use either a ferry or helicopter ride to and from Blueseed to the mainland. With more than 250 corporations wanting to rent space, the cost of a standard cabin is estimated to be $1,600 per month. Start-ups in the US, India, the UK, Australia, Canada and Spain are eager to be part of this endeavor.

Founders of Blueseed are Marty Max, the son of Cuban immigrants, and Dario Mutabdzja are gaining momentum in the corporate world for their idea.

Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal is leading the financial research in supporting this seastead; a self-ruling city on the ocean. Both Max and Mutabdzja have worked for the Seasteading Institute.

Libertarian acitivist, member of the Bilderberg Group and corporate titan, Peter Thiel has contributed $1.25 million to the floating city project. Political influence in the Libertarian party ends with Thiel who was the biggest campaign contributor to Ron Paul, an influential collaborator who was in secret meetings with Rand Paul just before he publicly endorsed Mitt Romney and in a private conference with Ron Paul 3 days prior to his announcement that he was ending his campaign for US President.

Blueseed is a concept for “new sovereign nations built on oil-rig-type platforms anchored in international waters — free from the regulation, laws, and moral suasion of any landlocked country. . . They’d be small city-states at first, although the aim is to have tens of millions of seasteading residents by 2050.”

Other members of the Libretarian movement are in full support of Theil. The fake revolution established by the ideals cry anti-government sentiment for the ignorant masses while also promoting their self-proclaimed rise to power. Just as any political party controlled by the global Elite, Libretarians have escaped comparison to their socialist peers – the Democrats and Republicans.

Theil, heading the offshore gang of nation-states may reflect the invention of a radical movement toward publicly establishing the global Elite as supreme rule. By rewriting political systems with the advent of floating cities, these independent nations could be allowed to “offer people the opportunity to peacefully test new ideas about how to live together.”

The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) could become the most valid international document with regard to seasteading. LOST binds the US to UN tribunals and international mandates, and these international mandates do not have the best interests of the US in mind. LOST could assist seasteading in becoming legitimate as sovereign nation-states.

The International Tribunal of LOST (ITLOS) which has binding authority over all treaty participants under Annex 8. Although there are many tribunals created within the treaty, one of particular interest is the Special Arbitral Tribunal (SAT). This is defined as a 5 person body with majority rule. Each party to a dispute within SAT chooses 2 representative panelists. The fifth panelist, if both parties cannot agree to who it should be, is decided by the UN Secretary General.
Should seasteading become the norm, LOST would be relevant and applicable regardless of its ratification in the US Congress.

Investing in Facebook when it was a burgeoning startup, Theil understands the power behind Blueseed and is not only financially contributing, but also assisting in gaining more funding for the project.

The Seasteading Institute collaborates ideas for potions for governments as the option of floating cities provides new avenues of living and ultimately controlling the population. Offering business opportunities for venture captiol and startups to invest and participate in seasteading extends real estate markets, economies of countries and creates a new level of diplomacy.

Research into engineerings, science and technology would not be constrained by laws and regulations that are imposed on the mainland.
Slated for 2015, the Seasteading Institute expects to have manufactured the first independent city-state guided by international provisions and not responsible to any established country or sovereignty.

Moving the multi-national corporations offshore and into international water alleviates the jurisdiction of these megaliths from all known and established governments. Perhaps replacing sovereign nations would be the corporate-establishment where the floating city could be socially and technologically influenced and directed by the corporate-industrial complex.

Nation states created by Google, Microsoft or Facebook that owed no answer to the US could create such an over-reaching monster that the necessity of established governments could fall to the way side.

Off-shoots of the Seasteading Institute are forming around the world at technological universities to force the American corporation to remain competitive. Focusing on eco-sustainability and making money, the Seasteading Institute want to take advantage of the ocean as an untapped real estate resource.

Living on the ocean may become a reality in “balancing at the edge of uptopia.”

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Contributed by Susanne Posel of Occupy Corporatism.

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  • Ed_B

    “It will sit in international waters and be a metropolis where foreign and American workers can conduct business and theorize new corporations without the pesky need for American work visas.”

    Yep. Or any of the other BS that the US gov foists off onto businesses until they cannot compete in world commerce.

    “Libertarian acitivist, member of the Bilderberg Group and corporate titan, Peter Thiel has contributed $1.25 million to the floating city project.”

    $1.25 million? LOL! That’s pathetic support from a billionaire. Doesn’t sound as if he really believes in this project. It would be like me donating $1.25.

  • gun

    If it is man made and floats, it can sink. Hopefully when it does, it will be loaded with scum globalists.

  • Longwhitecloud

    ‘— free from the regulation, laws, and moral suasion of any landlocked country. . .’
    …. Or in other words, run by purely corporate profit driven motivation…if I’m not wrong many large powerful corporates around the globe have been nuts deep in human rights abuses, cosying up to hellish regimes (recall IBM providing the automated counting systems at auschwitz during ww2?) and generally treating humans in a guiltless self serving psychopathic way.
    Essentially there will be NO control or oversight to ensure the rights of individuals in these brave new ‘nations’ and make no mistake, they’ll arm themselves to ensure they’re safety. Blackwater type private (pirate) army perhaps?

  • justincase

    a rahter large boat off the coast of ca which is long over due for a major earthquake. Does not make sense to me at all

  • Matt

    This article is SO full of shit, I can’t believe it. This Sue lady can’t even spell, “venture capitol”? WTF?

    She makes a complete and utter mess between Blueseed, which is simply a ship for high-tech startups like Twitter, and seasteading, a pie-in-the-sky vision of nation states or whatever.

    Thiel has NOT donated anything to Blueseed.

    Everyone on Blueseed will pay taxes, and that’s stated clearly on Blueseed’s website (which Ms. Sue didn’t bother to check).

    I could go on an on but better just check out their own retraction,

  • akvalmet30

    A new Titanic for modern times. Hopefully when the SHTF these things will be loaded down with Zionist and their Goy supporters and we can sink them all.

  • Ed_B

    “Blueseed: Floating Bilderberg Cities Where the Elite Control the Masses”

    The only masses aboard these puppies will be those in steerage manning the oars when the engines conk out.

    I like the basic idea, though. Collect the scum of the Earth all in a few known places and that blast them all at once. Seems… efficient. 😉