“Blood on His Hands”: CIA Officials, Others Implicate Snowden Disclosures in Paris Attack

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The violence in Paris has prompted former and current CIA directors, and even a presidential candidate, to blame the inability to thwart attacks on “unauthorized disclosures” by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, despite admitting intelligence failures.

In the past several years, because of a number of unauthorized disclosures and a lot of handwringing over the government’s role in the effort to try to uncover these terrorists, there have been some policy and legal and other actions that are taken to make our ability collectively internationally to find these terrorists much more challenging…” CIA Director John Brennan told a reporter who asked how the Paris attack had happened when the world’s leading intelligence agencies “didn’t even catch a whiff of it as far as we’re to understand.”

Brennan was speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on Monday. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, a Republican presidential candidate, also called for restoring the National Security Agency’s ability to vacuum up telephone and internet records, which Congress restricted in a June rewrite of the 2001 Patriot Act, following public outcry over government spying on Americans.

Former director of the CIA James Woolsey was even more forceful, telling MSNBC that Snowden has “blood on his hands” because the leaks gave terrorists information about how they were being tracked, leading them to change their behavior.

Former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino concurred, but was apparently not angry enough to fully enunciate the curse in her thoughts in her tweeting, “Also, F Snowden. F him to you know where and back.”

The first to take part in the “Snowden’s fault game,” as described by journalist Glenn Greenwald, was former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell. “We’ve had a public debate. That debate was defined by Edward Snowden, right, and the concern was privacy. I think we’re now going to have another debate about that. It’s going to be defined by what happened in Paris,” he said on CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday Even London Mayor Boris Johnson got into the act, saying Snowden effectively taught terrorists “how to avoid being caught.” “To some people the whistleblower Edward Snowden is a hero; not to me,” he wrote in the Daily Telegraph on Sunday. “It is pretty clear that his bean-spilling has taught some of the nastiest people on the planet how to avoid being caught; and when the story of the Paris massacre is explained, I would like a better understanding of how so many operatives were able to conspire, and attack multiple locations, without some of their electronic chatter reaching the ears of the police.”

The Intercept’s Greenwald, however, was quick to provide counterweight to the “Snowden’s fault game,” writing that “terrorists” knew their communications were being monitored long before the Snowden revelations.

One key premise here seems to be that prior to the Snowden reporting, The Terrorists helpfully and stupidly used telephones and unencrypted emails to plot, so Western governments were able to track their plotting and disrupt at least large-scale attacks. That would come as a massive surprise to the victims of the attacks of 2002 in Bali, 2004 in Madrid, 2005 in London, 2008 in Mumbai, and April 2013 at the Boston Marathon,” wrote Glenn Greenwald.

“How did the multiple perpetrators of those well-coordinated attacks — all of which were carried out prior to Snowden’s June 2013 revelations — hide their communications from detection?”

Greenwald said that what Snowden’s revelations did do was reveal that the NSA and its allies “were collecting everyone else’s internet communications and activities.”

Less reported, however, were other comments made by CIA Director Brennan during Monday’s appearance. He said the agency has been able to uncover and thwart many terrorist operations before they were carried out, and also disclosed what intelligence officials did know about the Paris attack “…I can tell you that it’s not a surprise that this attack was carried out from the standpoint of we did have strategic warning. We knew that these plans or plotting by ISIL was underway, looking at Europe in particular as the venue for carrying out these attacks,” said Brennan. “But I must say that there has been a significant increase in the operational security of a number of these operatives and terrorist networks as they have gone to school on what it is that they need to do in order to keep their activities concealed from the authorities,” he added.

New information that former CIA Director George Tenet disclosed in an interview with Politico has revealed that the CIA was similarly well-informed about Al-Qaeda’s 9/11 plot against the United States.

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  • digriff

    Sorry, just can’t buy this. Snowden was quite a while ago. Also, the ability to spy on every citizen on the planet is still FAR to steep a price to pay to avoid events like Paris. Is this how it will be from now on? Every time the intel guys screw up it is Snowden’s fault? No, that is just way to convenient of an excuse in my opinion.

    • bill lopez

      We will never avid events like Paris. Check your history. There is never a reason to give up ones freedom to try to avoid what can not be avoided.

      • The only way to avoid events like Paris is to be responsible and armed to provide your own personal security.

        • Joy Beum

          I second that.

    • TonysTake

      Blame everyone except the muslim head of the CIA. You must have other boogiemen. They may as well blame the Tea Party or the Baptists. Anything to take the heat off the real criminals.`

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      Hollande’s response is VERY instructive in regards to this-he has asked to modify their Constitution, giving the government even more power. ‘Nuff said.

  • Rick E.

    This is pathetic bullshit! It was the USA and Israel in conjunction with some Jihadists from Europe.

    • Israeli Secret Intelligence Service aided by the CIA

  • Free thinker

    Turkey already came forward and said they warned France about one of the guys. Secondly it is not Snowden’s fault, it is the NSA. They abused the power to spy on suspected terrorists to include everyone in the US.

  • doucyet

    Because they don’t use “electronic chattering” dumbass. Hell a third grader knows that! Use a good old fashion wrist watch and be at the assignment on time and ready is all they had to know.

    One has to be taught that level of stupid……….

  • Smarty

    I corrected the cunt’s Twitter comment for her:
    “Fuck Dana Perino and John Brennan. Fuck them to hell and back.’

  • ccambridge

    Incompetents love to blame their incompetence on others

  • NonYo Business

    They were exposed, and continue to lie to us, continue to destroy our rights, and the Paris False Flag was BS. They were warned by Iraq, Turkey, and chose to ignore… all part of the plan.

  • StevetheHun

    So, these CIA guys trash the constitution and the government brings in hoards of terrorist and calls the terrorist “refugees” from an illegal war they started.

    Then the CIA guys blame the whistle blower for catching them violating the 4th amendment… which these craven unprincipled people swore an oath to uphold.

    It doesn’t surprise me that someone who would trash an oath, violate the constitution, would lie about the man who exposed them.

  • Oingo Boingo

    The USSA and United Khanate NWO stooge tools take EVERY opportunity to whine, piss and moan about Snowden (revelator), Assad (legitimate head of state) and Putin/Russia (actually fighting ISIS, for quite a while).
    Hah-Haaaaah…Kerry (old family name, Kohn) just said that The USSA and el France and The United Khanate should and could co-operate with Russia in the hammering down of ISIS.
    Reality has come to live with the stooges.

  • Joy Beum

    Something new for the obamination administration. It was always BUSH’S FAULT when he screwed up before. Now that his precious little MUZZIES start blowing up people after HE emboldens them, he can stat blaming Snowden. Snowden is a HERO in my book!

  • golchie2

    Nice try Brennan but your own agency had more to do with creating and training ISIS in Jordan than anybody else!

    • Cracker122049

      We create more terrorist with our actions than the rest of the world combined. Invading and killing citizens does not equate to peace and that is exactly what this country does!

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  • D.Moore

    Another diversion from the incompetent

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    I believe Snowden is a true patriot, however, the possibility exists that he was a pawn, used as a sacrificial lamb, allowing the government to use the power of the media to condition the masses to accept their un-Constitutional actions. His revelations could have provided the impetus for the intelligence apparatus to “get in front” of the story in a controlled fashion. That he hasn’t ended up dead is a curious and inexplicable outcome for someone who has released information as sensitive as they claim.

  • Billy Thompson

    Because warrantless wiretaps, and surveillance of law abiding citizens.


  • Mad Dog

    Why isn’t it the fault of the US officials who told all the lies that Snowden exposed?