Blacksmith Takes on 9/11 Truthers: “For the undying 9/11 MORONIC JET FUEL ARGUMENT”

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YouTube user purgatoryironworks put up a video a week ago that has since gone viral titled, “For the undying 9/11 MORONIC JET FUEL ARGUMENT” which purports to debunk the argument that jet fuel does not get hot enough to melt steel beams.

He starts off oozing as much sarcasm as he possibly can, to an almost cartoonish level. He says, “Now, I am not going to make any claims to what did or did not happen, if it was a conspiracy I do not care… What I am upset about is the retarded metallurgical things you guys are saying.”

Then he goes on to make claims about what did or did not happen.

He bends a heated steel bar (sans jet fuel) and then says it’s like a noodle so, “Your argument is invalid, get over it” before dropping the bar and walking off camera.

The video currently has almost 7 million views.

One of the top comments with 120 votes came from user TheInnerCosmos:

Boy this jackass sure thought he was all cool and bad ass at the end when he throws the pipe down and tells us to get a job. What an arrogant moron Nice 5th grade demonstration. Your video proves absolutely nothing, other than reinforcing what idiots people are and proving people will believe anything if you make a good production out of it.

Just below that, activist and occasional Infowars reporter Dan Bidondi responded with this:


#1 you did NOT use any jet fuel at all in this test. You let that bar sit in a furnace for a long period of time.. BUT ALSO, you did NOT show people what you really did to that other bar of steel. Jet fuel’s flash point is only seconds where it burns at it’s hottest then the temperature drops to about 800 degrees. Next time you do this test, use jet fuel, NOT A BLAZING FURNACE! I worked for airlines for many years and we used thin steel V beams at the Airport Fire Department that we poured jet fuel in and purposely lit on fire to train new people how to properly extinguish a jet fuel fire. The fire used to burn for a good couple of minutes before we would extinguish it and it didn’t even touch the fabric of the steel nor even weakened it.

#2 NEVER IN THE HISTORY of mankind has a steel building collapsed from a fire prior to this and even till today. The building in Dubai burned for over 24 hours in ragging flames and guess what… It didn’t collapse, a B-17 Bomber slammed into the Empire State Building in the 1950s and guess what?? It never collapsed… So regardless of your little demo, NON of it debunks this. The architect of the WTC even stated the buildings were built to with stand MULTIPLE hits by aircraft. Plus a building doesn’t fall at free fall speed from something like this, ONLY in a demolition does a building fall perfectly straight down in a free fall speed.. ONLY… not aircraft hitting the building. NEW YORK FIREFIGHTERS even stated bombs brought those towers down. It was members of the NYFD that started the 9/11 truth movement NOT conspiracy theorists.. NYFD even had to evacuate building 7 that is not even mentioned in the official report, they were told to evacuate the building and vacate the area because they are pulling (demolishing it) the building. You sir haven’t debunked squat! ANYONE that deals in any sorta way with Jet Fuel which I used to fuel planes long ago, knows that Jet Fuel CAN NOT melt steel nor weaken structural steel beams.. YOU FORGOT ONE LITTLE THING CHAP! All beams in a steel structure are sprayed with a fire retardant foam that would dramatically increase it’s weakened and melting point.

Anyone doubts this, test it for yourself! Again notice how this guy didn’t use NO JET FUEL IN THIS TEST???

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