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Black Hawks Helicopters Circle Cairo As Weekend Of Protests Begin.

Chris Carrington
The Daily Sheeple
June 28th, 2013
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Supporters of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi have begun to gather in and around Tahir Square for a rally in response to opposition plans for a major anti-government demonstration over the weekend.

Some anti-Morsi supporters are also expected to gather in Tahir Square during the day, demanding the president’s resignation, ahead of a separate major planned demonstration on Sunday.

Deepening divisions among ruling Islamist and the largely secular opposition have heightened tensions in Egypt.

Ahead of Friday’s demonstrations, clashes in the north of the country between Islamists and opposition protesters left one person dead and 434 injured, the Egyptian Health Ministry said.

BBC News Middle East is reporting that Black Hawk helicopters are flying across the square and that the atmosphere is tense amongst the rival groups.

Pro and anti Morsi groups have organized rallies for this weekend and police fear a return to the violence that has marred the country on and off since the start of the riots in January 2011 that saw the Mubarak regime fall.

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  • JoeRepublic

    Oh really? Blackhawk helicopters just circled my fucking neighborhood at about 1:00pm on 6-28-13. The fuckers were flying at about 100 feet and circling over houses. All I can say is, “WHAT THE FUCK?”.

    This has happened before, but hasn’t happened in about 6 months. What possible purpose could be served by using a Blackhawk helicopter to circle over houses in a middle class neighborhood. I’m pretty sure I know, but you decide for yourselves.

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