Bizarre Mutated Mountain Lion With Teeth Growing On Top of Its Head Found in Idaho

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It’s hard to watch the media downplay all these bizarre animal events as if they just have no idea whatsoever that we’re under continual assault by ever-increasing radiation in our environment.

Last month a hunter’s dog was attacked by a mountain lion that had a set of teeth literally growing out of the top of its head.


The mainstream media reported on it as if it just has people “scratching their heads” as to what could possibly cause such a deformity, like these deformities aren’t popping up more and more these days and especially in the western half of the U.S.

“It has all of us scratching our heads,” biologist Zack Lockyear told the State Journal. “It’s a bizarre situation and a bizarre photo.”

Yeah, what could possibly be causing such strange deformities? Stock at Nuke Pro pointed out that the State Journal, the same outlet in Idaho that first reported on the mutated lion, was at the same time discussing sending even more radioactive materials to the Idaho National Lab for “vital spent fuel research” — despite a 1995 agreement reached to stop adding more spent fuels to the facility because it was contaminating water aquifers there.

No one denies that safety is primary, but INL is Idaho’s fifth largest private employer with some 3,900 employees earning an average salary of $88,635, according to Peters. Let’s get it right.

Yeah. Screw safety. Let’s get it right by sending more dangerous, aquifer-contaminating radioactive materials to Idaho! Because jobs. “Spent nuclear fuel is the most dirty, most dangerous byproduct of the nuclear energy process. They want more of it. Damn the lions, we need jobs!,” Stock wrote.

The lion and the lab were curiously located in the same part of Idaho, by the way.

As if Fukushima’s continued silent but deadly assault wasn’t bad enough.

But governments and corporations just keep upping the ante and downplaying the danger each time a new story comes out like this with the news media in tow, dutifully acting surprised again and again at all the mass animal die-offs and weird mutations that keep popping up everywhere.

(H/T: Stock)

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  • Guillotine_ready

    Our nation has been run an bunch of money worshiping psychopaths for over a hundred years. The environment has been polluted, the food poisoned, kids injected with who knows what and more every day.
    People still think voting matters, and it changes nothing.
    It ill take as much effort on our part to tear down this tower of greed and build something better as the psychopaths put into protecting it. When you are fighting for your life and the lives of your kids how much hardship is too much?

    • sunshine

      Well said! The thing that boggles my mind is that people will literally SELL THEMSELVES AND THEIR CHILDREN for money. What good is money when you’re dying of horrible cancers, or are birthing deformed children? Why can’t people see and understand this simple fact?? MONEY IS WORTHLESS!!!!

    • TeslaN

      You have no idea why this occurred, but it is caused by greed.

      Fukushima released radiation – true Mountain Lion has deformity – true Deformity caused by Fukushima – not so true.

      Donald Trump runs for Office – True Mountain Lion has deformity – True Deformity caused by Donald Trump – not so true

  • D.Moore

    That looks like it may have once been a twin, buy the psycho’s could be experimenting

  • Broos


  • whiteberry

    Sadly humans destroy everything…

    • Sometimes they create. Sometimes.

      • The destroyers are currently in control and hopefully good people can remove them so we can start unleashing our true potential they have taken from us… and start creating!

        • Wags71

          I always imagine what the world might be like if the bright and creative minds in the world were dedicated to good things instead of war, spying, pharma, biotech and banking.

          • whiteberry

            What a pleasant thought… mmmmmm….

  • SP_88

    I was thinking that this was caused by Fukushima. But apparently they are dumping or leaking radioactive waste into the environment themselves. What the hell is wrong with people?

    • sunshine

      It may be both. And that is a question that I cannot answer. People baffle me, I have spent my life trying to understand why they spend so much time and energy on the most worthless and stupid things. But to care more about money than your environment….I just can’t even begin to understand that. But then people sell their children for drugs, and all kinds of other horrible things and I can’t even begin to BEGIN to understand that, so I don’t know. Maybe most people are evil. I just wish I knew.

      • illib1

        Well, you said it in your post without realizing it…People are not evil until they are placed into this debt/slavery system. The problem is money. It is the money system that makes people evil. I’m not sure the people at the very top are even human.

        • sunshine

          The more I read and the longer I live, I really do think they are something inhuman as well. Whether that’s demons or extraterrestrials, or something else, I can’t say….but I don’t think they are humans at all.

  • Reverend Draco

    OMG! Andy Garcia is a mutant mountain lion!

  • jaguar

    They need to start sending the nuclear waste out into space because our planet is turning into pure poison… Look at the mass animal die-offs around the world… It’s catastrophic….

    • sunshine

      They need to STOP all nuclear power facilities immediately. We are controlled by a cabal of literal demons.