Billionaires Like Bloomberg and Bill Gates Are ‘Buying Gun Control’ in Washington State

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WND just reported that Michael Bloomberg isn’t the only billionaire walking around with deep pockets and a rabid anti-gun agenda.

Apparently multiple billionaires have shelled out some eight million dollars on ensuring that Initiative 594 appears on Washington state’s November ballot:

The strategy in Washington relies on big money supplied by a few ultra-rich elites and, if successful, could serve as Bloomberg’s model for tightening the strings on gun owners nationwide.

Initiative 594 would not only require background checks for transactions at gun shows and over the Internet but also person-to-person sales and loaned guns. Even handing a firearm to a friend for a few moments during a hunting trip would trigger the need for a background check if Initiative 594 were to pass, critics say. The cost of the background check, to be borne by the gun owner, is yet to be determined.

Backers of the proposal are flush with cash, as nearly $8 million has been shoveled in their direction from wealthy businessmen such as Bloomberg, Gates, Ballmer, Seattle venture capitalist Nick Hanauer and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. (WND)

The idea is to spend big to flood Washingtonians with gun control propaganda in the lead up to November 4th.

Washington is just one state out of the dozen that Bloomberg and his billionaire buddies have spent some $50 million to get similar initiatives before voters. If they can’t repeal the Second Amendment, apparently they’ll just pay millions to brainwash people and circumvent it.

Can you imagine being a gun owner who lives in America, where we supposedly have the right to bear arms, but forcing your friend to go through a background check just for touching your gun on a hunting trip?

But, just as we’ve seen with California’s GMO labeling proposition, and as we see 91% of the time in Congressional elections in this country, he who has the most money almost always wins, regardless of what the people truly want. It’s America, where it’s money and propaganda — not the Constitution or the democratic process — that ultimately rules the day.

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  • Smarty

    There’s a special place in hell for Stoogeberg and his cohorts ….. he just keeps poking and poking, and sooner than later, the little guy is going to break his nose with a sucker punch.

  • M_Avalon

    Why doesn’t Bloomberg et al lead by example and have their security personal give up their firearms. Then, they may have a shred of credibility.

  • Musashi5000

    It just makes sense – Bloomberg and his elite, rich friends are completely aware of the fact that they are the cause of much that is destroying this nation so, it’s quite prudent to try to get the guns out of the hands of those that will blame the establishment for the forthcoming misery.

    They’re amoral, guilty cowards.

    • Justin OB

      couldnt have said it any better than that.

  • Bring it

    Bloomberg and Bill Gates can come try to take mine them selves. I wish them luck get out of my house alive if they did.

    • Justin OB

      they will just send the swat team goon squad instead

      • Bring it

        Let them come, I am ready for them.

  • M Fr Nch

    there is no way a person can legally amass the amount of money these criminals have without a lot backroom and criminal activity. Now they wish to try and make themselves kings because they have the stolen loot. And of course they are afraid, people are taking Gates to court over his vaccine shenanigans in India and Sore-ass been in on fomenting revolution in other people’s countries for a long time.
    There are ways to stop this and they include very few nice things any more and would mean giving up a little comfort for a bit, but the feeling we would have after removing the money junkheads and their political puppets and bankers would be like nothing you have ever felt before and I would like to give that feeling of freedom and justice a try, right now would be wonderful before they put disease out here to try and kill people with the gall to want to be free.


    have the right to bear arms, but forcing your friend to go through a background check just for touching your gun on a hunting trip?

    SOooo! Are we going to send a “GUN CZAR” to document every person in the USA that goes hunting? How are they going to know who used what gun to shoot? If you think about it, these people are “LOONS” and really need to read US CODE # C—-000-.html
    … … take a look at { C }

    • US CODE is written by barflies who are banned from office, and as us citizens, see the original 13th amendment for details

  • chthompson

    ROFL. Nazi Bloomberg is wasting his money 🙂 Good.

  • Liz Nunya

    Once lawlessness grips the nation, these are the people to eradicate if you should be so lucky as to find them.

  • Liz Nunya

    When they pry it from my cold, dead, fingers! Take as many of them out as possible when they come for your guns. The many like-minded out there will be the last resistance to tyranny.