Bill Gates Says Apple Is Wrong for Not “Helping” the FBI, Built Back Doors into All Windows Software Since 1999

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It’s all over the news that Bill Gates is coming out publicly admonishing Apple for not bending over backwards to build a skeleton key that unlocks everyone’s cell phones for the FBI in the wake of the San Bernardino shooting. He’s twisting the narrative to make it seem like this skeleton key, once in existence, wouldn’t be used again and again on other people’s phones (and will be forever).

His argument isn’t even a very good one.

“This is a specific case where the government is asking for access to information. They are not asking for some general thing, they are asking for a particular case,” Mr Gates told the Financial Times.

“It is no different than [the question of] should anybody ever have been able to tell the phone company to get information, should anybody be able to get at bank records. Let’s say the bank had tied a ribbon round the disk drive and said, ‘Don’t make me cut this ribbon because you’ll make me cut it many times’.”

No, this isn’t about a specific case and it isn’t like bank records. It’s about setting a precedent for having our 4th Amendment rights trampled on even further in this country, and as we all know, Gates is the poster boy for that.

The average person’s privacy in the technological age means less than nothing to billionaire Bill, whose programmers reportedly “accidentally” built National Security Agency back doors into all Windows software starting in 1999.

A careless mistake by Microsoft programmers has revealed that special access codes prepared by the US National Security Agency have been secretly built into Windows. The NSA access system is built into every version of the Windows operating system now in use, except early releases of Windows 95 (and its predecessors). The discovery comes close on the heels of the revelations earlier this year that another US software giant, Lotus, had built an NSA “help information” trapdoor into its Notes system, and that security functions on other software systems had been deliberately crippled.

The first discovery of the new NSA access system was made two years ago by British researcher Dr Nicko van Someren [an expert in computer security]. But it was only a few weeks ago when a second researcher rediscovered the access system. With it, he found the evidence linking it to NSA.

Oopsies. A “careless mistake” huh? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Then again, this whole story with Apple is likely a ruse considering Snowden leaks have proven the system and its minions have been illegally spying on us ever since before the Internet existed, so there’s really no reason to believe such a cell phone skeleton key does not already exist anyway.

In other news, a family lawyer for the accused San Bernardino shooters made reference that the whole thing was a hoax after it happened…

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  • Even if you own an iPhone if you install PGP software and upload a 4096bit RSA PGP key into your phone but do NOT store the password on the phone anything you lock with that key they will not be able to access. You can create a 4096bit RSA key using this in less than 1 minute:

    • If you don’t store the password on the phone, how will you unlock it?

      • You type it in

        • How does it know what the password is to unlock itself if the password isn’t stored in the phone?

          • Because there are 2 keys, a public and a private one and the password will unlock the encryption of the two keys(you only need to keep the text of the two keys for storage + you must know the password to unlock them). This isn’t locking the phone itself, it is locking whatever data you wish to keep private that resides on the phone. I used to use it for text messages but then stopped as I KNOW that was a red flag. Now I use underground email with PGP using a combo of TOR, a torbox email account, thunderbird email client with torbirdy addon and enigmail plugin with a created 4096bit RSA PGP key loaded into enigmail. If we traded public keys and used very secure passwords we could freely communicate without anyone being able to decrypt the conversations.

          • All of that seems like a lot of trouble to accomplish what should be standard on any decent OS, and might be if Alphabet learns anything from Apple’s current problems.

          • Agreed, it comes with ubuntu which is what I use. They hate encryption unless they built it themselves and have the key(Bitlocker, anyone?) which I believe is what prompted the mystery over the Truecrypt 7.1a project closing down. Truecrypt 7.1a was/IS a great tool for securing entire drives and even creating hidden volumes that you can’t prove exist. It’s hard to find legit copies online, here is the one I trust: – A word to the wise, ALWAYS check sigs if downloading this!

          • I loaded Ubuntu onto the laptop that Vista killed 2 hard drives in, only to find out that it didn’t have any driver for the wifi. It is in storage with the one whose hard drive died a week after I finally got 8.1 to install.
            All this encryption stuff is too difficult for a mainframe trainee to mess with, and I don’t put anything that could cause damage on a computer. If they outlaw cash, all of mine will buy gold and silver.

          • Pravda01

            Let me guess it was a Dell? You don’t have to install most Linux’s, almost all come with a boot able live CD and you can test the hardware whether it works for you and yes you can find drivers. Gosh – I have a 12 year old scanner/fax/printer combination (Brother) and it never had any problems.

          • I would never own a computer built with proprietary chips like most Dells are. I used a ROM disc from the back of a thick paperback book in the library, and I didn’t do the live boot, but the permanent one. Ir did not contain a driver for the wifi modem on the HP laptop it was installed on, such are friendly computers.

          • Pravda01

            There are phones available which use Linux f. e. Ubuntu and yes you can remove the battery and yes the hardware is even better then the cheered I-Phone and yes it costs me only 150 USD and I own it.

          • I have a galaxy S6 but it’s not rooted.

          • Wags71

            An fyi, you get much better deals with pre-paid plans. I went from $160 a month on Verizon to $70 on a t-mobile reseller. I no longer have unlimited data, but I don’t need it because wifi is almost everywhere. The $70 for 2 phones includes unlimited text/calls and 2 Gb of 4G data and then unlimited 3G after that.

            That’s my experience and it may have changed since I switched about 2 years ago, so YMMV.

          • I pay $100 for two lines right now so thanks, that is worth looking into. I was thinking about getting a pair of these and ditching my cell bill altogether:

          • Wags71

            Yeah those look great, but not practical for me since I need my phone for work. And I like a backup for my ISP also.

          • What is the point in owning something that you have to pay for service for to make it do anything?

    • Thomas Paine

      You are correct.

      • Trudy Gatlin

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  • The backdoor is just another reason why Windows sucks.

    • 1 reason among MANY but a very important one!

      • I spend some time on the Windows 10 website yesterday, just to find out if it was, as I had been told, operational from a cloud, like the Chromebook. Beyond the fact that it isn’t, having to sign into an account to chat with the bot (or bot-stupid human) that couldn’t answer any of my questions except to apologize for everything, it gave me no reason to avoid Microsoft that I didn’t already have.

        • They released windows 10 unfinished and then dumped/quasi-forced it onto the public and just let the complaints come in and fix them as necessary.

          • Why would anyone need to update something which is finished? What Microsoft product doesn’t require almost daily updates?

          • You wouldn’t.

          • LiberalsRLost

            After reading about all the data mining from W10 I installed GWX to delete all the W10 updates installed…
            and for email privacy I use:

            Also have read that TOR was a CIA creation….cannot validate ….. but can use this for surfing:

            sounds like yah’ll tech skills way over may head….good luck fellas….keep’em guessing….

          • You need TOR to browse the darknet(sites that end with .onion instead of .com or .net etc.), there is also i2p(impossible to possible .i2p). Here is a great guide should you ever be interested in browsing the dark side:

            I’ve checked out unseen before but it’s located in the US… gives me the creeps, lol. The most private email out there as far as I know is, NOBODY is able to read your stuff in your proton mail account, if you lose your password and don’t have a backup email set up oh well, you’re SOL, the staff has no access and can’t bail you out.

   can make the strongest key out there to protect both text and files and truecrypt 7.1a from github can encrypt entire drives and even create hidden volumes that cannot be proven to exist… built in plausible deniability! No wonder the gov spooks shut those guys down and a huge mystery remains till this day about it.

          • LiberalsRLost

            did IP location and found unseen mail to be located in :Provider (ISP) of an IP address.

            Related Tools:What is my IP|Reverse IP Domain Lookup|IP Address Number Converter

            Enter IP Address


            IP Information Report: IP Location DetailTitleStatisticsCountryIcelandFlagCityISPAdvania hf.OrganizationTHOR Data Center ehf
            but now you have watered my curiosity and will book mark the links…..much obliged… 😉

            best I can tell unseen and proton mail have parallel goals from nice far away prying eyes….!

          • another free vpn is browser addon is called anonymox: – this is a nice fast one since I am usually in europe if I want to see anything WWII related on youtube like adolf hitler vs the jew world order or hellstorm I just set the vpn to the usa and it shows right up, quick and easy + the more vpns the harder you are to trace but the slower the connection is, going through 3 countries tonight so this connection is really slow right now.

            **also use – if you want to change your MAC address in windows, I put it in my startup and change it every vpn change. Your MAC will ID your network adapter + vpns use them sometimes to ID clients so mine is always different and my real MAC is never exposed.

          • LiberalsRLost

            clink of two beer steins…!

          • Nice… Iceland, maybe it was that is in the US, I forget… my bad.

          • LiberalsRLost

            not nitpicking just clarifying…..nice website….appreciate the ‘schooling’ i got on cyber security… very informative…
            though I do not have the mindset nor skills for that line of operations the new level of awareness if very educational…..


  • Alabama Mothman

    No wonder every thing sux. I migrated from windows to Ubuntu. It’s got it’s problems also, but not as bad as windows.

    • One of the most secure systems out there is OpenBSD but I too have been using Ubuntu lately and it’s faster than windows on a USB 3.0 stick! I’ve been using it with the free open vpn(Euro2 packages, they connect to Romania in the middle of nowhere, lol) with the gufw firewall and it works great, disconnects as soon as that vpn drops, just like I want it to.

      BTW if you use firefox, in the address bar type about:config and search for geo, then set geo enabled to false by clicking on it if you don’t want it following you around. Firefox will geolocate you even if you are using a vpn if you don’t kill the geo enabled switch, sneaky sneaky, lol. I use and the more info about me link to check the map to see where I am at).

      • LiberalsRLost

        awesome thank you…!

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    One of these days, someone is going to shove their hard drive up Mr. Gates “back door” and he’ll wish he’d reconsidered his ivory tower view about the peasants rights.

    • LiberalsRLost

      He is now one of the elites and a Bilderberg member or invitee…don’t remember which and really makes no difference….he’s one of he Georgia Guidestone population reduction supporters…..

  • Broos

    Guck Fates!

  • bosunj

    Behind every great fortune there is great crime.

  • Dunno y

    Gates so hates the human race. Off with his head. His a disgrace.

  • Arya

    1999? Let me take a wild guess what that was about. The man is pure evil.

  • Rhonda Laniakea Rose

    Windows 10. Need anything more need to be said?

  • Ben William

    Well, that’s because Bill Gates has no problem selling his customers down the river, and that his Windows empire is going down in flames like the Hindenburg.

  • Pravda01

    Hmm, all my Windows systems run inside a virtual machine inside a Unix system with only one port open. Everything else is blocked. Good luck Bill Virus.
    In Swiss banks we actually recompile the whole Unix system before we even consider to install it.

    • Flash all firmware upon receipt also 🙂

  • Pravda01

    Bill Gates is a Catholic! Sorry, but facts are fact.

    • PJ London

      Ah yes, but is he a “Jewish” catholic?
      Does he belong to the Pope or the “Black Pope”?
      Does a bear sh… oops sorry I got carried away.

    • BigGaySteve

      What about the commie pope?

    • LiberalsRLost

      denomination has nothing to do with what many are called cryptic-joos….they hide their identity in plain sight contingent on public ignorance….a resounding success thus far….

  • Mike

    With of the back doors microsoft built into all of their OS and software packages it is no wonder they have the largest issue of malicious attacks.

  • mirageseekr

    These false flags are being used for more than just gun control, they are using them to set legal precedent by which future cases will be judged on. The slime has deeply corrupted our “justice” system.

  • Art V


  • I forgot

    Gates responded, blah blah blah blah

  • carpkiller

    Give the phone to apple and let them open it.

  • LiberalsRLost

    yeah pretty rich that the guy that built in back doors for his masters is jumping on the anti-Apple bandwagon….

  • slavebane

    Billy says we need to stop giving health care to grandma and grandpa in the end months of their lives because the money would be better spent on young people, “but we’re not supposed to talk about that.” NOT making this up, go to youtube and you can see him say this for yourself. Enjoy.