Bill Gates Could End World Hunger, Instead Gives $36 Billion to Corporate America

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Editor’s Note: What exactly do people expect from one of the world’s richest eugenicists?


Via The Pontiac Tribune:

37% of Bill Gates’ net worth would end world hunger. Instead, he invests billions of dollars into corporations blamed for many of the same health issues the Gates Foundation seeks to cure.

The Los Angeles Times revealed back in 2007 that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has made millions of dollars each year from companies blamed for many of the same social and health problems the Foundation seeks to address.

The LA Times investigation revealed the Gates Foundation’s humanitarian concerns are not reflected in how it invests its money. In the Niger Delta — where the Foundation funds programs to fight polio and measles – the Foundation has also invested more than $400 million dollars in companies including Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil Corp, and Chevron. These oil firms have been responsible for much of the pollution many blame for respiratory problems and other afflictions among the local population.

The Gates Foundation also has investments in sixty-nine of the worst polluting companies in the US and Canada, including Dow Chemical. It holds stakes in pharmaceutical companies whose drugs cost far beyond what most AIDS patients around the world can afford. Other companies in the Foundation’s portfolio have been accused of transgressions including forcing thousands of people to lose their homes; supporting child labor; and defrauding and neglecting patients in need of medical care.

With an endowment larger than all but four of the world’s largest hedge funds, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is easily one of the most powerful charities in the world. According to its website, the organization “works to help all people lead healthy, productive lives.” So how do the investments of the foundation’s $36 billion investing arm, the Gates Foundation Trust, match up to its mission? We dug into the group’s recently released 2012 tax returns to find out.

The Gates Foundation did not respond to Mother Jones’ requests for comment; however, its investment policy says the the trust’s managers “consider other issues beyond corporate profits, including the values that drive the foundation’s work.”

In its most recent annual report to investors, private prison company GEO group listed some risks to its bottom line, including “reductions in crime rates” that “could lead to reductions in arrests, convictions and sentences,” along with immigration reform and the decriminalization of drugs. One year after Mother Jones reported the foundations investment in this company, the philanthropy’s trust will not say if one of its most controversial holdings is still on its books. Military contractor DynCorp ($2.5 million donated by the foundation), meanwhile, has faced allegations of fraud, mismanagement, and even slavery from the Middle East to Eastern Europe. For Bill Gates to fund corporations such as Dyncorp, a military contractor, which financed the entire Iraq war, while 37% of his net worth could end world hunger, is not noble, and its ridiculous to consider it charity.

(SEE MORE): Gates Foundation Financials

Polio vaccinations by the Gates Foundation cause thousands of cases of AFP in India

A large portion of the world’s vaccines are given to the Third World as “charity,” when the underlying conditions of economic impoverishment, poor nutrition, chemical exposures, and political unrest are never addressed. Helping the effort against polio is a noble and inspiring thing to do. In India, Bill Gates’ funded polio vaccine is said to have wiped out the disease, which is considered to be a landmark achievement. But the country now has the world’s highest rate of non-polio AFP (acute flaccid paralysis) cases, which is linked entirely to his vaccinations. AFP is a condition in which a patient suffers from paralysis that results in floppy limbs due to reduced muscle tone. While AFP is symptomatic of polio, it can be caused by other diseases such as the Guillain Barre Syndrome and nerve lesions as well—the primary cause fuelling the argument that India is not really free of wild polio virus.

There is a dirty secret in the vaccine business that is very well documented: the live oral polio vaccine can actually spread polio and causes AFP. This is very well-known throughout the world, but in the U.S. mainstream media, this information is seldom, if ever, published. As usual, we need to research further past the mainstream media outlets to find out what is happening with vaccines around the world.

(read more at The Pontiac Tribune)

H/T: Natural Blaze

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  • How could “37% of Bill Gates’ net worth end world hunger?”

    • doucyet

      Exactly! For a day, a week, a year? People make some really asinine statements sometimes.

      • BW83

        Apparently around here you can make asinine statements and people rush to your defense with even more asinine statements. A mere perusal of jaguar and k3oycamNOW’s posts is perfect proof. They’ve each typed plenty while managing to say nothing, impressive really.

    • BW83

      The key point this article fails to elaborate on.

      Click bait, and poorly executed click bait at that.

      • It is based on very old premises, his investments in the energy business are melting down faster than any of the others are producing.

        • jaguar

          The government squashes most inventions that would give us cheap , sustainable energy, food, water , HEALTH.. That’s a well known fact!! Because they own oil, energy, banks and pharmaceutical companies!!! Duuuuhhh !!!!

          • BW83

            Well known fact? If it were that well known of a fact you don’t think something would have been done about it by now? We wouldn’t be having this discussion if it were well known, and the average person certainly wouldn’t stand for it.

            What forms of cheap, sustainable energy has the government squashed? How has the government, until recently, kept healthcare from getting cheaper? Water inventions?? Seriously?

            If it’s this well known you should have NOOO problem elaborating on it and citing proof correct?

            I’ll be waiting….

          • Who Cares

            It’s like the carburetor that can make a car go 100 miles on a gallon of gasoline. Everyone knows about it (except apparently the guy who invented it) and the “government” somehow stops it from being made!

    • SP_88

      Probably by killing off 37% of the population with toxic vaccines.

    • jaguar

      Think about it genius!!! How could Billions of dollars help world hunger…I can think of several things, more organic farming, clean drinking water, clean up the oceans of all the miles of Floating garbage…invest in natural resources, excluding oil…open up fish hatcheries to put back fish in the ocean and lakes and rivers… And many more!!!

      • It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that no amount of money could feed anyone, unless it was edible, and gold and silver, the only real money on the planet, isn’t. Now then, if the funds were available in fungible form, but they aren’t, even to Bill Gates, who has them only as paper receipts, also not edible. If the will existed in Bill Gates’ mind to feed any hungry people that he didn’t know, he wouldn’t be spending or have spent as much money buying expired vaccines from his friends in the pharmaceutical industry to ship to third world countries to be used to murder those he considers to be useless eaters. None of this would have occurred to someone who relies on insults and ad hominem to make people think that they are smarter than a carrot, which you don’t appear to be.

      • BW83

        You think billions of dollars would even put a dent in problems that large of a scale? Something tells me you don’t quite understand the limitations of money.

        Organic farming? If organic farming could supply the amount of food you think it could, for the amount of money you think it could they’d already be doing it. Government subsidies already keep food prices artificially low. Switching to a more energy, and thus money, intensive form of farming would make the problem worse. Better quality food, yes, but you also just put it out of the price range of the people that need it the most, congratulations.

        Cleaning garbage out of the ocean? Really now. The oceans a bit too large to make this idea even feasible. Add to it that people will just throw more crap in there anyway. Where exactly do you plan on putting it all after you pick it up? Recycle it? It takes more energy to recycle plastic than it does to make new plastics….seems like a “sustainable” use of non-renewable energy right there.

        What natural resources/energies do you suggest we invest in? I’m waiting to hear you say solar before I laugh.

  • BW83

    It’s anyone else’s business what he does with his money why?

    If I were in his position, with the same funds, I’d do the same damn thing. Invest in businesses that have a proven track record and return reliably, give to “charities” to avoid having that money taxed, and in the process buy influence. Seems perfectly reasonable actually.

    Instead of nitpicking what the rich do with their money it would serve people better to pay attention to what they do with their money would it not? The rich get that way, and stay that way, for a reason.

    • Razedbywolvs

      Ya wean those rich people think that de-populating the earth is a solution to…anything. It’s time to start looking at what the hell there doing with there money.

      Instead of nitpicking what the rich do with their money it would serve people better to pay attention to what they do with their money would it not?
      1. you don’t have money, you have Federal reserve notes backed by nothing.
      2. Not really a good idea to ignore one in favor of the other. Unless your really excited about Microsoft filing a patent for a crypt currency and can’t wait to be required by the government to use it to pay your taxes, or get crushed by a Google robot for tax evasion.

      • BW83

        Name a form of currency actually backed by anything then. Don’t say gold either, gold is a commodity.

        Money is backed by people willing to accept it in exchange for goods or services. This is true for EVERY form of currency ever created.

        The fact is it really isn’t your business what he does with his money anymore than its my business how you spend yours. For a site that espouses “freedom” this article stinks something mighty of exactly the opposite.

        • If my money was killing and maiming children like his vaccines are that is cause for someone to speak up about it. He should be in prison and will be if he goes to India. – when his money doesn’t hurt others, THEN it is his business that we should stay out of but as long as his money is hurting and killing yeah, we SHOULD speak up, we SHOULD forceably lock him up but nobody “in the club” ever answers for their crimes.

          • BW83

            Again, they’re not his vaccines. If you want to blame the company making them, by all means. Blaming the guy paying for them so people that can’t afford them have the OPTION to take them doesn’t make him evil.

            His money isn’t hurting anyone in this scenario. Maybe he gives it to people and it MAY end up being used in a bad way, but it isn’t exactly his money after he gives it away is it?

            You’re right, no one in “the club” suffers the consequence of their actions, so why do you think being outraged on the Internet will do anything to change it? We can whine about it all we want, but action is what changes things.

        • Razedbywolvs

          Money is backed by people willing to accept it in exchange for goods or services, but gold doesn’t count because it’s a commodity…

          You got some type of reasoning behind why EVERY dictionary is trying to invalidate your argument? I Think your trying to sell me a straw man.
          The fact is it really isn’t your business what he does with his money anymore than its my business how you spend yours. Are you suggesting making everyone’s transactions private information?
          For a site that espouses “freedom” this article stinks something mighty of
          exactly the opposite mindset. So you support Government having
          control over the currency, and making bill Gates financial records
          public for me to look at. But im the bad guy for looking and your not
          the bad guy for advocating the system utilized to do all of this….
          You’d throw a fit if one of these “rich” people told you how to live your life
          (I do) then turn around and suggest we should be able to do the same to them (No). Fined me any person or article on this sight that is in favor of government “regulating” the market,currency,or people. That is why I love this sight.

          • BW83

            One, Wikipedia doesn’t count as a source, sorry. Figured that was something everyone knew by now but apparently not.

            So you quote Merriam-Webster to refute me saying gold is a commodity? It says, literally in the very first line:

            : something that is bought and sold
            : something or someone that is useful or valued

            And the second line:

            : an economic good: as
            a : a product of agriculture or mining
            (I copied/pasted obviously)

            So a commodity is something bought and sold, useful and valued, amd can be a product of mining. Sound like anything particular to you? Maybe a certain yellow metal? The very price of gold is determined by speculation, trade, and the value someone puts on it….just like every COMMODITY. Gold has no intrinsic value and its price isn’t even a reflection of the amount available.

            It seems that every dictionary is actually agreeing with me. Perhaps work on the reading comprehension before you make yourself feel special by referencing things which prove you wrong. Honestly I can’t even make out the point you’re driving at, but it seems like you’re arguing in favor of everything I have and somehow calling me out as saying the exact opposite of what I have. (refer to the * at the bottom)

            Transactions should be private to the degree that people not involved in them have no right to the information. If you were to buy a house the only people needing to know about it would be you, the seller, the loaning bank, and the county of residence. It’s not my business, your coworkers business, or your fathers business, etc. UNLESS you choose to bring them into the know.

            When did I EVER say I was in favor of the government making a private individuals financial records available to the public? Unless you honestly can’t read I’ve made it abundantly clear that’s the exact opposite of what I’m in favor of. I’ve never advocated for any of this, and I’ve said quite clearly it’s no one else’s business what he does with his money.

            I can find you plenty of people in this very comment section who would be okay with that actually. Look at everyone who seems to be okay with delving into bill gates affairs of how he spends his money. The author of the very damn article we’re arguing over. seems to think its okay to poke his nose in it.

            *For future reference put quotation marks around things when paraphrasing others words, makes it easier to see what you individually are adding to it, or arguing against.

          • Razedbywolvs

            You forgot the part that excludes gold from being a currency because it’s a commodity. Can you fined that in the definition’s i listed? Wiki can sometime be contested as a source.. good think i included two other for you to pick and chose from.
            There is enough gold in your cellphone to wrap around the world three times. There is a hell of a lot more intrinsic value in that than there is paper that you can fold into a cool looking Crane shape. The price of paper is not a reflection of what is available. You can just print more. -118
            trillion a LOT more.
            “When did I EVER say I was in favor of the government making a private individuals financial records available to the public?” In the previous sentience. “Transactions should be private to the DEGREE that people not involved in them have no right to the information.” The government that represents you (in theory) thinks that “degree” includes all the information in the articular above. No one has published his CC# SS# Drivers license# or any information that is not public domain or any information that has not been ruled by the SCOTUS to be a legit public interest.

            As far as I can tell your arguing for, The representative Government, to make and control the money, but you want the transactions from the people who represent the government to be secret from the people who represent the government. Is that correct?

    • disqus_k3oycamN0W

      Billy built efficient money-laundering, tax-evading machine with his Foundation. No wonder Buffet said he could not find the better place to invest his money. What is revolting – his perverted smirk with which he is lying how great his toxic vaccines and his GMO are for the planet (see the picture above) He deserves epitaph “Vaccinator Billy Gator, Life on Earth Terminator”

      • BW83

        If you have a problem with it build your own tax evading machine. Nothing legally stopping you, or you and a group of friends, from starting a non-profit organization you can put money in to avoid taxes. Or start a business and invest back into the business to avoid paying taxes again. Don’t fault him for doing something you yourself could do if you chose to.

        His vaccines? HIS vaccines? Last I checked he’s not making them, but he’s sure as hell footing the bill for anyone that wants one. No ones holding a gun to someone’s head and making them take it. GMOs are toxic to planet now huh? Explain how exactly. Perhaps we should do away with them and let more people starve to death? Oh right, this is about how he could END world hunger, not contribute to it.

        • disqus_k3oycamN0W

          Your brain is hopelessly damaged by those vaccines and pesticide-soaked mutant food, and I am in no business to fix it. I just wondering what you are doing on this board with so thoroughly washed brains. Perhaps trolling for Gates Foundation PR branch for penny a post. You belong to NBC or Yahoo. In order to open slash fund like Gates’ or Clinton’s I have to be first appointed to get a lucrative spin-off from organisation (IBM) where my mother sits on board and then steel inventions from and suppress more talented competitors, being protected by corrupt courts from lawsuits. Or get billions as bribes masked as donations for present or future shady political favors. But you will not understand that. it is not in a manual from which you type. Go drink some GMO Coke, get a flu shot and stare at Bill Gates picture above – you are slipping into Alzheimer already.

          • BW83

            So I’m officially dealing with an idiot conspiracy theorist, great.

            Save me the “brain washed” thing, seriously as that sword cuts both ways. It’s the cop out excuse people use around here when they can’t formulate a counter argument so they try to downplay the other guy. Cute of you, but a bit grade-school. I also thoroughly enjoy the wrong assumptions you’re made of based on….nothing. Another hallmark trait of someone with nothing to back up their point of view.

            Of course you’re wrong, there’s literally nothing stopping you from starting up your own tax shelter other than potential laziness. Nice try on the Alzheimer’s thing but there’s literally NO study that shows a cause to the disease, unless of course you’re able to provide me a peer-reviewed study (not holding my breath). Correlation maybe, but there’s a key difference between cause and correlation. If you honestly believe someone would suppress that knowledge, if it actually existed, a study by the way that would make that person/team famous and billionaires, you’re out of your mind. I bet you believe there’s an herbal cure for cancer the pharmaceutical companies are hiding as well.

            GMO Coke? You’ve got to be kidding me. Exactly where are they hiding the GMOs in a can full of water, sugar, caffeine, and phosphoric acid?

            I must say you’re typical of the fringe mindset. Many claims with no proof. Until said proof is provided no one, except other members of the fringe mindset, will take you
            serious and it’s probably better that way.

          • disqus_k3oycamN0W

            BrainWashed-83, (I noticed that the person who assigns troll their names has a sense of humor, compliment him for me) , what part of the sentence, “I am in no business to fix you” you do not understand? Studies exist, and multiple ones, but I do not need to supply them to you. Someone should be a repository for Bill Gates’s vaccines and Coke/Monsanto’s GMO, chemicals and pesticides. Clean food is diminishing resource, I do not want to share it (and my knowledge) with you. You like Billy’s GMO and vaccines – great! It makes the answer, who is the idiot here, obvious.
            Get your flu shot and keep paTROLLING this site.

          • BW83

            You’re right, you’re in no business to fix me, better left to fix yourself first, which o don’t see happening. Again, all these claims with no proof. There’s a reason the majority of respected scientists and studies disagree with you. I’m sure they’re all on the dole right? :rolls eyes: So either 98% of the people in the field are bought and paid for or you’re taking your info (if you can call it that) from the 2% of nut jobs left. Wonder which is more likely?

            Yeah, it’s obvious you the idiot here is alright. There’s a reason no one is jumping to your defense in this exchange. You’d think someone with “multiple” studies supporting the view they’re pushing would be happy to supply them, yet you don’t. So, you’re either making them up, cherry picking the ones that help you versus the magnitude that don’t, or you’re aware they’re flawed (which I doubt because I’m sure you’ve never read one).

            Keep trying kid. Been on this site much longer than you have, I’m here to stay. Bring me something real and we’ll talk, until then save your breath. People like you are the reason the anti-vaccine campaign is a laughing stock. The numbers simply don’t support the claims made by the antis.

          • disqus_k3oycamN0W

            For me it is very clear you are an idiot. And that is good – self elimination of the stupid. If you are proud to sit on this site like a fly – well, vaccines will eliminate you eventually , and see above, Bill Gates is already prepared one for you.
            Enough fixing of the stupid- I will delete next portion of your delirium from mailbox without reading., BrainWashed83

          • BW83

            Clear as mud obviously. Delete all you want, it’ll be a relief for you go finally shut up. Everyone is officially dumber having read your replies. Self-elimination of the stupid indeed

        • Moderndayslave

          It’s not hard to see the troll on the page.
          BW83 , do you make good money doing this ?

          • BW83

            Nope, I do this gratis actually.

            The minute anyone disagreeing with can prove me wrong I’ll gladly stop. Hasn’t happened yet nor do I expect it to. It would take actual proof, which none of the antis can provide (because it doesn’t exist).

            Were it as obvious as you claim it to be the proof would be easy to provide. Yet here we are, still all claims with no supporting info

  • SpunkyBunks

    Wouldn’t solving world hunger end up creating overpopulation and a faster depletion of our resources?

    • jaguar

      This world was made to sustain all life on it…its man who has changed that!!! Pollution, HAARP, chemtrails, nuclear waste and fallout, fracking etc…

      • BW83

        Yeah, it’s done so well sustaining all life. How many mass extinctions have there been?

        The world was “made” huh? Cute. I’m waiting for the forthcoming religious diatribe…..

  • jps73

    “If we do a really great job on vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that [his initial 2050 global population projection of 9-billion] by perhaps about 10 to 15 percent.” —Bill Gates

  • Reverend Draco

    U.S. malstream media.

    Let’s call it what it is =P

    • jaguar

      You always spew psychotic, delusional nonsense!! Always!!!

      • Reverend Draco

        Like you know what any of that is.

        Takes an education. You may want to look into panhandling one, since you’ve thus far been absolutely unable to borrow or steal one.

  • otis cambell

    Gates is evil.

    • BW83

      Evil relative to what? The term evil holds about as much weight as “good” or “bad” or the concept of “curse words”.

      I’ll take this author serious the minute he explains how gates can end world hunger. Instead he repeats the mantra like its a truth with no attempt to explain it. This article is a rant, and a poorly constructed one at that. That’s saying something seeing rants well-known for their coherency.

      • I agree the title is bullshit disinfo but gates is still an evil piece of shit and I base that judgement on his victims.

        • BW83

          I’m not going to argue he’s necessarily a nice guy, whatever ideal we consider nice, but evil? I’m willingly bet his actions, and his companies actions have improved the lives of more people than its wronged

      • jaguar

        Figure it out!!! He could plant organic plants and distribute the food nation Wide, he could dig wells and purify water and less people would die from microbial diseases from contaminated water!!! Etc. Etc…with all those billions of dollars! Plus create more jobs!!!

        • BW83

          Create more jobs? Have many jobs have you personally created? You think Microsoft doesn’t create new jobs and a damn near annual basis?

          You honestly think 37% of his wealth would PERMANENTLY end world hunger? If you do believe that I’m not even going to continue this discussion because there’s literally no helping you.

  • whiteberry

    Agenda 21…

  • Bill Gate’s foundation demonstrates the typical use of such institutions under American law.

    Basically, the foundation exempts Gates from taxes in the use of his fortune.

    The foundation also effectively perpetuates the fortune and his own or his family’s control of it.

    He still controls his fortune, and he even gets to play god as head of it.

    People from all over the world come to beg him for project money, and he gets to decide who gets what.

    It would be hard to imagine a scheme which better feeds your sense of self-importance.

    Running Microshit just wouldn’t compare to these streams of important or interesting people flattering you constantly and soliciting your good opinion.

    Nice work if you can get it, but there is nothing particularly admirable or heroic about it.

    The last captain of industry who was a genuine philanthropist was Andrew Carnegie who literally gave away a vast fortune on an excellent project, libraries for all.

  • jaguar

    Bill Gates is totally interested in companies that poison mankind… McDonald’s buys meat from meat packing owners that boast that they use human meat in their meat products… Pepsi uses aborted Fetal kidney cells from a company called Senomyx, as flavor enhancers…you are being fed human meat and human DNA…that’s called necromancy and it destroys you…

  • The math doesn’t work. But Gates is a twisted freak anyway. Dude is a real sicko!

  • Someone ought to jab him with his freakkkkin needles!

  • tomw

    Gates has been put in charge, by his globalist friends, on finding a proper way to ‘cull the herd’, so to speak.

  • Michael Nestor

    Even if it could, ending world hunger isn’t the goal. Think stupid.

  • abinico

    That the Gats foundation has this much money means they stole it from consumers and they should give it back to the consumers.

  • James

    If Bill Gates were to ever try to solve world hunger, he would do it with POISONOUS food. The man is truly evil. Instead, he should be put on trial for mass murder. He is responsible for the deaths of millions of people worldwide with his cancer and other terminal disease causing vaccines. Put the weirdo on trial, when found guilty, lock him up for life. Seize his assets and redistribute it to the people he wanted to genocide.