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by James P. Tucker Jr.
American Free Press

Of late there is much news surrounding the secretive globalist group known as Bilderberg. Internationalists are quietly pushing Congress to force global “identity cards” on the world, including all Americans and the entire Western Hemisphere. Bilderberg’s obedient servant, The Washington Post, called for a “biometric card” in an editorial on February 2, 2013. Bilderberg relentlessly continues its push for war and global “climate control” as steps toward world government.

Over the years, the now-retired United States Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) had been a lone voice in Congress fighting calls to implement a global ID card. Because the ID card would require new spending, it must pass the House first, as the Constitution requires all taxpayer-funded measures to originate there. No tax increases can originate in the Senate. So Paul tacked on amendments rejecting the ID card. His colleagues approved them to avoid debate.

But Paul stepped down in the last congressional session, and Bilderberg and its associate gang, the Trilateral Commission, will exploit this.

At a recent reception in Washington, D.C., an AMERICAN FREE PRESS source overheard Thomas E. Donilon, a White House national security advisor and past Bilderberg member, speaking of Paul’s retirement and the good chance that the global card could now be shepherded through Congress. Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), would not object to the plan, added the individual with whom Donilon was talking. He was referring to the fact that Senator Paul has backed off from the strong pro-nationalist positions of his father because he is fantasizing about being elected president in 2016.

The World Resources Institute conveniently reported that the U.S. is failing to meet its international commitment to reduce greenhouse emissions by 2020. Thus, the United Nations (UN) could impose penalties on this country, acting as a global “department of energy” under the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST).

The report was praised by Michael A. Levi, a senior fellow for energy and the environment at the Bilderberg-controlled Council on Foreign Relations. Levi added that the Senate should commit to ratifying the sovereignty-surrendering LOST. Under such legislation, the UN could police America’s coastal and inland waterways.

James P. Tucker Jr. is the world’s foremost expert on the global elite. Tucker is AFP’s editor emeritus and the author of Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary.

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  • GrandpaSpeaks

    I do not accept any man made card as a right to exist. Focus your wrath wisely. The enabling vultures are getting their zookeepers instructions in Chantilly Virginia this summer. This sect of the power elite will occupy Chantilly Virginia this summer and the people should also occupy Chantilly to let them know we perceive the web they weave and they do it without the consent of the people. They need to be reminded that secretive methods of governing without the peoples consent is not allowed. The power elite’s fear of the “collective” people is diminished these days and that is obvious. That fear needs to be restored very soon to avoid the length of their constant, and the severity of their present, attack on freedom. For freedoms loss altogether is now the stake, again. It has now fallen to us to protect it, or not.

    • Rick45

      They will use these stating you are required to have them to buy anything. Fingerprint,, RFID chipped, and 666 serial implanted cards. Refuse them..

  • RickE.

    Not too long ago folks were vilified for talking about the new world order. They were categorized as conspiracy theorists.

    Even the most staid ostrich can see the push for global centralized control of the USA and the world.

  • stalker

    @GrandpaSpeaks..i cant help but worry how many are watching this train wreck as opposed to being pro-active on where this battle actually should be being fought?

    • GrandpaSpeaks

      @Stalker. The watching is almost over. We have almost been out manouvered past the point of being effective with pro active action. That time is quickly evaporating. They control the trigger. We have little choice. And let them keep heaping it on for now. You will know when. Everyone will. “Your EBT card is only good at the local FEMA camp”. Some won’t believe it then either. My question is will this card let you out of the camp?

  • We all know who needs to die