Big Pharma Spent EIGHT TIMES More Money than Gun Lobby to Fight Marijuana Legalization and Limits on Opioids

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Why do you really think the DEA is fighting marijuana so hard when its prescription opioids that are killing people? Check out any statistic on drug deaths and you’ll see right away prescription painkillers kill more people than practically anything else (accept for alcohol poisoning, and alcohol is legal).

Why, in 2016, are they making sure marijuana stays listed as a Schedule I drug alongside heroin (when meth is Schedule II!), refusing to declassify even the non-psychoactive components, and raiding 81-year-old cancer patients who grow four whole marijuana plants like that elderly man is a dire threat to society?

It’s beyond obvious that legalization of natural painkillers is a threat to corporate and criminal justice profits. If people can naturally heal themselves and their pain, they don’t need corporate poisons. In addition, more than half of drug arrests involve marijuana, so there’s a huge economy built around putting people in jail for it.

Now we’re being told just how much lobbyists for Big Pharma have worked to shape federal policies on its opioids and marijuana legalization.

According to AP and the Center for Public Integrity:

The industry and its allies spent more than $880 million nationwide on lobbying and campaign contributions from 2006 through 2015 — more than 200 times what those advocating for stricter policies spent and eight times more than the influential gun lobby recorded for similar activities during that same period…

Nearly a billion dollars to influence policies, and that includes the fight against medical marijuana legalization in states across the country.

Now the DEA is putting kratom, a harmless plant powder used for pain relief that has killed no one, on the Schedule I list too. Why? Could it be because Big Pharma uses kratom alkaloids to manufacture its synthetic opioids?

Costly synthetic opioids that cause widespread addiction and have killed hundreds of thousands of people?

Every day it is made more and more clear that the war on drugs is a war for corporations and a war against us.

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Contributed by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple.

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