Biden: ‘I’m Going to Work Like the Devil’ to Get Hillary Elected

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And this would change from him working like the devil in all other situations how exactly?

Via Daily Caller:

Vice President Joe Biden said on Monday, “I’m going to work like the devil” to get Hillary Clinton elected the next president. In an interview on NBC’s Nightly News, host Lester Holt asked Biden about his recommendations for both Clinton and Donald Trump on who they should pick for vice president. “Would you recommend a regional approach or someone you can get along with?”

“I think the most important thing from my experience being vice president is have a president pick someone they trust completely, they actually like and they know will have their back and can take over a big chunk of what they have to do because there’s so much that falls on a president’s desk these days,” Biden said. “It’s hard to do it yourself without being able to delegate some portion of it and not have to follow up. Just delegate. I think the relationship is most important.”

Holt followed up, “If Hillary Clinton were to come to you and say, ‘Stay on’ — you’re laughing. I take it that’s a no?”

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  • LibertyOrDeath1775

    Doesn’t he mean “working WITH the devil?”

    • calhar

      Funny you should say that.My thoughts are along the same line.

  • Brian Menendez




  • Pete752

    Support a criminal, become a criminal.

  • Jefferson Adams

    The American government has failed its citizens.

    Patriotic Americans must therefore take action NOW! You
    know what you must do. Every time Hillary Clinton appears in public, patriotic
    Americans must take those actions necessary to ensure she never, never, never
    appears again. Patriotic Americans must ensure her elimination from the
    presidential race. Patriotic Americans must take those actions necessary to
    remove her from contention permanently.

    It is long past time for Patriotic Americans to stop
    whining and complaining and calling each other names in the Comments Section of
    these alternative media sites. Patriotic Americans must all get on the same
    page and begin concerted efforts to right the wrongs our government continues
    to use to restrict our actions. It is time to RISE UP, People of America.

    We must take the steps necessary to permanently remove
    from public office all of those traitors occupying the seats of our government.
    Words alone will no longer do the trick. Words alone will no longer matter. It
    is time for action. It is time for positive, definite actions to change the
    course of our government and to get it back on track toward the America we know
    and love.

    No more wasted words and arguing and name-calling on these sites. Get out there and TAKE ACTION!

    • It is not Paranoia

      That’s the spirit!

  • Broos
  • onetree

    I don’t doubt his statement for a second!