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The countdown just started.

The re(s)election of Barack Obama has assured not only economic collapse (equally inevitable had The Wall Street Stooge been selected) but also a guaranteed gun grab in the coming months prior to the collapse.

Mittens was no friend of the 2A – but BHO is openly its enemy. We have the man’s own statements – and we have the man’s own actions, including the actions of his personally selected attorney general. A man publicly and virulently opposed to peaceful American citizens possessing guns – who ran guns to Mexican drugs cartels in the hope these guns would then be used to perform violent crimes – crimes that could then be used as emotional fodder for gun-grabbing demagoguery. That backfired – but now that Obama (and Holder) are secure in their offices, rest assured that “Fast and Furious” was merely a prelude.

Here is what’s coming:

The Supreme Court, already densely marbled with authoritarian-minded collectivists such as “wise Latina” Sotomayor, Elena Kagan and Ruth Ginsberg, will be further tilted collectivist when – not if –  the aging “conservatives” who still linger either give up the ghost or just give up and retire. Antonin Scalia is not far from 80. Neither is Anthony Kennedy. They will be over 80 before 2016. Clarence Thomas is no spring chicken, either. One – or several – are going to go during the next four years. Roberts has already proved to be agreeable to whatever the authoritarian state demands.

It’s a fait accompli.

“Reasonable restrictions” on the possession of firearms by non-costumed, non-badged Americans (that’s you and me) are a drop-dead certainty. The Dear Leader may not even wait for sanction by the robed freedom-takers. He has shown no such proclivity to abide by process thus far. His clearly expressed attitude toward our rights is the same as the attitude toward women expressed by Jefe to El Guapo in The Three Amigos: “If you want a woman, you take the woman.”

And they do want your guns. And they will take them.

It very well could happen suddenly – via executive fiat – just as executive fiat summarily amnestied millions of illegal aliens. All that’s needed, really, is some pretext. Some MK-Ultra’d dupe sent to shoot up a school, say. “Reasonable” gun controls will follow.

Perhaps, door to door.

They are coming. It is only a question of when – not if.

If you have a “high capacity” magazine… an “assault” rifle… any type of gun they think you “don’t need” and which has no “reasonable” purpose … look out. The pendulum has reached the end of its arc and is about to swing back the other way.

Open carry, concealed carry – very possible, any sort of carry at all – in the crosshairs. As surely as ObamaCare is out of them.

The Cloverized masses will cheer “reasonable” gun control, too. Every necessary premise has alreadybeen accepted by them. Perhaps it will be done in the name of “officer safety.” Or the old standby, “to keep our children safe.” It worked for random stop and frisks, the TSA … it will work again for this purpose. Or they’ll simply turn to ObamaCare – whose claws are soon to be bared. Guns, you see, are going to become a public health issue. We cannot afford the high cost imposed on society by guns. Exactly as NYC Gauleiter Bloomberg has banned sodas – so also will guns be proscribed. Perhaps they will pass a law requiring every gun owner to possess special insurance… .

If you can’t see it coming, you can’t be helped.

Ruger and other gun manufacturers have been reporting epic, off-the-charts sales in anticipation of Obama’s re(s)election – and all that it portends. The window is about to be slammed shut – possibly, forever.

It is said that when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will still have guns. I suspect – I hope – that there will be many millions of such outlaws, if the worst does come to pass. Because arguably, the only firebreak remaining between the USA and the USSA is the fact of millions of firearms in the hands of private citizens. When that firebreak is gone, the US will have become the USSA.

The (s)election of Mittens would not have changed much, of course. But it might have slowed things down a little. We would have had, perhaps, a bit more time to get ready. Now the gantlet has been thrown down. You may rest assured that Holder, et al, are even now busily hashing out how it will be done – andwhen it will be done. There is no question whatsoever that it will be done.

So, if you’ve been thinking about that new AR (or looking fondly at the old Hi-Power you inherited from your grandfather) better wise up. And buy up.

Then, shut up.

The clock is ticking…

Throw it in the Woods?

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Contributed by Eric Peters of Eric Peters Autos.

Eric Peters is an automotive columnist and author who has written for the Detroit News and Free PressInvestors Business DailyThe American SpectatorNational Review, The Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal. His books include Road Hogs (2011) and  Automotive Atrocities (2004). His next book, “The Politics of Driving,” is scheduled for release in 2012. Visit his web site at Eric Peters Autos.

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  • OhYa

    Guns? What guns?

  • Wolf

    Come and get them! I’m ready and have been ready for some time. Many of you that come, won’t leave alive. As for me, whatever happens, happens. Im 100% positive Im not alone.

    • Prepared Painter

      Your not. The dudes in uniform arent that stupid either, they really like going home at end of day. I pray it never comes to this, but prepare because Im 99% sure it will, the only question that remains is will we be like the other countries, or will we be like the men at Lexington and Concord, who had no idea if they were the only ones who would stand, but did anyway because it was what was right for their children. I pray we stand. If we dont we and our children will be slaves to a tyrant.

    • john

      Fight to keep the constitution and its 2nd amendment.Your home and your rights are the only things worth fighting for.

      • SKIP

        The 2nd is also the only reason we still have the others, such as is left of them.

  • Steve

    Choice is plain and simple. If he violates the 2nd. with a PO, or a stacked court, then one must determine if they will become the new jews of this century. They spouted that their government would never do this or that up to the time that they left the cattlecars and walked into the ovens. Or, one will stand their ground, and remember the famous quote of Patrick Henry and then fight until the end. It is better to die a free man than live as a slave under a tyrant. Choice is yours, I’ve decided what I will do, are you ready to choose.

  • The realist

    If you bought a gun legally..The ATF will hand over that record.. And they will come with a inventory list.. And cease them all… And whatever you don’t have to give back ..but is on the list.. It’s the FEMA camp for you..

    I am so sick of this B.S.. Face it.. We are all rats on
    The wheel..

    • Ed_B

      Never ever presume that they will get ANY cooperation in this. Real Americans are not giving up their guns nor are they going to any damned camp. Kill us if you must but we are NOT going quietly or alone.

  • SKIP

    I too believe “they” will be coming for our guns and in all liklihood will get the first that they go after when the gun owner is alone at first. Then, as word gets around of what is happening, people will begine to form groups and then it is going to get bad for those coming for our guns. Like posters say, if a few of the first SWAT types that come for our guns pay the “ultimate price” to get them, a few in the next SWAT group also pay that price etc etc they may begin to change their tune as even then the resistance groups will grow and hopefully protect one another. Protecting one another and reinforcing our groups is the only way this coming event can have a positive ending. Like is said, stand together or hang alone!

  • The Arizona Patriot

    They are gonna have a dang hard time taking every man’s gun. My weapons they can take from my cold dead fingers, but my gun is sorta attached. This is my weapon this is my gun, one is for fightin but one is for FUN. Hmmm I have fun with both. Sorry obummer your not gettin em.

    • steveo256

      Hope your ready to stand by your words. Because its not far off.

  • Anonymous

    the day obummer wants guns he will get them and it will be his last

  • KorHi

    Kill or be Killed!

  • KorHi

    But I would rather not see any of this happen.

    • SKIP

      ROGER THAT KorHi.

  • 2heavyb

    And fortunately you might have a couple more neighbors who can hit there flanks and see how manyy are left 😉

  • Ed_B

    Americans always prefer peace but we also know that war is not the worst thing that can happen… tyranny is… and it must be resisted by every American with every fiber of our being.