Bet This Pisses off TSA: People Have Been Printing off GIANT Boarding Passes as a Prank (Videos)

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People are completely fed up with flying at this point.

It’s something many people feel they have to do to get to where they need to go fast enough, but the whole process has become a cross between watching a circus car falling apart in slow motion in a Looney Tunes-esque fashion (with literal clowns) and a DMV line that’s three times longer with a lot more molestation (courtesy of the TSA and their foreign counterparts who have to pat down toddlers in wheelchairs because… turrurrism).

Now, answering in kind to the absurdity going to an airport has become in our oh-so-modern times, passengers have started printing off gigantor boarding passes seemingly just to prank the security agents agents who are forced to take them… pretty much making the entire experience a complete and utter joke.

It’s kind of like paying for a parking ticket with nothing but pennies, except a much bigger statement (yes, pun intended).


And I didn’t realize until I watched this example that there are more examples out there.

It’s like watching a Mr. Bean reality TV show.

Can’t wait for Homeland Security to ban giant boarding passes and restrict us to 8.5 x 11 print offs or we won’t be allowed to get on airplanes… you know it’s coming.

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