Bernie Sanders’ Wife Caught on Hot Mic: “They don’t know your name is being put in nomination”

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Bernie endorses Hillary

The system is working overtime to force Hillary Clinton down everyone’s throats. Bernie is obviously complicit in it, imploring all of his hardcore supporters to vote for Hillary too. Now that Wikileaks has published the fact that the Democratic National Committee rigged the primaries against Bernie in Hillary’s favor, the convention has been taken over by angry Bernie fans who have booed every time Hillary’s name is even mentioned at the podium.

Now they want everyone, including all of the delegates at the DNC, to truly believe they have no chance, no hope, no other option than the beast that is Hillary, especially if they want to defeat xenophobic, racist, awful scary expletive (insert more liberal propaganda here) Donald Trump.

Because hardly anyone can stand her, this tactic really is the only possible way the establishment has of securing a Hillary presidency (while still attempting to make it appear as if our elections aren’t 100% rigged top-to-bottom).

But, apparently Hillary isn’t the only option Dems have.

After Bernie was booed to oblivion yesterday when he implored his supporters to vote Hillary to defeat Trump, his wife Jane was caught on a hot mic afterwards telling him, “They don’t know your name is being put in nomination. That’s the concern.”

Oh really? That’s funny, Bernie didn’t mention it…

Obviously whatever deal was made, he already made it a long time ago.

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  • Mike

    You have to love it when the democrats are tearing themselves apart because a lot of the brain dead people that have been supporting them are finally seeing the truth of their corruption in PLAIN SIGHT.

    • IN very similar fashion to what the RNC was doing before Trump got more than enough delegates to preclude more than one ballot.

      • Mike

        Yes the RNC was trying to screw Trump over.

        • They still are. They just had to abandon their in plain sight strategy. I’m glad that Trump chose a outsider as his running mate. It will make it harder for his enemies to use his vice president to coordinate his assassination like they did with JFK and tried with Reagan. W wasn’t worth killing, so they just used him to distract us from the machinations of Cheney and Rove.

  • Broos
    • This is what happens when a people become too ignorant of their own laws to enforce them.

      • shropster

        It’s not a matter of ignorance. It’s will and intent. I imagine that very few people that rape and rob think that they are law abiding.

        • You need to read this:

  • MIcrophones aren’t hot, they are live.

    • trapperjohn10

      it’s slang

      • Sloppy slang from someone with no professional orientation. Those who do call them live or open. A hot microphone is one that gives you a shock when you touch it.

    • walcon

      I know a women who is hot and live.

  • Paul nmn

    Hillary is the Rafael Cruz of her convention.

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    If somehow Hillary steals the election it will be Civil War and Revolution Redux! The American people will not take much more guff from the district of criminals and will take out the TRASH!

    • Authoritarian “liberal”

      Trump will easily win the Presidency.

      He is trusted more on economic and security issues.

      Trump wins on that alone.

      More BLM violence and more ISIS violence only makes more independent voters side with Trump.

  • PopDeGator

    I got me a big box of popcorn and the Democrat Circus…err, Convention…is a great show. It’s always entertaining to watch orgainzed crime descend into chaos and start to eat its own. Especially when they do it to themselves.

  • Authoritarian “liberal”

    Killary is falling fast.

  • American Patriot

    Hillary Clinton: A threat to all Humanity

  • abinico

    It’s very simple: vote for Killary and we’ll get WW3; vote for Trump and we’ll get jobs.

    • deerflyguy

      The choice is clear! Give me Donald Trump and let me keep my freedom and liberty or give me a liberal, “progressive” (socialist/communist), democrat President, and make me a dependent slave for the rest of my life!

      • You are probably already destined to be a dependent slave since it is the only thing you have ever known.

        • deerflyguy

          You don’t know me you dumb, socialist, liberal bastard!

    • We’ll get plenty of jobs with Hitlary, but they’ll be in the military and damaging or destructive to the employed.

  • jamieobomber

    I never would have foreseen what has/is happening at both conventions. Trump being supported and Hillary being rejected was not my predication. God is on our side. And thanks too go out to President Putin for releasing some of the emails at a perfect time. And to think, he has more that will be coming at appropriate times. Oh sorry – I meant wikileaks (ha). Putin KNOWS war WILL come with Hillary – NOT with Trump. He is doing his part to stop her.

  • ddearborn


    The only problem with the authors suggestion that Bernie was cheated by the system is of course that Hillary actually received far more votes cast by actual voters than Bernie. In other words, the “system” really did “work” because the candidate that received by far the most votes won.

    The real question that should be asked in all of this is why the “media” is still swinging for Bernie long after the bell. Bernie Sanders lost. He lost the popular vote, he lost the delegate votes, and he lost in the court of public opinion. And in point of fact he enjoyed the protection of the media establishment from day one. Protection which he still enjoys. Bernie Sanders is no less corrupt, duplicitous, war mongering and dishonest and just plain evil than Hillary. The media just refused to call him out.

    After all, he did not have to withstand 24/7 nonstop attacks from the media like both Hillary and Trump continue to endure. And the media never put Sanders and his campaign under the microscope like the front runners. So if one were to look at the campaign objectively, a strong case could be made that overall process it was that the process was “rigged” in Sanders favor.

    • Southern Style

      You say Hillary received more votes, but I think, on that, the jury is still out. Bernie’s people feel cheated because so many of their votes were not counted.

  • Abe

    Lying, crooked, colluding Hitlary Rotten Klinton! In plain site Hooray are we stupid!

  • justin stark

    I haven’t seen a second of their convocation, nor do I plan to endure any of it.

    • Both conventions make me glad that my last television was stolen in 1987.

  • David

    If republicans had super delegates trump would not have made it. Rep side is almost as rigged.. very close to the same. It’s like the dems will take us to hell in a race care and the reps in a pickup truck. Either way we are going to hell, one is just going there faster. We must find a way to get to these devil’s that are driving.

  • Larry

    Liberals are the lowest form of life in the universe. They truly are nothing but outhouse scum. Michael Savage was right when he proclaimed that liberals re all ill, as in sick in the head. We should purge the earth of them. BY ANY MEANS!

    • Liberals are on the left end of the same unidimensional political socialist spectrum that conservatives occupy the right end of. Until you get off of a singularly socialistic paradigm, there will be little difference. You need to know where you stand before you can know where you are going. You can find your true political position at