Bernie Sanders: ‘Gun Control Job of Federal, NOT State Governments’

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During Sunday’s airing of Face the Nation, host John Dickerson asked presidential candidate Bernie Sanders “Do you believe that in the end the gun control issue is not really one for the president but it’s something for the states to decide?”

Sanders’ response went like this:

Sanders responded:

No. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that at all. And way back when, in 1988 when I first ran for Congress, I may have lost a statewide election by three points because I thought it was a bad idea for us to be selling military-style “assault weapons” in this country.

Look, when we have these horrific mass killings. When people walk into a church and start shooting people [or] walk into a school, this is an issue that we’ve got to deal with. And I support what President Obama is trying to do in dealing with this gun show loophole. We have to try to strengthen the instant background checks. Our goal as a nation…is to make sure that guns do not fall into the hands of people who should not have them. People who have criminal backgrounds, who are mentally ill. The federal government does have a very important role. (Emphasis added)

Read between the buzz terms.

Mental illness? What does that even mean in modern society anymore? Some feel “climate change delusion” is a mental illness. That’s a slippery slope the might never end.

The federal government does have “a very important role”… to chip away at the 2nd Amendment, apparently.

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  • Mr Gadget

    socialists with more money to steal are expecting to be commie wannabe tyrants when the money runs out…..and they want the guns.

  • Smarty

    To all the people (sheeple) that want mental health “guidelines”, here’s how that’s going to play out:

    1. Oh, you killed a spider on the wall? You have homicidal tendencies. No gun for you.

    2. Oh, you aren’t sleeping well at night? You may be depressed. No gun for you.

    3. Oh, you’re in physical pain? You may be suicidal. No gun for you.

    4. What’s that, you get angry once in a while? No gun for you.

    5. You dislike (XYZ) gov’t agency? No gun for you.

    6. You have no children? You must dislike children. No gun for you.

    7. What? You don’t like your job? You are unstable. No gun for you.

    8. You once saw a shrink for (insert a reason)? No gun for you.

    9. You take prescription pain killers? No gun for you.

    10. Someone told me you once made a racist comment. No gun for you.

    11. What? You’re opposed to gay/lesbian people? No gun for you.

    12. I hear you’re a member of the (insert a name) group. No gun for you.

    13. I found out that you did ( ) when you were a teenager. No gun for you.

    14. You’re against illegal immigrants? You may harm them. No gun for you.

    15. You’re unemployed? You are desperate. No gun for you

    16. I’ve been told by (anyone) that you drink too much. No gun for you.

    17. You don’t like what the (pick one) political party stands for? No gun for you.

    18. You don’t trust the main stream media? No gun for you.

    19. You believe in a “conspiracy theory” ?? No gun for you, you freak of nature.

    20. You’re against Obummer care? You don’t follow the masses? No gun for you.

    21. You study the constitution and know the bill of rights? No gun for you.

    22. You prefer alternative news sites? How foolish. No gun for you.

    23. You are a “prepper” ?? NO GUN FOR YOU !!!

    24. You don’t like to be spied upon by the (again, insert one) agency? No gun for you.

    25. You don’t participate in social media? You are not “normal”. No gun for you.

    26. WHAT ??? You’re a VETERAN?? NO GUN FOR YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This list could go ON and ON. How many of you are “guilty” of one, many, or ALL of these few characteristics listed above? You see, once you go down the dark path of mental health guidelines, then just about EVERYONE can have them applied to themselves in one way or another. This is signed BLANK CHECK that you DON’T want to hand over.

    Please feel free to copy this information and share it with others…

    • Another Thought Criminal

      It’s real easy; studies show that you or your family are more likely to be killed by a gun if you own a gun; therefore, you have to be crazy to want to own a gun.
      Allowing the precedent of “mental illness” (which is obviously subjective- I mean gays used to be crazy now they’re totally normal) is allowing total gun control.

      • archer

        Studies show that over200,000 people die each year because Dr. mistakes and precriptio medecine too.

        • Sammy

          Still a low number compared to the innocent bystanders O’bomber’s drones have killed.

        • JW

          If you believe that, then NO GUN FOR YOU!
          (even though it is true!)

        • bsroon

          That is a way low number if you get realistic. What is the 5yr survival rate of ALL chemo (not cherry picked types) of cancer? 2.1% for 5 yrs. That = a 97.9% kill rate for chemo patients – from the Journal of Clinical Oncology in 2005. It is so much WORSE now that they secretly changed the “survival rate” definition to only FOUR years instead of five years because too many people are dying – so the 4/yr measurement makes them SOUND more effective without really coming up with a cure – because tha twould habe to be natural.

          Then all the vaccines – which aren’t a lot #wise, but they are intensely aggravating – then the alzheimers caused by statin drugs, then….

          • Reverend Draco

            Not only Alzheimer’s. . .

            From the National Institutes of Health, US National Library of Medicine:
            (link) Statins stimulate atherosclerosis and heart failure: pharmacological mechanisms.

            “An impairment of selenoprotein biosynthesis may be a factor in congestive heart failure, reminiscent of the dilated cardiomyopathies seen with selenium deficiency. Thus, the epidemic of heart failure and atherosclerosis that plagues the modern world may paradoxically be aggravated by the pervasive use of statin drugs. We propose that current statin treatment guidelines be critically reevaluated.”

            When I mentioned this to my doctor. . . his response was “Keep taking them.”
            So much for a critical reevaluation.

          • D.Moore
          • bsroon

            Have you read MIT’s Dr Stephanie Seneff’s articles on Statins and how they increase asepsis (one article) and have an undeniable association with dementia/alzheimers in another article?
            Statins, Pregnancy, Sepsis, Cancer, Heart Failure: a Critical Analysis.

            APOE-4: The Clue to Why Low Fat Diet and Statins may Cause Alzheimer’s

      • bsroon

        And yet there are hundreds of millions of guns out there managing to not kill their owners. Imagine that. Dunno how they manage to not kill their people, but somehow…

        Fact – CC holders have stopped mass shootings. Fact – most gun death and gun crime takes place in gun control areas. Fact – guns are used to PREVENT crimes and PREVENT violence including murder literally millions of times/year in the US. Fact – 92% of mass shootings take place in gun free zones, making them eleven and a half times more likely to be where you are going to be slaughtered or traumatized. Fact – virtually every mass shooting incident has involved people on prescription pHARMaceutical (keeping the harm large in medicine) drugs and those not specifically attributed to being on drugs are “insane” or “being treated”. In this country, at this time – that means pHARMaceucital, prescription, psychotropic drugs.

        If your comment had a failed sarcasm button – sorry to rag on things you probably know…..

        • Another Thought Criminal

          No failed sarcasm button; I said “Allowing the precedent of “mental illness…is allowing total gun control.”
          I’m against any gun control by the way; but my point is if anyone wants to allow any “mental illness” question to gun ownership; then they, whether they realize it or not, are for total gun control.

          • bsroon

            True – if they followed the law, no mental illness would be in the mix at all. If only we lived in the USA – THEIR constitution says that for any govt to steal your property – they have to give EACH INDIVIDUAL a trial by a jury of their peers. To take away a person’s property there – they also get a jury trial of their peers.

            Gun control laws are an illegal attempt to make that provision null and void…

            Don’t have a gun myself, wish i had one or more – and am happy others do.

    • Mr Gadget

      what’s the name for the new classification of mental disorder for those that rebel against authority…corrupt illegal government authority?

      • Reverend Draco

        Oppositional Defiant Disorder – what thinking beings call “Normal.”

        • Mr Gadget

          Thanks…I forget because it’s ingrained in my being and “Normal” for everyone I know…well except a couple of sleepers with cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias.

          • Reverend Draco

            No problem. Glad to have been of assistance.

    • and my favorite:
      You eat healthy and exercise? you have body dysmorphic disorder, no gun for you
      You eat junk food and are lazy? you have an eating disorder, no gun for you.
      there, everyone is covered!

  • “climate change delusion”
    Gotta love that one. Who exactly decides who the ‘deluded’ are?

    • Another Thought Criminal

      I think I have that one; but it was diagnosed as “aversion to giving algore my money disorder.”

      • Sounds like you might be ODD.

        • Another Thought Criminal

          The crazyest part about “global warming” to me is that if it is true; it’ll mean vast swaths of uninhabitable land in Greenland, SIberia and Canada would be opened. There’d be more land, and more life on the planet!

          • Reverend Draco

            Aside from. . . plants LOVE CO2 – more CO2 = plants grow faster, bigger, yield more fruits and veggies. . . and they exhale oxygen.

            Funny that “they” make such a big deal out of CO2 in the atmosphere. . . the plants we have already are starving for CO2 – there’s not enough of it in the atmosphere. . .

            An approximate analogy would be if everywhere on Earth was 2/3 of the way up Everest. Now, try to breathe.

          • Another Thought Criminal

            They say man made global warming is science. Yet, science says that the fossil fuels came from decomposed life; that all of that carbon used to be in the environment. Science says there used to be more life on the planet. Burning the fuel may be rereleasing carbon that is needed.

          • sunshine

            The only thing I wonder about is the increase in ozone. I was reading a blog that talks about that, and how the plants are being scorched and damaged due to more ozone.

          • bsroon

            Not really. In nature ozone is O3 and only O3. It is formed by UV hitting the O2 we breathe and splitting it into single atoms that form a weak valence bond with other O2 molecules. That is O3, makes the sky blue, and is heavier.
            It kills any fungus, bacteria, or virus if used in correct dosage with correct delivery in people – but what is causing the scorching is not the ozone, but the increased UV with the lower ozone levels.

            The breaths you take have at best about 65% of the oxygen you should get. It is killed by (primarily) Ag chemicals killing photosynthesis in the ocean along with plastic waste forming huge “gyres” in the ocean. The 2 gyres in the Pacific alone are over 5 million square miles in which photosynthesis is reduced by 35%. When the Ag chemicals run down rivers – that kills over 270,000 square miles (how many cubic?) of ocean. Next to those dead ocean regions are highly damaged, lesser damaged, slightly damaged oceans – all with reduced oxygen production – and the oceans should make up about 90% of the planet’s oxygen.

            Think in big terms here – EVERY problem on this planet of significance – which can possibly be remediated by people – is caused by corporations, run by rich people, deciding to kill a little more so they get that extra nickel.

          • sunshine

            Thank you for that, I didn’t know any of that (other than the plastic gyres and ag dead zones). You’re right about big corporations, hopefully people will eventually wake up and say “ENOUGH!”

          • bsroon

            Pass the word. It is really hard for anyone to refute -and it makes it absolutely essential that we vote for people that are NOT republicans or democrats – because they have proven that they are totally sold out to the rich people.
            Think TPP – the “people that run the nation” – congress – aren’t allowed to look at the wording and implications of that because the corporations and rich people won’t let them. The rich parasite class just TELL congress to shut up, don’t talk about it, and sign it.
            Now – who has the power, repub/demos – or the rich people that somehow enslaved them.

          • bsroon

            It’s said that a corn field can pull about 75% of the CO2 out of the air over it…
            As for CO2 i just can’t figure out how Pinatubo could have blown 20 yrs ago – and put our MORE CO2 than ALL OF HUMANITY – EVER!!!! and this volcanic CO2 doesn’t cause global warming – but your car farts DO.

            i’m just really confused here, lol.

          • Reverend Draco

            I guess that car farts are like the firefarts one gets from eating too much Mexican food.

          • bsroon

            CO2 vs methane. You just KILLED the planet. Let that glacier roll past ’cause it’s TOAST

          • Reverend Draco

            “Christmas trees” are some of the best CO2 filters there are.
            I hauled Christmas trees a number of years ago. . . and got to talking with one of the big bosses at one farm. . . He told me that a Christmas tree “field” absorbs almost all of the CO2 from the surrounding air.

            Hemp/Cannabis. . . also most excellent CO2 scrubbers.

          • bsroon

            i’ve never had a “Warmer” (lol) explain how the Vikings FARMED GREENLAND from about 800 ad – 1200 ad.

            Didn’t things have to be warmer to do that? How did the polar bears survive? What caused THAT anthropogenic global warming – industrial pillage and sacking fires??????

    • doesn’t matter since the endgame is to disarm EVERYONE, regardless of what “side” they are on. Divide and conquer….

      • Unfortunately, I had a boating accident last summer and now all my guns are at the bottom of the lake.

        • I know, remember? you collided with my boat during that hunting accident!

          • That’s what I get for letting Whiskey Man drive. Just glad you’re OK. Sorry about your guns.

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      The people who decide are those who themselves are deluded enough to believe they have that power.

  • Kula Farmer

    Come n get em commy rats,,,,

  • Boop Gahev

    Climate change causes mass shootings.

  • Boop Gahev

    I am sick of these teary eyed frauds who are so concerned about that one individual that just might get a weapon, while they send $50 Billion in arms to the Middle East, much of which are now in the hands of ISIS.

  • StevetheHun

    The “mental illness” thing is an old communist pretext to lock up anyone who disagrees, or just annoys, the communist leadership.

    And Sanders, if you check his past in Vermont, is an old communist.

    No, Sanders doesn’t like the constitution. Article 1, section 8 doesn’t allow any of the socialist give-aways that he is promising. Yes, he can regulate interstate banking, but Sanders himself is backed by the bankers via George Soros’ “MoveOn dot Org” operation. Like Soros did for Obama with the fake donations from “Good Will” and other fictions, Sanders is showered with lots of small donations. I don’t think all of those donations are legit.

  • Reverend Draco

    Sanders – you’re a fucking moron. . . sit down shut the fuck up, and let the adults handle things.

    Socialism/Communism are mental illnesses, related to Psychopathy and even more dangerous to others.

    • SP_88

      LOL, yes it does.

      • Reverend Draco

        I just noticed the 2 panel instructions printed on the side.

        Looks a bit different than I think they intended, after noting the resemblance to a certain movie prop.

  • 1PissedAmerican

    BERNIE fuck off
    . The Framers contemplated law enforcement as the duty of mostly
    private citizens, along with a few constables and sheriffs who could be called
    upon when necessary.

  • SP_88

    Bernie is a tool. He just wants to infringe upon the right to bear arms just like Obama.
    But the fact is that the federal government has no authority to make laws or regulations that restrict guns in any way whatsoever. It is a violation of the constitution to make any gun control laws.
    Don’t we have enough issues to worry about besides your gun grabbing agenda? These gun control laws never do anything to stop criminals anyway. It’s all just a ploy to disarm Americans. It’s not about public safety. We’re not as stupid as you think we are Bernie. We know a communist when we see one.

  • cannotvote

    Freedom from oppressive government! Why do a few decide for the many – when the many should dictate to the few – clean the toilets, keep the roads clean, build bridges – then shut the phuque up!

  • Sammy

    This guy shouldn’t be given custody of the TV remote let alone my freedoms.

  • Anti Everything

    Well, this from a man who admits communism is his political belief, so I am not surprised

  • Alberto

    Last Black Friday/Thanksgiving weekend the ‘Militia’ noted in the 2nd Amendment purchased in excess of 250,000 firearms.

  • Alberto

    The most insane/hilarious aspect of the Bernie’s campaign is listening to him claim to be representing Vermont in the US Senate while speaking in his Brooklyn monotone drone accent. You can’t make this stuff up volks.

  • ccambridge

    Out of the mouth of a communist. The bill of rights is to protect individuals from an tyrannical federal government and therefore the government cannot dictate or change those rights.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Ok Brernie-do you want the guns bad enough to die for them? Because we do. Your move you socialist piece of shit.

  • Maddog

    Gun control is using both hands.

  • SonsofAnarchy5768

    Go F**K yourself you socialist son of a _____!

  • bsroon

    So Bernie can’t or hasn’t read and understood the constitution – surprising.

    The fed is restricted from this and MANY things it now illegitimately does since they are not among the 30 Ennumerated powers that the constitution restricts the fed govt to being in charge of.

    What made the USA the country it had been? It was the constitution. It isn’t the people – really, there are people in every country. It wasn’t geography, since every nation has land – some very similar to that area claimed and ascribed to the United States of America.

    No, what makes the USA the United States of America is thought. The thoughts regarding freedom, and the sovereignty of the people OVER the government, the concept that the government is RESTRICTED in it’s power over the people. The acknowledgement of our freedoms and rights as human beings.

    These thoughts and similar, basically noble concepts, were embodied in our Constitution and our Organic Documents and define the United States of America.

    Since Bernie doesn’t want to play along with the highest law of the land – he is not qualified for office. What makes one qualified for office? The support of the Constitution of the USA – nothing else matters. Not gender. Not which rich guy likes or doesn’t like you, not race, not religion. All of these things are irrelevant. Do and will you support the constitution of this country, or will you be another traitor, like Bush, Obama, and most of congress today?

  • D.Moore

    He is such a dweeb, we have more to worry about like the American’s who vote for any of these jackasses. We live in dangerous times