Berlin Market Truck Terror Attack: Where Is the Blood?

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While this question may seem disgusting to even ask, we simply do not live world where we can believe and trust everything our officials tell us anymore.

A lot of people are questioning what is being referred to in the mainstream media as a terror attack that occurred in a market in Berlin yesterday. Details are still sketchy, but so far it has been reported that a terrorist suspect drove a lorry at 40 mph into a large crowd, harming 48 people and killing 12… Police had arrested a Pakistani-born refugee, but later determined he was the wrong man.

In the 24 hours since the event took place, it has been revealed that German security officials knew there was a plot specifically to attack the Christmas market in Berlin in the days leading up to the event. ISIS has also reportedly taken responsibility as well.

Funny how CNN was able to report live from the attack even before the German media did… but what’s more, many of these mainstream outlets are reporting the scene as “Berlin Christmas carnage” and talking about how there is blood and gore everywhere.

These reports have not been backed up by the footage coming from the scene of the event, however.

Outlets such as “The Independent” out of the UK are running with headlines like “Berlin lorry ‘terror’ attack:”There was blood and bodies everywhere’ say eyewitnesses”.

They may say that, but again, the footage coming out of the scene simply doesn’t back the assertion up.

Look at the footage/images in this video. Notice anything missing?

(We would put a graphic imagery warning on these videos, but there isn’t really anything graphic other than street debris and a truck with a bashed windshield. Also note that the commentary in these videos is of the uploader and does not necessarily represent the views of TDS.)

For a truck that size which supposedly ran at a full 40 mph with braking into a crowd of people, injuring nearly 50 and killing 12, there appears to be no blood on the vehicle.

Not on the grill. Not on the tires. Nothing.

In fact, here is a screen capture from a video taken by Ruptly the morning after the event as the truck is being removed from the scene. The truck is remarkably clean.



So what about the street?

This video from is titled, “Bloody Aftermath of Berlin terror attack”. You’ll notice spilled reddish liquid at the beginning of the footage, but it is not blood.

Look closer at the color and consistency. It’s wine. The camera even pans up to the source of the liquid — a crushed wine hut.

As reported in The Independent story linked above:

“The truck crashed into people gathered around wooden huts serving mulled wine and sausages at the foot of the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church… Briton Emma Rushton, who was in the market, saw the lorry rush past her at speed and said it could not have been an accident… Ms. Rushton said, “The stall that we bought our mulled wine from was completely crushed.”

The rest of the video is filmed vertically (as many eyewitness videos released from the scene are, and really, who does that anymore?), is of very low quality, totally blurry, and never really shows any details of physical bodily damage at all other than a few people lying around but still, no blood.

On an aside, here’s another couple of videos of footage playing in the background of a mainstream news report. There is no real sense of urgency. The way emergency crews are responding to a victim in this first one is really bizarre.

And here, it’s even stranger. What are all these emergency response people doing? Because it doesn’t seem like they’re actually responding to an emergency.

We have begun to see a pattern when it comes to false flags… and this event is already raising some of the same warnings. In fact, it is showing a lot of the same hallmarks as the suspicious Nice, France truck terror attack.

Again, it may be a disgusting question, but someone has to ask it.

If a truck rammed through a crowd of people at 40 mph killing a dozen and injuring nearly 50 more, wouldn’t there at least be some visible carnage on the ground? So far, remarkably, none of the footage from the scene shows any.

How is that possible?

Once again when it comes to these kinds of events, the real question is cui bono? Who benefits?

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  • Lewie Paine

    Social engineers have determined that blood is not necessary for virtual mass murder to be effective as a propaganda tool.

    • WinstonSmithy

      Plus, the Euros are used to being “Gladio-ed” by the US.

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    • John C Carleton

      Same fake BS MO they used in France.

  • WinstonSmithy

    I’m surprised there were no Russian passports found at the scene… oh wait, no, they are just responsible for hacking “the election.” This op is to get you to fear the other boogieman, ya know, the ones who hate your freedumbs, to stay “safe” from which you must give up your freedumbs… or sumpin’… Thw CIA even supposedly even warned folks to stay away from attacks on European “Christmas markets.” And the beat goes on…

  • Time Will Tell

    How fast does a lory need to be traveling in order to splatter blood on the bumper ? Was it traveling fast enough ? Or did it just roll over them ? Your not going to get blood splatter if it was doing 20 kph…

    • Jimmy B

      And then, at that speed, you wouldn’t have many injuries, or any deaths; the people would have moved (walked) out of the way.

    • Tim Webb

      The above story says 40mph, which is 64 kph.

  • JW Mack

    Um, real life isn’t like a Kill Bill movie with gallons and gallons of blood shooting everywhere. It takes time for the human body to gush blood. Only arterial bleeders would do that and if the truck kept moving you wouldn’t necessarily see evidence of it. Just sayin.

    • Jimmy B

      No it doesn’t take time; blood comes out within a second; it’s in all your tissues. Sever your arm and tell me no blood comes out until an hour or so later. So in your world, after a truck or car, runs over a dog or cat, once it passes, there is no blood or carnage? What the hell?

      • JW Mack

        Go to school and stop believing every damn thing you hear on these dumbass websites. Wise up.

    • Chinbato✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      Really? So if I punched you and busted your lip, or sliced you open with a knife, there would be no evidence of it? God you’re a dumbass.

      • JW Mack

        If you are traveling at 40MPH and did either of these things to me on your way by it is doubtful you would have any blood on you you dumb shit. However, when I fire my Glock at your stupid ass you will not outrun 1400FPS. Wise up.

        • Chinbato✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

          BWAHAHAHA! OK armchair hardass LOL!

    • varlog

      Out of 12 deal people and 48 injured there were no arterial bleeders?

      I didn’t seen it, but based on road kill I have seen, I would imagine many people getting hit by a truck doing 40 mph, there’s going to be some splatter.

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      I drive truck.

      Haven’t hit any people yet. . . but have hit more than one dog, one that was big enough to tear the main fuel line out of the tank.

      There was blood and fur from that one still on the truck 80 miles later when I got home.

      The time it takes to gush blood is the time from one heartbeat to the next.

      Just sayin’.

  • Yeah.. but… see… the amazing this is that no one could have predicted this…

  • delightedtobe

    This doesn’t make sense. A hoax this size couldn’t be pulled off by nationalists who are as far as Im aware the only party that would benefit from yet another terror attack!

  • J_in_TX

    I also noticed no blood in all the pictures of the Russian ambassador lying on the floor after he was shot. Just sayin’!

    • chris VN

      And it looks like he was wearing a safety vest?????

  • Chinbato✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    Again, no blood. You get blood and fur on your car/truck when you hit a deer. But I guess that’s different. Sick of these false flags and red herrings….

  • chris VN

    Maybe they should be looking UNDER the truck for blood?, road accident victims don’t bleed like shooting or stabbing victims, most of their fatal injuries will be internal,

  • It is not Paranoia

    Fucking fake news with their fake terror attacks!

    • AugustineThomas

      Yea and Hillary leading the polls!

  • Al Mather

    Conspirotard delusional denial at it’s lamest.

    People aren’t blood filled water balloons that explode on impact …lol!

    So riddle me this …. If it didn’t happen… if the truck DIDN’T ram through this city market .. . where are all the people who were there telling the world that it didn’t happen? Thousands of people were there. If I was in a mall and the media outlets from all over the world were there and reporting a catastrophe that never happened ..I would be screaming it from the mountain tops.

    Got one person ???/


    • AugustineThomas

      Your comment:
      “One of those with a questionable scientific background and a propensity towards spouting inanities……”

      If by questionable you mean B.A. from Harvard, Masters in Astronomy from U. of Texas, PhD in Astrophysics from Columbia, and 3 years of post Doctoral Research at Princeton. Then…yeah…I see your point.

      Yea and not one of those are science degrees and he got into those universities for the same reason that Obama did. You guys are so stuck in your filter bubbles you actually believe your own garbage.

      • Al Mather

        “Yea and not one of those are science degrees and he got into those universities for the same reason that Obama did. “…

        So …in your mind …Physics, Astrophysics, and Astronomy are not sciences…Interesting.Confused… but revealing.

        Carl Sagan ( another science guy…one a them there dang Jew fellas) personally tried to recruit Tyson to Cornell his academics were so attractive…but he chose Harvard.

        So tell me Augie…

        A)what “filter bubble” is it you think I am in.

        B) What The Fack does any of the nonsense you just resurrected ..which you are still apparently confused about….from some completely different topic/old conversation … have to do with the Berlin attack?????

        • AugustineThomas

          Carl Sagan was another “celebrity scientist”. Name one meaningful contribution that either Sagan or Tyson made. There are millions of racist scientists with PhDs in science.

          By the way, Tyson got a “physics degree” from Harvard that is a “Bachelor of Arts” degree. Finally, after he was a “celebrity”, they put him in Colombia, just like Obama. Secularists often pick black guys to carry their banner because they’re so racist they don’t believe black people would get there on their own. It’s truly pathetic.

          You guys are EXACTLY like Soviets. It’s not about science, it’s about your ideology.

          By the way, Jews are great! As long as they have Christians to build societies that protect them and invent science and the modern economic system for Jews to thrive.
          Jews should be a lot more thankful towards Christians! (The smart ones are!)

          How stupid are you? The media has been describing the Secularist Leftist filter bubbles that allowed you all to be so shocked by Trump’s victory. You guys live in echo chambers and then call us backward. Hilarious coming from Secularist fundamentalists like you!

          God bless you and God bless them “dang Jew fellas”! Filter Bubble Boy! 🙂

          • I never did question him on whether he lives on Tyson’s pear or NASA’s perfect sphere but if I had to hazard a guess I’d say whatever is convenient for him at the time 🙂

          • AugustineThomas

            This is more of your guys’ unproven myths. You can’t credit these guys with major breakthroughs because they proposed crackpot theories you like. You guys don’t even realize that this is your Secularist religion, not proper science.

          • Science is a secularist religion, I call it $cience where the money always comes first, lol

          • AugustineThomas

            Sorry I’m a novice. Didn’t realize you were agreeing. Haha. I consider myself an actual Christian skeptic.

          • I’m not a christian, I just support you calling his shill ass out 🙂

          • AugustineThomas

            At least we can agree on something! Happy holidays!

          • Merry Christmas to you! (my preference, btw)

          • Al Mather

            “Sorry I’m a novice. Didn’t realize you were agreeing”…

            That would require reading & comprehension instead of blind assumptions.

          • AugustineThomas

            You’re a novice too idiot. You’re just too stupid and obtuse to acknowledge it.

          • Al Mather

            If I had made a mistake in commenting or misread you… I would have no problem acknowledging it.

            My point is that you come out of the box with completely off topic comments …don’t address or acknowledge any of what was BEING DISCUSSED… make a bunch of ad hominem accusations about “my beliefs” from religion to politics…which were pretty off the mark… attack Roger the Flat Earther here…who was trying to agree with you. Maybe you better dial back all the assumptions Augie… take a minute to comprehend the facts first.

          • AugustineThomas

            You’re a pathetic hypocrite with no arguments. You just know you’re afraid of anything but the status quot. People like you are the reason the Soviets were able to take over. You’re fanbois. You see no evil in whatever gives you your livelihood. You probably collect welfare from the government and see “academia” as its “ally”. Therefore you will defend them no matter what evil they preach and practice.

            It’s impossible to argue with a sycophant, because sycophants don’t have arguments, usually just an emotional attachment to some corrupt organization(s).

            Anyway, you believe in all sorts of unproven Secularist myths, so stop trying to badmouth “Roger the Flat Earther”. Pathetic, sycophantic hypocrite!

          • Al Mather

            You guys?Ideology?

          • AugustineThomas

            Secularist Leftists. You’re creating Secularist myths because you’ve given up on Christianity. You have “climate change” as your apocalypse and you make people like Obama into Jesus Christ, as you believe they can “lower the tides” and save you all. You also have “the Singularity”, in which you believe magical robots of your own making will grant you eternal life. It’s truly pathetic. As Chesterton said, people who don’t believe something will believe anything.

          • Al Mather

            You’re attributing a whole bunch of stuff to me here Augie….that I don’t subscribe to..
            Maybe you have me confused with somebody else?

            I haven’t ” given up on Christianity”… You are completely clueless as to my beliefs. Perhaps you can explain why you THINK you know all these things about me.

          • AugustineThomas

            Why does my skepticism enrage you then? What and/or who are you protecting? 🙂

          • Al Mather

            Who said I am enraged by “your skepticism” ….Dude…WTF … are you talking about????

            Confused by all your off topic comments … blind assumptions… etc..etc.. Not enraged in any fashion.

          • AugustineThomas

            You’re willfully refusing to engage with my arguments. It’s a common tactic of sycophantic Secularist Leftists like yourself.

            Once you start seeking the truth rather than seeking to be right, you’ll be able to engage in real arguments. That will be a big day for you little boy! 🙂

          • Al Mather

            Ok Buttmunch… still trying to figure out the WTFs and whys of all your spew… so you’re right I’m not going to argue with you. Doesn’t seem to be enough room down in your rabbit hole for me and all those faulty assumptions .

            Troll on Augie…Troll on.

          • AugustineThomas

            You’re a hypocrite troll boy who got his feelings hurt because I pointed out that all he does is get emotional about people and ideas he likes. You’re afraid of a real argument. Pretending it’s me who won’t argue is your sissy little cop out.

          • Al Mather

            Oh I know you will argue…You’re just trying like a raving babbling idiot to start an argument with someone who doesn’t really even care that much about the topic.

            Happy trolling Buttlick… somewhere out there …laying in wait…are hives of “secular leftists” …. jump in on their conversations and have at it!

          • AugustineThomas

            Keep slinging more childish names you pathetic little shmuck. Still waiting for baby to make his first big boy argument (or even answer the ones I was making before you had your snowflake meltdown)!

          • Al Mather

            You haven’t asked me anything yet you babbling moron…all you have done is spew your rants….make accusations about “you guys” and “you people” and completely incorrect assumptions about my religious beliefs and pantload of other strawman stupidity….none of which are correct assumptions of what I believe… then proceeded to rant about those.

            I on the other hand have put a few direct questions to you which you have completely ignored…. probably because they would spotlight the stupidity of your arguments and trolling tactics.

            If anyone is melting down here Buttlick …it’s you.

          • AugustineThomas

            More childish insults from the Secularist manboy.

          • Al Mather

            Yeah …. I was going for accuracy over maturity.

          • AugustineThomas

            You failed on both counts! 🙂

          • Padre

            Just read your comment on (The threat of populism) Most people are unaware the St. Benedict Center has no canonical affiliation with the NH Roman Catholic Diocese.

          • AugustineThomas

            That’s good. Most dioceses in the US are run by vipers who hate the Church. If you look into Church history, you’ll see that often the worst enemies of the Church wear Roman collars.

            Thank you for your warning and God bless you!

          • Al Mather

            You guys? Ideology…?

            Still waiting on a point here…

            Okay …YOU are not impressed with Physics degrees from Harvard …or PhDs from Columbia…..Carl Sagans resume is lacking in your eyes. His achievements were hollow to you. I assume you have specific differences with these guys….. Great.

            Is one of these differences that you believe space doesn’t exist, the earth is actually a flat disc under a dome, surrounded by a ring of endless ice protected by The armies of Masonic Jew controlled governments ???… Because THAT by the way is why your new buddy Jolly Rodger is chumming up with you against me…. He pushes THAT ideology…

            I am actually pretty non ideological. Certainly no secular agenda other than the regular constitutional separation of church and state.

            But what would really help me out Augie … Is WTF any of that has to do with the Berlin Truck Attack…..?….

          • AugustineThomas

            It’s a Bachelor of Arts in physics. I think it has value but it doesn’t make him a scientist.
            It doesn’t bother you that he failed to achieve his PhD at another institution? Colombia gave him one the same way Harvard gave Obama a law degree.
            People who have never met Harvard or Stanford students all assume every one of them is brilliant. More than half of every one of those classes is idiots who happen to be celebrities, billionaires’ sons or politicians’ sons.
            They always give degrees to people who don’t deserve them for ideological reasons.


          • Al Mather

            I’m not buying into the fallacy that because YOU say they give away degrees like prizes at Harvard,Columbia ,or Stanford…it has any truth.

            Actually I do know people who have attended those schools.. a niece who graduated Harvard Med… and a close friend with 2 kids who just got through Stanford. Another with daughter graduated from Columbia Law School..They were top % brilliant their entire academic careers and still struggled … because now they were in with the highest achievers.

            You have nothing but ridiculous claims and accusations.
            Since YOU don’t bother to address ANY of the many points I have put to you … I have no inclination to do the same . You want achievements for Tyson and Sagan go to Wiki or look them up …I still have no idea why you are even talking to me about these guys or WTF your point is…and I’m starting to see that neither do you …after perusing your comment history it would appear all you do is go around spewing you “secularist” rants. Obviously making any sense or having them be germane to the conversation is not a criteria for you. So Troll on with your secularist nonsense… if you want to actually converse …try reading..comprehending and responding.

          • kfunk937

            Apparently, he’s under the misimpression that there are no (a) secular or even atheist rightists (is that a word?), nor (b) leftie believers. It must be a cramped worldview.

          • Al Mather

            Every conspirotard needs at least one personal boogeyman to route all blame to.. Augie has his… and apparently without knowing me he all knowingly has determined my worldview puts me in that group.

            Wish I ‘d known I’d given up on Christianity and believed I could live forever through a robot… I have a lot of catching up to do with myself!

          • AugustineThomas

            You’re comparing a doctor to a humanities degree in “physics”. Professors are so ideologically immature that they try to inject their cancerous politics into everything, but it’s quite difficult in STEM related subjects. That’s not true of all the garbage humanities degrees they hand out. I’m actually a humanities graduate with a double major from two of the top ranked departments in the world, but that was a while ago and it’s gotten even worse since then. They don’t even teach Shakespeare anymore because they’re busy with “people of color” who write like ten year olds. I’m also finishing my business degree at one of the top 25 schools in the world, so I think I’m qualified to have an opinion and I’ve met a lot of stupid people from Harvard and Stanford who got in because they’re from a “protected group” or because they have rich or politically connected parents. These are “good ol boys” clubs, not institutions of meritocracy.

            You’re the troll. You’re upset that I disagree with you so you’re attempting to end the argument with a pathetic ad hominem attack. That is the mark of intellectual weakness. You’re all filter bubble people. You’ve taken over and ruined great institutions and your only arguments are “we give ourselves more degrees from institutions we say are elite”.

            Meanwhile, Christians developed science and made all of its greatest discoveries. Secularists have made a few discoveries by following the course that Christians set, but are making all of us stupid and degrading scientific inquiry every year they remain in charge.

          • Al Mather

            STILL trying to figure out WHY you are talking to me about Neil de Grasse Tyson…WTF it has to do with the Berlin market attack.?????

            Obviously you have a huge major problem with NGT…great! I’m SOOO happy for you… savor the hate Augie…

            but ***UNTIL*** you respond with some kind of logical cogent answer for why you are even coming out of left field with this anti NGT, Harvard degree babble…

            AND where you got all this other “secularist” assumption shit about me and my religious beliefs…in response to a comment about the Berlin Market Attack????

            ***UNTIL*** you answer that …we’re done.. Cuz I ain’t feeding some wacky troll .

          • AugustineThomas

            You keep arguing and then you try to chastise me for arguing? Get a life you hypocritical, wimpy, snowflake, Secularist Leftist TTTTRRRRROLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

          • AugustineThomas

            By the way, I’m still waiting for your explanation of why I’m bothered by hacks who pretend to be scientists like Neil Tyson: “RRRRAAAAAAAAAAACCCCIIISSSSSTTTT!!!!”

        • AugustineThomas

          Because Disqus is always glitchy and I know you’ll throw a tantrum about it. There are not “millions”, but there are plenty of racist scientists with PhDs. The Nazis at the time had the best scientists in the world. Does that make Nazism correct?

          Are you unaware that scientists can be full of $#!+?

          • Al Mather

            I absolutely believe scientists… Just like anybody else. Can be full of shit.

          • Al Mather

            Did the evil of Nazi ism impact the credibility of their scientists is more the question.

          • “Nazism” ain’t got shit on Zionism in terms of abject evil.

          • Al Mather

            Only in your little denialist alt reality brain conspirotard….

          • Numbers and stats were invented by “nazis” to make the zionists look bad? hehehe, you’re too much!

          • AugustineThomas

            And the evil of Secularist beliefs cheapens science. That’s obvious. You guys reduce the credibility of science by claiming every Secularist Myth is “science!”

          • Al Mather

            Claims the guy who defines himself by total faith in the un-provable.

            Troll on Augie.

          • AugustineThomas

            Excuse me? You either don’t believe anything meaningful or you have faith in the unprovable. That’s the problem with you shmucks–you pretend you’re not in the same boat as the rest of us.

            Science is boring. The things that are provable can lead to some exciting technology but tell us nothing about where we came from or why we are here.

            You guys get good at some narrow branch of science and believe you’re theology and philosophy experts because of it. It’s childish and pathetic and you need to stop it.

            Troll on trollboy!

          • Al Mather

            That’s what we have religion for Augie… religion is for the soul …science for the mind. Nothing wrong with being inspired by both.

            And no need to be terrified , resentful, and hateful of either .

            You …need to stop with the “You Guys”.. you really haven’t hit the marks with any of those.

            Maybe I could go on a rant about Pedophile priests and paint all of Christianity with that “you guys” brush…

            Diddling little boys … “you people” really need to clean that mess up.I don’t know how “you guys ” can live with “yourselves”…

            SEE…now I actually have absolutely NO reason to make that assumption about YOU… and I wouldn’t and don’t… but see how that works when you just incorrectly attribute a bunch of negative connotations to one tiny facet of a person…

            I actually have a pretty strong theology and belief system that would be completely unsupported by any science. I have balance in that department. I can tell that you REALLY don’t give a rat’s ass about that though…that’s just your premise to attack.

            So Troll on Buttlick.

          • AugustineThomas

            You’re just babbling. I never said anything against science. I spoke out against hucksters like you who call your faith beliefs “science”.

          • Al Mather

            Way to display your lack of comprehension….exact opposite of what my beliefs are.

          • AugustineThomas

            By the way, we wouldn’t have science without the Christian religion. Christ is the source of everything good. Secularists follow Satan.

          • Al Mather

            Lucky for the world God gave us you Augie….his appointed arbiter …. To point out who is a charlatan scientist..who’se degrees are valid…and most importantly … shine the light of Christs love and truth on all the evil “secular leftists” on Disqus.
            Onward Christian Troll Soldier.

          • AugustineThomas

            No I just have a healthy degree of skepticism. You believe anything you think supports your Secularist fantasies because you don’t have God. Christians have defined very well where faith starts and empirical proof stops. You have no more empirical proof than the most devout, Christian fundamentalist.
            Secularists will believe any nonsense because they’re depressed without believing that Jesus Christ can save them. God also gives us real grace through belief in him and following his commands. This is why people who regularly attend church are happier and healthier than those who don’t.

          • Al Mather

            A healthy dose of skepticism…a healthy dose of hypocrisy …and a very unhealthy faith in your (perhaps paranoid?)..assumptions as they relate to others. Very un Christian I might add. .

            If I tell you I am a Christian … which I am…who are YOU to judge or question that?

            “Christians have defined very well where faith starts and empirical proof stops. ” that is as individual as the individual .

            You have NO reason to question my faith. No knowledge . No understanding. It’s NOT your place to decide who is Christian and who is not. YOU can’t see into the hearts and minds of others and YOU are not without sin.

            So troll on Buttlick… you’re a charlatan.You use The Lord and faith to validate your twisted political fixations.

          • AugustineThomas

            You’re right. That’s between you and God, but I’m not sure why he would want you calling me schoolyard names. You’re like my little brother now. I’ll buy you an ice cream!

          • Al Mather

            I repeat..So troll on Buttlick… you’re a charlatan.

            Yeah..okay..I might use schoolyard names for you…like clueless dickwad, or hypocritical douchebag , or alt right pseudo Christian fuktard..That’s just me being reactionary. It’s certainly not my best side..

            But in my defense it repulses me when i see people using faith ,and Christ in an ugly way…for their own agenda.


          • AugustineThomas

            The potty mouth troll is calling me a troll. Hilarious!

    • Coming from the coincitard that believes in the Boston Smoke Bomb, Sandy Hoax, and that Saudi terrorists did 9/11 and not Israel?

      Relax everyone, it’s all a (((coincidence)))


      • Al Mather

        Coming from a Conspirotard … That believes there are magic mountains at the north pole…. Evil Jew armies patrolling the South Pole, no such thing as Satellites …planets…stars…. Space… And China, Russia, the USA, and all the countries of the world are also controlled by secret evil Jews who hide the flat earth from us in a ” conspiracy” to contol us…. ( but he is awake and enlightened)

        • As per usual… I put a logical quandary to you … where are these people? You have NO answer… just lame illogical conspiracy babble and ad hominem.

          Where are these people? Did you really just ask me that? They’re running our government, coincitard, they’re actively trying to take away our free speech rights and our right to self defense(which cannot be taken, much to their chagrin). They pass “hate crime” laws that are selectively enforced almost exclusively against white people. They inject their cultural Marxism into our societies. They are responsible for feminism, multiculturalism, abortion and affirmative action. They are the reason my children will never be safe in public schools that I am forced to fund against my will.

          Where are these people? In our government.

          Who are these people? Dual-citizen Israeli, Zionist jews.

          That right there is what is commonly referred to as a red pill, you’re welcome 🙂

          • Al Mather

            No moron …read the question in the comment to which you responded.

            “So riddle me this …. If it didn’t happen… if the truck DIDN’T ram through this city market .. . where are all the people who were there telling the world that it didn’t happen? Thousands of people were there. If I was in a mall and the media outlets from all over the world were there and reporting a catastrophe that never happened ..I would be screaming it from the mountain tops.”

            People would be everywhere denying and talking to the media… only in conspirotard land do we overlook logical inconsistencies like that.

          • I did. You went on about jews then in the very next sentence asked: Where are these people? To which I answered you and I am the moron? lol, okay.

            I don’t know if this truck attack really happened or not and I’m not going to pretend that I do. All I know is that the lügenpresse cannot be trusted and that is an understatement.

  • OneTwoFive

    ‘THIS’ is cnn..

  • Oboehner

    Hmmm… I saw the aftermath of a similar truck hitting a herd of cattle, blood everywhere.

  • Al Mather

    Aside from the stupidity of expecting there to be blood splattered everywhere…There COULD have been blood splattered everywhere…

    Just because some little dweeb …who is a conspirotard TRYING to claim yet another “false flag”… can’t spot it on an edited video taken at night from 50 ft away ..isn’t exactly reliable empirical evidence.