Berlin Market Truck Terror Attack: Where Is the Blood?

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While this question may seem disgusting to even ask, we simply do not live world where we can believe and trust everything our officials tell us anymore.

A lot of people are questioning what is being referred to in the mainstream media as a terror attack that occurred in a market in Berlin yesterday. Details are still sketchy, but so far it has been reported that a terrorist suspect drove a lorry at 40 mph into a large crowd, harming 48 people and killing 12… Police had arrested a Pakistani-born refugee, but later determined he was the wrong man.

In the 24 hours since the event took place, it has been revealed that German security officials knew there was a plot specifically to attack the Christmas market in Berlin in the days leading up to the event. ISIS has also reportedly taken responsibility as well.

Funny how CNN was able to report live from the attack even before the German media did… but what’s more, many of these mainstream outlets are reporting the scene as “Berlin Christmas carnage” and talking about how there is blood and gore everywhere.

These reports have not been backed up by the footage coming from the scene of the event, however.

Outlets such as “The Independent” out of the UK are running with headlines like “Berlin lorry ‘terror’ attack:”There was blood and bodies everywhere’ say eyewitnesses”.

They may say that, but again, the footage coming out of the scene simply doesn’t back the assertion up.

Look at the footage/images in this video. Notice anything missing?

(We would put a graphic imagery warning on these videos, but there isn’t really anything graphic other than street debris and a truck with a bashed windshield. Also note that the commentary in these videos is of the uploader and does not necessarily represent the views of TDS.)

For a truck that size which supposedly ran at a full 40 mph with braking into a crowd of people, injuring nearly 50 and killing 12, there appears to be no blood on the vehicle.

Not on the grill. Not on the tires. Nothing.

In fact, here is a screen capture from a video taken by Ruptly the morning after the event as the truck is being removed from the scene. The truck is remarkably clean.



So what about the street?

This video from is titled, “Bloody Aftermath of Berlin terror attack”. You’ll notice spilled reddish liquid at the beginning of the footage, but it is not blood.

Look closer at the color and consistency. It’s wine. The camera even pans up to the source of the liquid — a crushed wine hut.

As reported in The Independent story linked above:

“The truck crashed into people gathered around wooden huts serving mulled wine and sausages at the foot of the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church… Briton Emma Rushton, who was in the market, saw the lorry rush past her at speed and said it could not have been an accident… Ms. Rushton said, “The stall that we bought our mulled wine from was completely crushed.”

The rest of the video is filmed vertically (as many eyewitness videos released from the scene are, and really, who does that anymore?), is of very low quality, totally blurry, and never really shows any details of physical bodily damage at all other than a few people lying around but still, no blood.

On an aside, here’s another couple of videos of footage playing in the background of a mainstream news report. There is no real sense of urgency. The way emergency crews are responding to a victim in this first one is really bizarre.

And here, it’s even stranger. What are all these emergency response people doing? Because it doesn’t seem like they’re actually responding to an emergency.

We have begun to see a pattern when it comes to false flags… and this event is already raising some of the same warnings. In fact, it is showing a lot of the same hallmarks as the suspicious Nice, France truck terror attack.

Again, it may be a disgusting question, but someone has to ask it.

If a truck rammed through a crowd of people at 40 mph killing a dozen and injuring nearly 50 more, wouldn’t there at least be some visible carnage on the ground? So far, remarkably, none of the footage from the scene shows any.

How is that possible?

Once again when it comes to these kinds of events, the real question is cui bono? Who benefits?

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