Benghazi Widow to Hillary: “You Have No Right to Tell Me to Move On”

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Not everyone agrees with Hillary Clinton’s assertion that it’s “time to move on,” and that includes Dr. Dorothy Woods, widow of one of the four Americans killed in the Benghazi attack.

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  • Helluva3ngineer

    Probably? She’s a full blown psychopath.

  • The_Body

    She will get off. It’s all One big scam. There are no rules for the ruling class.

    • begroeg

      She will not only get off, she will be the next POTUS

  • Broos

    Queen HELL: Move0ff to Loretto !

  • Broos

    Of CURSE, the Despicable she IS ACCOUNTABLE, both as the architect of the Illegal (sovereign) Libya INVASION AND THE Supervisor of All Things State Department including employees’ homicides At WAR.

  • Barge445

    Disgraceful to have this Lunatic running for President.

  • Lakshmi

    Of course, the murderer would tell the wife of the victim to move on. If and when the covered up truth ever comes out, HiLIARY’s political career is over. .Pray for the safety and protection of this widow. Speaking out against HiLIARY GETS YOU MURDERED. PRAY FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY AND PROTECTION NOW THAT THE ORGANIZED CRIME CARTEL HAS SO MUCH POWER!!!!!

  • Merida A McKnight

    Anybody who votes for clinton needs to have their heads examined!


    The Queen has spoken. It shall be decreed.