Chinese Create ‘Beefed Up’ Genetically Modified Beagles for Experiments

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Our grid depends on this mineral


Scientists in China have edited the genes of Beagles in order to suppress a gene that would stop muscle growth, and instead produce dogs that develop abnormally large muscles.

Supposedly, the genetic modification is designed to help Parkinson’s research, not to create designer pets.

However, that trend towards the fanciful, too, is already emerging in this brave new world of Franken-flesh and synthetic enhancement through GMO techniques.

As MOX News shared:

Experimental modification of genes is reaching the point of no return, as virtually every species has been tinkered with, and more sophisticated alterations are becoming common place.

That power of life is threatening to many, who see a slippery slope towards tyranny and a new, dangerous ethics of “editing” the human species to select and create desirable traits.

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  • I forgot

    This is mixing kinds. Genetic modification and transhumanism are an abomination.

    • Rachel Flanagan

      “Abomination” is correct. They pale in comparison to Dr. Frankenstein.

      • I forgot

        It’s way worse, it’s and attempt at recreating Genesis 6:2.

  • Я0llyJ0g3r

    This is why cataclysms aren’t necessarily a bad thing…

  • Rachel Flanagan

    The Chinese also harvest organ’s from “live” prisoners, many of them persecuted for their religious beliefs, Falun Gong, Christians and Tibetans.

    The Slaughter: Mass Killings, Organ Harvesting, and China’s Secret Solution to Its Dissident Problem Hardcover – August 12, 2014
    by Ethan Gutman

  • Dow Jones

    Sick puppies!