“Barrier Is Not Holding” at Fukushima Plant

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All efforts have failed to stop very high levels of radioactive materials flowing into the Pacific ocean.

TEPCO and the Japanese authorities are running out of ‘solutions’ for the containment of the highly radioactive water that continues to accumulate at the stricken plant.

Tepco unable to halt tainted water flowing… from the No. 2 reactor building to underground tunnels at [Fukushima Daiichi,] officials said. Tepco has injected cement… but water levels suggest the effort has remained unsuccessful… The company began the cement injections after failing to create an “ice wall”… Tepco pumped 200 tons of tainted water out of the tunnels Monday… [If] completely sealed, water levels would have fallen roughly 80 cm [yet levels only dropped 20 cm], the officials said, indicating the possibility that contaminated water is still flowing into the tunnels. The officials also noted the possibility that groundwater may be flowing into the tunnels. However… the amount of radioactive materials in the tunnel water is very high, an official in the Nuclear Regulation Authority said. “Concentrations should have been lower if large amounts of groundwater are really flowing in” (source)

Fukushima is a disaster of biblical proportions, yet it’s rarely mentioned. The idea that keeping quiet about it will make it go away is one that only politicians and their buddies in the mainstream media could have come up with. As the Pacific Ocean, and all the life within it, becomes toxic, the ultimate effects on the food chain will be enormous.

2.6 billion people rely on the oceans to provide them with their primary source of protein and marine industries employ over 200 million people worldwide. (source) Those who favor Agenda 21 must be rubbing their hands together with glee at the mere thought of the ultimate death toll. Add in the knock on effect of the food chain disruption, cancer and sterility and you have the perfect recipe for massive depopulation.

For updates on the situation see: http://fukushimaupdate.com/


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Contributed by Chris Carrington of The Daily Sheeple.

Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up!

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  • M Fr Nch

    You can choose to sit idly by and wait to die from someone else’s agenda or you can choose or die while trying your best to be free.
    I know most Americans wiil sit on their behind and whine and cry or support the agenda while making excuses for why they had no choice. So for all of you I can only, you don’t have long left enjoy it.

    • masterblaster

      Short of moving to Antarctica what is your solution?

      • Make sure I’m within the land mass shown on the Navy’s map of the future America before it arrives, having purchased a good boat in the interim.

  • Sir TuberKopf

    Low Level Radiation is deadly, but often takes 10 to 15 years to kill healthy adults.

    With the attention span of the public, and the view to the future of politicians, they won’t do a thing until the body count starts piling up.

    By then the Pacific will be dead!

    • timmy2000

      Actually go look up radiation Hormesis – you very well could be completely wrong…. We are not going to even get close to the same levels that were in the ocean from bomb testing in 1950’s. relax Alice..

      • Sir TuberKopf

        Former Japan Official: “Unstoppable contamination of Pacific Ocean… is seriously menacing US West Coast” — “Fukushima now undeniably a global security issue… can’t be brought under control by single state” — Experts: Wave of radiation will be 10 times more than entire world’s nuclear tests combined.

        • timmy2000

          Wow talk about a bed time story. Pure fiction back up one element of this with fact. Please get medical help, you need it if you believe what you’ve posted.

          • Sir TuberKopf

            Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Dec 3, 2015 : Higher levels of Fukushima cesium detected offshore — Scientists monitoring the spread of radiation in the ocean from the Fukushima nuclear accident report finding an increased number of sites off the US West Coast showing signs of contamination from Fukushima. This includes the highest detected level to date from a sample collected about 1,600 miles west of San Francisco. The level of radioactive cesium isotopes in the sample, 11 Becquerel’s per cubic meter… is 50 percent higher than other samples collected along the West Coast so far… Working with Japanese colleagues, [Ken Buesseler, a WHOI marine radiochemist] also continues to independently monitor the ongoing leaks from Fukushima Dai-ichi by collecting samples… During his most recent trip this October they collected samples of ocean water, marine organisms, seafloor sediment and groundwater along the coast near the reactors. Buesseler says the levels of radioactivity off Fukushima remain elevated – some 10 to 100 times higher than off the US West Coast today, and he is working with colleagues at WHOI to try to determine how much radioactive material is still being released to the ocean each day.

          • timmy2000

            Strange how the reference has one outlying point and we’re all dead in your book.. Author states that this is NOT a risk, yet you parce and twist his words to spread fear. No mention of plutonium in the WHI study. Alpha emissions must be from the fission products right? Take the truth and twisting into a frightening story is still fiction. Spreadin mis-information is just a polite way of lying.

          • Sir TuberKopf

            Humans are long lived and are at the top of the food chain. This radioactive fallout and ocean contamination concentrates through the food chain. As highly toxic things like radioactive strontium, cesium, plutonium etc are concentrated in foods and our bodies the effects will become apparent.

            There is no atomic accident in history that has spread the kind of fallout that Fukushima has. This is very serious and is being swept under the rug. We are now almost five years after the accident and nuclear contaminants continue to flow unabated, out of control, into the Pacific Ocean, where the major currents transport it right to the Alaskan fishing grounds and then on down the California coast.

          • timmy2000

            So you choose to parse a small piece of good science and spin it into pseudoscience. You can’t just accept what you want to be “facts” and ignore the rest. “There is no atomic accident in history that has spread the kind of fallout that Fukushima has.” More than 200 atmospheric weapons tests spread far more radionuclides into the environment than this accident ever did or ever will. 17,000 people died in the earthquake and Tsunami. You are screaming about the sky falling when we go from1Bq/m^3 to 2Bq/m^3 that is a 100 percent rise…. Dead man walking . Evacuate the Pacific due to this 100% increase… NOT even close to reality. These levels will not rise dramatically from the spike produced by the initial accident.. Go look at studies of fish caught 7km out from the plant, the levels in the fish fall below the allowable limits. Look at the Radon level in your own home before you fear monger the rest of the world. Or else go on a Radon Campaign to get radon detectors for everyone’s home. How many deaths from carbon monoxide every year? How many from Radon? Focus on what you can readily impact before you go off jousting with windmills.

          • Sir TuberKopf

            Three reactors at Fukushima melted down each with about 90 tons of nuclear fuel except reactor 4, which in a cooling vessel suspended above it was another 40 tons of MOX fuel being staged for an upcoming refueling. Remember that reactor three was already fueled with MOX fuel containing a large percentage of plutonium, the most toxic substance known to man.

            That’s 390 tons of nuclear fuel much of which is unaccounted for or unrecoverable. Most of the atomic weapons built and tested were designed to convert as much fuel as possible into energy. Well made atomic weapons are not nearly as dirty as a melted down dirty reactor.

            By the way radon testing of homes is now more important than ever. When you combine the increase in background radiation from Fukushima, plus the radiation from nuclear testing, plus coal burning pollution, plus radon, plus radiation contaminated food, all combined over decades, you now have a real health risk.

            Anyone with a propensity for cancer be it genetic or environmental, extra background radiation is to their cancer what buckets of gasoline are to a fire.

            I don’t buy your claim that low level radiation is good for us.

          • timmy2000

            390 tons of fuel unaccounted for is not true. Muon imaging has shown that,the slag from the meltdown is in the containment… at least the bulk of the materials as well as the,spent fuel pool materials. Bomb shots interacted with substantially more mass and the neutron Flux from bobm shots caused much more neutron activation. P.s. the first bombs were not very efficient. ..only 1/3 of the fuel,was actually convert to energy.. I have a piece of the trinity site that has Pu from the gadget device in my office. Just because you can detect it does not make it a danger. Risk is all relative……

          • Sir TuberKopf

            “Much of which” is not all, I’m not going to argue with someone who can’t read.

          • timmy2000

            I will discuss facts, but when you invent facts without a technical basis and the knowledge needed to make scientific determinations you loose credibility. I will agree that radon is a problem. It is something that we can have an meaningfully the same impact on, with a relatively low level of effort.. cheers…

          • Sir TuberKopf

            How about the 6000% increase in thyroid cancer in the Fukushima area?

            Cancer rates have exploded at an increase of almost 6000% in areas near the reactor meltdown. Aside from people-on-the-street interviews that a rare media outlet like “Hodo station” will report on, mainstream media stays completely silent. One Japanese resident, Carol Hisasue, laments that as the incident has disappeared from the media, it has also disappeared from people’s consciousness.


          • timmy2000

            I see your study and raise…There are links that you can follow to see where the facts originate too..


            This would totally discount your 6000% increase – Really, more people are dying due to the hysteria more than any ionizing radiation.

          • CrookCountyIL?

            All because of the stupid chinks

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • Michael E Clayton

    that’s right you stupid fuks put a nuclear plant that close to the ocean foolish people

    • Chase Derrer

      Where else would they put it? Nuclear plants require a shit ton of water to keep cool.

  • Mack

    So, it’s okay to murder 10,000,000 babies every year to control black population growth, but it’s not okay to kill 1% of that number across the pond with small leaks from this place?

    Label me confused…

  • Melissa Wilson

    quit propagating these lies. THIS is why we’re stuck with coal and
    other fossil fuels, instead of safe clean modern nuclear.

  • Nuke Pro

    Radiation Destroys the Pacific, Massive Increase in Shark Attacks in Hawaii

    Nukepro first reported on a massive uptick in shark attacks in 2012 and 2013.

    That report is here:


  • Matt

    Lets blame Bush and BP for this

  • morecotwo

    Wow. I didn’t see this coming but I know a giant ice ball crashes into the Earth and wipes out 90% or so of all life every 30 million years or so.

  • PacE
  • If I were going to remain anywhere near to Fukushima, I would find and make the acquaintance of Dr. Atsuo Yanagisawa.