Bad Kids or Bad System? Zero Tolerance Policies in Schools

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Zero tolerance policies prove common sense is not so common.

Here’s a compilation of news stories that show the idiocy of such policies:

As John W. Whitehead said in his article Zero Tolerance Schools Discipline Without Wiggle Room:

These policies, and the school administrators who relentlessly enforce them, render young people woefully ignorant of the rights they intrinsically possess as American citizens. What’s more, having failed to learn much in the way of civic education while in school, young people are being browbeaten into believing that they have no true rights and government authorities have total power and can violate constitutional rights whenever they see fit.

There’s an old axiom that what children learn in school today will be the philosophy of government tomorrow. As surveillance cameras, metal detectors, police patrols, zero tolerance policies, lock downs, drug sniffing dogs and strip searches become the norm in elementary, middle and high schools across the nation, America is on a fast track to raising up an Orwellian generation — one populated by compliant citizens accustomed to living in a police state and who march in lockstep to the dictates of the government. In other words, the schools are teaching our young people how to be obedient subjects in a totalitarian society.

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  • Zakath

    I concur with the cartoon at the top. Zero tolerance is often associated with zero thinking. It’s a dangerous position for humans to take on quite a number of subjects.

    • Kait

      Amen. But the other half of this is that schools are sooo afraid of getting sued. So they go to these extremes. Partos what would help is if the teachers and staff paid attention to the students. Alot of times things can be prevented just by having a heart and taking the appropriate action.

    • Erin Tarn

      You cannot legislate security and safety. Being alive means complete exposure to the unsafe and insecure by definition. NOBODY gets out of life alive. A drawing of a gun is the least of anyone’s worries.

  • Uuma

    Brow beaten? read BRAINWASHED!

  • Arizona

    NOTHING ran by IDIOTS ever works out,the LORD warned you about that and you didn’t listen,now he’ll show everyone how he does things…..AND you’re not going to like it……he ain’t a butt kisser like americans are………………..

  • Skyqueen Mimi

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with zero tolerance of guns in schools. It SHOULD be zero tolerance. Another item of zero tolerance in some schools is fighting–not for defending yourself, but in participating in a fight. It has no place in a school. Kids who get it but still feel the need go off campus after school to “work it out” without restrictions.
    Leave the school environment without more distractions than are already there.
    Consequences, even for zero tolerance, are leveled in the environments I’ve seen, I.e. Might be an after school detention for first incident of bullying or harassment, but increased consequences if it continues. This also makes sense.
    Zero tolerance does not mean suspension or expulsion, it means there are consequences.

  • Erin Tarn

    If you are a self-reliant thinker and you have children going to public school, beware. They will soon be your worst enemy. They are being programmed to rat you out for owning guns, stockpiling food, growing produce, questioning authority, denying the official word on tragedies, etc. When they become adults they will impose the laws we fear now as their parents and gaurdians.