Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon on #HillarysStools: Once You Notice It, You Can’t Stop Noticing It

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This was pointed out to us by Mike Cernovich over at Danger & Play.

He wrote,

Have you ever noticed that once you notice something, you can’t stop noticing it? That’s called the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon and now you’ll never stop noticing that sick Hillary Clinton always has a stool to rest on nearby (#HillarysStools).

A reader pointed out Hillary leaning on a stool, as sick Hillary looked tired and fatigued. Now I can’t stop noticing that every picture of Hillary has a hidden stool nearby.

And then produced photo after photo of Hillary… and stools.


And you know what? He’s right.

It’s easier to find pictures of Hillary on the campaign trail with a stool than without.

And it isn’t just this campaign. #HillarysStools go back a long, long way.

It even blossomed to the point that #HillarysHandrails became a hashtag after it was pointed out handrails were installed along the sidewalk at Joe Biden’s childhood home in preparation for a Hillary photo op.

The hashtag#HillarysStools trended on Twitter to the point that Fox News even had to cover it.

And that’s not all. More stories about Hillary’s health are pouring out. This one features a collection of pictures that purport to prove Hillary has been wearing pantsuits to cover up a hidden catheter for bladder control during public events:


One thing is for certain: questions about #HillarysHealth are NOT going to quietly go away… Not during the (s)election, and not if we’re forced to endure her as president.

It’s to the point that Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook went on Rachel Maddow’s show to address these “divisive” and “hateful” “conspiracy theories” he blames on Trump:

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  • henry

    Hey, lots easier to sit on that duff of hers than to hold it up

    • Free People

      Well sure, it’s full of stuff….ugh…stench. Sometimes it leaks….seen pix…

  • Meltonmark

    Seems like leaders of the White races cannot be prosecuted for War crimes.

    • Mr Larry

      Germany, and the former Yugoslavia ring a bell?

      • Patrick Waters

        Yes, The RAF held a tenuous grasp between the Soviets, the Com Bloc and the PFLP. They were a group that changed over time and became more and more violent in their actions. Eventually losing support of Bulgaria and Yugoslavia, due to suspicions that the group itself was counterrevolutionary. I still fail to see the connection. I was starved by US media lack of reporting, but I was stationed in Germany during their last years. So I did see some of their last actions. Again, what is the connection?

    • Zaphod Braden

      You mean SEMITIC TRIBE

  • Frank

    The little clues about the Hildabeast’s health problems, each taken each by itself, prove little. But add them all up and the conclusion is inescapable. She’s in pretty bad shape and the stress of campaigning isn’t helping. Conditions like the ones she seems to have do not improve much with treatment and usually get a lot worse over time. Add to that all of the other obvious negatives and you get the worst possible choice for POTUS. Unless you’re a globalist, that is.

  • Patrick Waters

    Why is there a reference to the Red Army Faction AKA Baader-Meinhof gang?
    What is the connection?

  • roger

    Keel over, hog

    • elvirah scarface


  • Clementine

    Good… I hope she kicks the bucket sooner than later!

    • elvirah scarface

      I’ll provide the buckets, any time, any color. ??????
      Let’s give her the ??boot but Good!!????

  • Chris Wardell

    Ok, even though I don’t support HER in any way, shape, or form…let me play Devil’s Advocate:

    Picture with rails at home: Secret Service required them as a “barrier” as there were supporters expected to be there. Seems to show some people in the background from the neighborhood approaching in one photo.

    Catheter Pic: Possibly just a fold in her pantsuit.

    Seizure/Eyes Pic: Digital Camera issue, lazy eye?, probably more excuses.

    As I said, I do NOT want this person as my President, but we all need to take these things and look at them objectively. Do I think there are problems with her health? Damn skippy I do. Do I think these pictures unequivocally show her health problems? Unfortunately no I do not. But they are right that things taken together are starting to add up. Let’s just hope the additions add up to enough before voting day!

    • Rick E.

      Logical assessment! An easy way of discerning whether or not the possible fold/wrinkle IS a catheter or wrinkle, is to find a moving video of her walking around on stage.
      If the fold doesn’t disappear with movement, then one has to believe that it very well could be a catheter. As SOMETHING other than cloth would be indicated.

  • per sigurd hansen

    nice pic in my head,, killary with a bag of pee in her pants.
    no sleep tonight!!!!

    • SP_88

      If you think that’s bad, try thinking about the doctor who had to install that tube. He isn’t getting any sleep either. He probably suffers from PTSD now.
      Once you have an image like that burned into your brain, you are scarred for life.

  • SP_88

    Hillary is a terrible person to have as our president, even without these debilitating health problems. Even if she was as healthy as an Olympic athlete, she would still be a terrible person for our president.

  • Pumpkin Head 28/88

    Every time this she-man says “Conspiracy Theory”, she just chalks up another week of toilet duty for her after the “purge”. Even a traitor moron like her should be able to think of something a little more “original” than that.

  • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

    Sit down! …and SHUT UP!

  • OldeSoul

    Her campaign manager is named Robby Mook? OMG, you can’t make this stuff up.

  • g.johnon

    she IS a stool.

  • Bobby Bill

    Welcome to TheDailyIgnorance……..I lived in Germany durin g the Baader-Meinhof’s terrorist activity, and never heard of the BH principle as referenced here.