Autistic 7-Year-Old Cuffed at School, Held for 6 Days in Mental Facility

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A 7-year-old special needs student was handcuffed for misbehaving at school on May 9 and held in a mental health facility for six days without the consent of his parents, a Texas Fox affiliate reports.

District officials claim the boy was restrained for his own safety, but his arrest was captured on camera and the photos don’t appear to show what the officials claim. Contrary to what one would expect to see in a picture of an out-of-control 7-year-old, the boy appears to be standing calmly beside two uniformed officers.

Finally released on Monday, the boy’s family is outraged and looking for answers.

The child’s mother said she received a call from the school—Gabe B. Allen Charter School in Dallas, Texas—which notified her that her son was misbehaving and asked her to pick him up. When she arrived, her son was gone.

“My son was acting up, which he does every other day,” the boy’s mother said. “My son was running, which he does every other day. My son was saying absurdities, which he does every other day. And just like every other day, I was called to go and pick him up that morning on a Tuesday morning. When I got there, ‘Where’s my baby?’ ‘Oh, he’s not here.’”

The family and their attorney said the school violated district protocol by failing to seek consent before detaining their son in a facility for nearly a week. It is unclear why he was held for so long, but the family’s attorney said they were informed that the boy was released once it was determined that he no longer posed a danger to himself or others.

Images of the handcuffed child quickly went viral online, prompting the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) to issue a statement addressed to parents.

“The image you may have seen posted is of a student while he is being restrained to protect himself against any further harm,” the statement said. “We ask for your help during this period to not continue to spread misinformation.”

The DISD told Fox4 that it cannot comment further on details of the incident, citing privacy laws.

The child is finally back in the custody of his family, but they have requested a detailed account of what occurred on May 9, and they have questions about whether the school’s staff members are adequately trained to handle children with autism or other special needs.

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  • James

    It is America. He needs learn they can lock you up for standing next to a cop. Nothing new here.

  • jimmy joe

    What a bunch of fucking PUSSIES!! Yellow fucking cowards, handcuffing a 7 year old?? Only a coward would feel the need to that!! To the parents, “REMOVE YOUR CHILD FROM SCHOOL, AND HOME SCHOOL THEM FROM NOW ON!! Quit paying taxes until something changes”.

  • Kendoaz

    How can they hold your child for a week? Is this North Korea we are living in? Iran? Who would do that to a child anyways? They should not be a teacher that is for sure. Autistic children cannot control themselves sometimes, it’s not like he was a gang banger or something.

    • (((They’ve))) been doing this for a while. This country has quickly devolved into nothing more but a banana republic, and quite frankly, it needs to be fixed.

  • Get out of this country while you’re at it. Don’t send any of kids to indoctrination camps. Look for a country that allows you to home-school your children.

  • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    If it had been my child, that would have been six days I’d have used to find the perpetrators names, for the sole purpose of ending them.

    At least that would save other innocent children from being preyed upon buy these mindless drooling baboons.

  • GAZOO2

    Abolish school and problem solved.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    “The child is finally back in the custody of his family, but they have requested a detailed account of what occurred on May 9, and they have questions about whether the school’s staff members are adequately trained to handle children with autism or other special needs. ” The school’s staff is trained only in the enforcement of the perceived interests of the state. They claim to act in the interest of the child’s safety but, in reality, they are making him an example for the other students to instill fear and compliance with authority. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice-there’s not enough rope in this country to do the job completely…

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      The parents shouldn’t have questions, they should have torches and pitchforks.

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor


  • Freespirit

    Let’s see now : Their Son, was Assaulted( Handcuffed), Kidnapped ( Taken by unconstitutional Police) and IMPRISONED ( by gangsters for ransom) and the family is only “outraged” and asking for a “detailed account”?????????

    It is no wonder America is descending into FASCISM

    The Fascists know they can get away with their actions which are AGAINST NATURAL and COMMON Law and the Constitution

    When are Americans going to RISE UP ?

    My FAMILY and fellow-Rebels suffered slaughter and poverty but beat the hell out of he British to FINALLY WIN, in 1959 for our REPUBLIC of IRELAND, when I was 19

    I’m 77 now

    You Americans are all great with TRASH talk and killing UNARMED women and children in the Middle East BUT too cowardly to do anything about your own Government, so you will get EXACTLY what you deserve………….


    • donna shone

      Thank you for posting this. Americans really need to wake the hell up. I’m not sure if we can ever mobilize quickly to address these burgeoning scenarios, attacking our very core.

      • Freespirit

        You are very welcome and I fear American COWARDICE has no limits

  • donna shone

    DA FUCK THEY WOULD KEEP MY BABY LOCKED UP!!! This is TOTAL BULLSHIT. Is everyone gone batshit crazy?