Austria Deploys Soldiers to Turn Back Migrants at the Border

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What started as a free for all last year, has become more restrictive with time as European nations begin to shutter their borders to any new refugees coming from the Middle East. Now Germany and Austria, the only nations that are still accepting refugees in significant numbers, are beginning to place tougher restrictions on their borders as well.

Beginning next week, Austria will deploy its army on their southern border to stop all refugees who don’t intend to settle in Germany, after Germany started enforcing the same policy. Roughly 200 migrants are being sent back to Austria every day, either because they want to travel through Germany to settle in countries that no longer want them, or because they have fake ID’s.

Officials with the governments of Germany and Slovenia have also expressed their intent to deploy soldiers along their borders. Germany’s Foreign Finance Minister recently demanded troops on their border, saying “We will have to deal with the question of why, under clear regulations in support of the police, virtually all countries in Europe can turn to their armed forces” except for Germany of course.

What we’re seeing here is a domino effect. If one nation closes its borders, the migrants will have to travel to neighboring countries, until there are too many of them for those governments to handle, and so on. Because Germany and Austria have been so accommodating to migrants, they have essentially become the dumping grounds for migrants being turned back from nations that have closed their borders. Since they are the last European nations to welcome the refugees with open arms, they are now receiving far more foreign nationals than they ever expected.

Without the rest of Europe to shoulder the burden of thousands of refugees arriving every week, the open door policy of Germany and Austria is starting to buckle. It may not be long before they are forced to follow the example of their neighbors, and completely close their borders to future refugees.

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  • august

    best way to turn them back

    • Shut the full cup

      I want a Gatling gun for my birthday.

  • Nexusfast123

    The idiots in NATO and EU try to demonise Russia as potential invaders. Meanwhile a tide of useless people swamps Europe and the clowns have no idea how to deal with it. How about one, close your borders, two, stop benefits and tell those wanting to come they will get no benefits and three put those already there in internment camps and ship them out of Europe.

    • sunshine

      So well said….I’d rather have the Russians than these scumbags any day.

  • SP_88

    This is what they should have done in the first place. Nobody there wants to deal with the problems that these people bring with them. They are violent, savage and morally bankrupt. They think that they can do whatever they want and get away with it. And they get this idea because the authorities are not doing their job. People are being raped and murdered by these animals and nobody is taking this seriously.
    They should be aggressively hunting down the offenders and throwing them into a steel shipping container. When the container is full, load it onto a ship and bring them back to the middle east. Leave a poop bucket and some bags of food, dry dog food for all I care. And ship them back to the middle east for first offenders. Tell them that if they come back they get put into a shipping container marked “second time offenders”. And half way to the middle east let them see the second time offenders container being pushed overboard into the ocean. I bet that most of them won’t come back.

  • milotais zvirbulis

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  • curenado

    Gee all rape and burn ready males……I’d think twice about letting them in or letting them leave

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    I look at that photo and see nothing but problems..and target practice.

  • Another Thought Criminal

    Everyone that’s against this has bothered to take the time to figure out who’s doing it right? I mean they know what barbara spectre said? Now it’s funded by george soros? They know that loyd blankfein’s goldman sachs openly brags they control EU policy? This isn’t happening by accident. It’s one group of bacon haters using a lesser group of bacon haters to: Tob shebe goyyim harog

  • Dow Jones

    As takfiri wahhabi salafist “sleepers” jab their Soros “smart” phones using NSA GESTAPO “refugee apps”, while sipping their Starschmucks capucinos in German cafes on German tax payers’ handouts…the German military industry employed underclass are sent to die fighting USSAN armed, trained and brainwashed terrorists in Syria. After cappuccinos and beer then the so-called refugees go on a mass raping spree and the traitors like Merkill who invited them in blame the victims. You just couldn’t make this crap up unle$$ of course you were a psychopathic traitor under the NSA fist.

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  • LiberalsRLost

    An honest reporter that will not get murican air time but everyreader here deserves to give him 10 minutes and learn how we are all played:

  • curenado

    THEY should have done a better job bombing and there wouldn’t be a problem….

  • Enough is enough

    It’s a little to late now.

    • They can still be “FEMA-camped” and sent back, it’s been done before.