Australian Woman Shot Dead By Police After Calling For Help In Minneapolis

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The shooting of an Australian mother by a police officer in Minneapolis was shocking considering the woman called 911 to report hearing a noise in her home. The shooting was not caught on video because the cop’s body camera was turned off.

Justine Damond was shot around 11:30 pm local time on Saturday. Minnesota’s public safety department said that her death by cop took place after two officers responded to a callout about a possible assault. Damond’s stepson said, “my mum was shot for reasons I don’t know,” expressing a sentiment of many. As is the case with most other police officer shootings, Damond’s family likely won’t ever get the justice they deserve either.


Chalk memorials cover the street and sidewalks near the Minneapolis home of Justine Damond, who was shot and killed by police after calling for help.

Damond’s stepson, Zac Damond admitted that she had called police after hearing a noise near her house. “I just know she heard a sound in the alley so then she called the police and the cops showed up and she was a very passionate woman, she probably thought something bad was happening and then next thing I know they take my best friend’s life.”

“Two Minneapolis police officers responded to a 911 call of a possible assault just north of the 5100 block of Washburn Avenue S just before 11.30pm Saturday,” the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said in a statement, according to the Star Tribune. “At one point, an officer fired their weapon, fatally striking a woman. The BCA’s investigation is in its early stages. More information will be available once initial interviews with incident participants and any witnesses are complete … The officers’ body cameras were not turned on at the time and the squad camera did not capture the incident. Investigators are attempting to determine whether any video of the incident exists.”

Three sources with knowledge of the incident said Sunday that two officers in one squad car, responding to the 911 call, pulled into the alley. Damond, in her pajamas, went to the driver’s side door and was talking to the driver. The officer in the passenger seat pulled his gun and shot Damond through the driver’s side door, sources said.  The police officers did not have a dashcam on either. No weapon was found at the scene. The two officers involved are on paid administrative leave.

The mayor of Minneapolis, Betsy Hodges, said she intended to find out why the officers’ body cameras were not turned on. “As mayor of our city, a wife, and a grandmother, I am heartsick and deeply disturbed by what occurred last night,” she posted on Facebook.

Nekima Levy-Pounds, a local civil rights attorney and police reform activist who is running for mayor of Minneapolis, expressed solidarity over Damond’s death. “We stand with the people of Australia in demanding justice for Justine Damond,” Levy-Pounds said. “Her death could have been prevented. Were it not for the increasing militarization of US police forces, she would still be alive today.” Levy-Pounds, who was a leading figure in protests against the police killings of Jamar Clarke and Philando Castile, said Damond was the latest casualty of a flawed system of policing.The tragic and senseless death of Justine Damond at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department illustrates everything that is wrong with our system of policing in the US,” she said.

Damond was a 40-year-old bubbly blonde from Sydney, Australia. She ran meditation workshops at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. She was originally Justine Ruszczyk, but was using the name of the man she was due to marry in August, Don Damond, the local Star-Tribune reported. This story bears horrifyingly striking similarities to that of the police shooting in Seattle – in which a pregnant mother was killed after she called the police for help.

Damond’s stepson said she was “passionate” and his best friend. Hopefully, a bystander was able to catch the murder of Justine Damond on video.

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  • dav1bg

    So are the police screening procedures purposely picking out murdering thugs? I’d like to see a copy of their screening tests.

  • SweepTheLeg

    This will not make the national news because it’s missing an important part of the narrative.

    • Time Will Tell

      She wasn’t a black male ?

      • SweepTheLeg

        That’s right

    • Red Beard

      It’s already national news.

  • Dean Woodlief

    Why are all the people protesting like they did for that thug mike brown……What do you want to bet this cop was former military that served over in the middle east

    • antoniathatcher

      The cop was a Muslim and the city council has been taken over by Muslims.

  • Pippiagain

    It bears no relation to the shooting of the mentally ill barely pregnant (she was not showing, not sure why this is a factor) woman in Seattle with a history of acting out, who called to police on a pretense to possibly assault and kill them

    • NonYo Business

      Yeah watch out… skinny unarmed white women are going to kill cops. Yep… they are dangerous… police better protect themselves by shooting first and murdering possible threats.

      • Pippiagain

        Don’t be stupid. Anyone can kill, even skinny white women. And this one had a history of trying to do so.

        • NonYo Business

          Who says she had a history? The cops? And you trust them? Do you realize how many people they kill daily in America? Of course you dont. Keep watching your TV and enjoy those knee pads.

          • Pippiagain

            I actually don’t watch tv, so….her history says she did. Reported in several places. Of course a lot of cops kill in America. It sickens me. They need to be held accountable, and they are not. But that does not mean that no killing is justified. And do I trust the cops? I trust some, I do not trust others. But this woman did have a history.
            And you know, rational discussions can be engaged in. Letting emotions control you does not general serve you well.

          • NonYo Business

            Hey well, when someone says “dont be stupid” it gets emotions running. Any shooting death of unarmed civilians is an abhorrent misuse of deadly force.

  • Jeff

    Leave it to a foreigner to get themselves shot. Any American knows you never, ever, call the police. Not in this country. You call for help in the United States and the SWAT team and tanks show up and kill you. Look at what the cops in Hingham, MA. are up to.

  • George W Hill Jr

    rather than “passionate” we use …hysterical …overwrought…
    never approach a police car … wait to be told or wait for the police to get out..alley good place for an ambush… they have no weapon… each has a weapon …so “their ” weapon is confusing to me …unless it is crew swerved…

  • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

    If body cameras are turned off then the Orifices should be held LIABLE for the death. They make laws for themselves. Time for some laws for the PEOPLE.

  • harry323

    Why is the Chief of Police still employed?

  • renee ciccioni

    Wow it seems like the police state is switching scripts .

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    If it has been said once, it has been said a thousand times on the pages of this site alone-you are tempting fate by putting your life into the hands of law enforcement. For ANY reason.

  • SP_88

    This is the type of behavior I would expect from a crack head who is so wacked out that they’re paranoid and delusional. It’s as if they drugged all the cops and then sent them out to deal with the public. And when they go into a house or a dark alley and don’t know what to expect, and they are already in fear for their lives and nothing has even happened yet, as soon as someone comes out to greet them and to tell them they were the ones who called police, they start firing their guns into this perceived threat until their magazines are empty. And when they finally realize that they just blew away some woman or an old man, or a little kid, suddenly it’s time to erase any video and start making up a good story. “They charged at me and tried to grab my gun!”
    But as this behavior continues, they are feeling less and less obligated to try and bullshit us about what happens when they shoot someone. And it’s reaching the point where they don’t even care. “Yeah, we shot her, so what? The look on her face was like she was going to question my authority, so I wasted her.”
    And then of course it’s vacation time. And the only concern they have is where to take the family for a vacation while the people who’s lives they turned upside down are busy burying their loved one.
    This is only going to get worse. Unless we stop this, and unless we demand that the police treat people like human beings and not like enemy combatants, this violence will escalate. And people who are getting sick and tired of this will take action. There will be more police getting ambushed by angry people who have been pushed over the edge. And of course that will result in more police brutality, and the cycle will continue until we are at war with the police.
    While we are trying to solve this problem, it would be a good idea to remember that this is not just a police training issue, it is part of a much bigger agenda that originated with TPTB.
    TPTB know that they can’t just allow the police to shoot people whenever they want. There would be too much pushback from the people. So they created a training process that they knew would result in more police shootings, and they also knew that by not holding anyone accountable it would perpetuate this behavior. They are being trained to view us as enemy combatants. And they are being trained to do whatever it takes to “survive in this deadly environment”. It is being drilled into their heads that every encounter with the people could be their last. Everyone you meet could be the one who pulls out a gun and shoots you without any warning or provocation.
    And in theory this is true, but in reality people are not out to kill you. Most people just want to get through this traffic stop and get on with their day. They aren’t thinking about what it looks like when they reach into their pockets or their glove box. They aren’t thinking about getting shot because they moved too fast or because they made some movement that looked a certain way to the cop.
    Once again I’ve made a post that is as long as the article. There is so much to say on the subject. And I’m sure that since I’m preaching to the choir I could have abbreviated this. But it’s possible that people who don’t already know all this could read these comments too.
    So I apologize for the long winded comment.