Attn. Missouri Gun Owners: Please Report to the Principal’s Office

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Adding another chapter to the book of “How to Vilify American Gun Owners”, a new bill on the table of the Missouri State Senate would require parents to notify their child’s school if they own a firearm.

Not reporting the acquisition of a new gun to your child’s school would become a criminal offense.

State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal says that the bill she introduced will help to end school violence. “It encourages parents to make sure they store their guns safely in their home, it also gives the school districts the opportunity to help encourage gun safety in the community and in the household.”

Chappelle-Nadal says that she “believes in the 2nd amendment” but hopes this will bring awareness to the need to “lock up guns.”

This registration would be available to the police, of course, to “help them solve crimes.”

Much like the publication of a map of legal gun owners in Westchester County, NY, it’s just another bullseye painted on the homes of gun owners.

The summary of the bill, SB124 reads:

SB 124 – This act creates the offense of failing to stop illegal firearm possession. A person commits the offense if he or she is the parent or guardian of a child under the age of 18, he or she knows the child possesses a firearm in violation of the law, and he or she fails to stop the possession or report it to law enforcement.

The offense is a Class A misdemeanor unless death or injury results from the firearm possession in which case it is a Class D felony.

This act also creates the offense of negligent storage of a firearm. A parent or guardian of a child under the age of 18 commits the offense by recklessly storing or leaving a firearm in a manner that is likely to result in the child accessing the firearm if the child obtains access to the firearm and unlawfully carries it to school, kills or injures another person with it, or commits a crime with it.

A firearm that is in a secure location or locked is not considered to be recklessly stored or left in a manner likely to result in the child accessing the firearm.

The offense is a Class A misdemeanor unless the child kills or injures another person in which case it is a Class D felony.

The parent or guardian of a child injured or killed by a firearm may only be prosecuted for negligent storage of a firearm if he or she was grossly negligent.

This act requires a parent or guardian to notify a school district, or the governing body of a private or charter school, that he or she owns a firearm within 30 days of enrolling the child in school or becoming the owner of a firearm.

The written notification only needs to include the names of the parent and any child attending the school and the fact that the parent owns a firearm.

A person only needs to send one written notification if he or she has multiple children attending the school or becomes the owner of additional firearms. Any time a new child is enrolled in a school the parent or guardian must send an updated notification with the new child’s name.

Failure to notify the school under this act is an infraction, punishable by a fine of up to $100. If a person is found guilty of negligent storage of a firearm and has failed to notify the school of firearm ownership, the person must be fined $1,000 in addition to any other penalties authorized by law.

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  • Patriot247365

    They need to write a bill ordering all corrupt and treasonous politicians throughout the country to report to the gallows.

    • M. Pipe

      I’ll buy the rope!

      • idiotacters

        I second that. These sub species need to be put out of their misery.

      • T. Durden

        I’ve got the tailgate!

      • Ophiuchus

        I’ll bring the beer

    • Cody

      i will donate the tree

    • Anonymous

      They have already done that at the beginning chapter of America. It is called the 2nd amendment. People just have to have the guts to use it. Unfortunately the liberals have succeeded in pus sifting of America and nobody is willing to start the party procedings

  • Michael

    All my kids are grown! Nice try though.

  • Cnsay

    Piss on that worthless wench. When all de brovas in da hood no-deefy da school…. I still won’t!

  • The Arizona Patriot

    Who does this BS suprise?? More arse-wiping material from idiots. Laws can be written but can they be enforced? Does Missouri still have the spirit that made them fight the jayhawkers and union troops for over 4 years? I guess we will find out. Its called The Show-Me state, well show me.

  • Jean

    Someone should use a razor on her face.
    Leaves her alive so she can learn from her mistake.

    • SKIP

      Ya know, it IS possible to skin a human being totally and NOT kill them! Think I read that in a Cartel training manual.

    • Cody

      it would only improve her looks

  • wolf

    Ignore unconstitutional gun laws and prepare to fight. Thats where were headed.

  • Anonymous

    One mantra: SANDY HOOK HOAX.

    And these people are accomplices.

    No one has to comply.

  • Steve

    Remove the child from the evil libtard infested institution, and don’t worry about the skanks take on her law. Time to start getting out of the clutches of schools and alphabet soup groups.

  • TN Rifles

    I am ignoring all unconstitutional laws.
    or as they say down here in the South, “Come get some”.
    Semper Fi

  • SKIP

    Looks like two things to me, blacks wanting to disarm Whites so they will be the only ones armed and a lot of home schooling will be happeing in Missouri, my home state. Perhaps we Whites should adopt and utilize a page from the NEGRO play book and start rioting at the drop of a hat, seems to get the blacks what they want though it will probably get the military and ALL law enforcement on us to utilize those 40 million .40cal rounds on us.

    • Mark

      Don’t play into their hands, this is not about race. IT’S ABOUT OUR FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS!!!

      • Anonymous

        That’s right besides if it does come to a race war we know they will stick out like a sore thumb making it easier to know our enemies on ste

    • idiotacters

      Well Said. 100% Correct. You are right on!

    • Jeff

      Lol to damn funny. That woman is nuts. It isnt none of their fing buisness. I would say if you wanna know if i got guns in my home then come and look and you had better have a GD warrant cuz you arent getting in. This bill doesnt do a damn thing to curb gun violence. Why doesnt she pass a mental health bill?? Next will be reporting copies of the video games. Black ops, call of duty, brothers in arms etc. This anti gun shit is gettingvout of hand. If my state trys something like this then tey can kiss my ass and show up at my house and get a size 12 up their asses. This is nothing more than pre registration for the gun confiscation that is ultimatly what they want to do.

  • G-DAWG

    None your goddamned business

  • OldGuy

    More laws that make everyday normally law-abiding citizens into criminals. The nanny state is tightening the noose.

    We are getting backed into a corner folks. There is nothing more dangerous than a creature that is in this position and has nothing left to loose.

  • Cody

    don’t ever buy another hunting license. the paperwork goes right back to your home.

    if you must hunt, do it the the old fashioned way…poaching.

    it’s getting that bad in america.

    • Cnsay

      I like deer and turkey like my eggs-poached!

  • sweetpea

    Don’t buy a fishing license either. A fishing license won’t make you a better fisherman any more than a marriage license makes you a better husband.

  • This is just a gun registration scheme!! …And we all know that confiscation follows registration!!

    The political atmosphere the talking heads blather on about may be caused by the politicians, but it’s not about the politicians! It is about WE THE PEOPLE and whether the politicians are going to pull the pin and leave the people no choice but to take up arms against an out-of control government! JOIN YOUR STATE’S CITIZEN CONSTITUTIONAL MILITIA. Where to look? Who can I trust?? Prepare To Take America Back is a grassroots volunteer network that will help point you in the right direction! or Facebook at

    The only way to defend yourself against the tidal wave of encroachments and lost liberty is to take control! This is what the movement is about: restoring our constitutional government!

  • Cody

    The civil war didn’t end in 1865 as the feds claim.
    Fighting continued on well into the 1880’s.

    Confederate guerillas were attacking union troops in every southern state including kansas, missouri, new mexico.

    You won’t see that in your fed history books.

    • idiotacters

      Just got back from Gettysberg for the second time. I am amazed how much they have changed history to be PC. That is why we went to the General Lee store and bought everything confederate we could find. Let the South rise again!

  • Z

    The war went on for 20 years after Lee surrendered his army of northern virginia.
    Many confederates went underground and continued fighting the occupation troops. Vast areas of the south were not under union control until many years later.

  • randy r

    that is bs she should be automaticly put in jail on a class d felony missouri is on the 10th ammendment bill making it illegal for any person or persons federal agents or agencies to come into missouri and bother anyone for thier weapons weapon parts or ammunition she is state senate but senators are part of the fedral government class d felony that is a 4 year prison term come on mssouri lock her ass up no exceptions get to it

  • idiotacters

    So Maria…how much do you weigh and how many times a week do you “do it” with your “partner”? (not sure any guy would “do her”). Oh…and how much money do you make and how old are you? Now, do you still want me to answer your question?

  • Bret

    This isn’t about race. They do want all if us disarmed and divided.
    The govt is acting like royalty. We kicked royalty
    Out over 200 yrs ago we need to again. We the people must defend our rights

  • Julie

    Biatch , kiss my tanned azz , from a voter in Mo.! Your azz needs to be thrown out of office !

  • Chad

    Totally BS, Schools have no business knowing about guns. I say put an armed policeman in every school, let the govt pay for it which could easily be done by cutting some useless foreign aid that is just being stolen anyway.

  • Well I for one believe that the school systems have been actively involved in the pussification of our children. This so called elected official of the people of Missouri needs to face a recall and feel what it takes to even begin to win or recover from that. Flood her phone lines at the capital and if that doesn’t work vote henr out. If that doesn’t work then there is always force.

  • Try your new electronic health records your doctor is being forced to use. One of the questions in it is “is there any guns in your house”. I guarantee you I never ask that unless patient is presenting with suicidal threats. I will never casually ask that question of any of my patients. I will type in comments patient says to f–k off

  • Aaron Eames

    Since this is in direct conflict with the Constitution, its Amendments AND The Bill of Rights, it is 100% unenforceable because it is illegal. Giving LE Officers ‘unfettered’ information to where every gun is located will be so very convenient when they come to confiscate them and then arrest & try you as a felon for daring to own it before it was illegal to have it. Clearly, it infringes heavily on many Constitutional rights, therefore about anyone can just ignore it as an illegality hoping a few idiots will fall for it. And don’t forget these idiots will give out YOUR name if they know you own firearms. I guess they really do want to invoke a civil war at a time when the entire world wants us to bask under a myriad of nuclear bombs. What’s the REAL bottom line to all of this bs? I ponder that one every waking moment.

    • DTM 3

      Absolutely correct! It is not just our option, but OUR DUTY to ignore unconstitutional laws.
      And like you said, some will fall for it and will talk when threatened with jail time.
      This so called law will do absolutely nothing to help keep kids safe, but will strip law abiding people of yet another freedom and one they can ill afford to loose.

  • pdxr13

    1. Registration
    2. Confiscation
    3. Extermination
    As easy as 1-2-3.

    Classroom edition of essays available for $30 (for the whole class!) in Kindle Edition:

    Alternate title: “how to be fired from your cushy public school teaching position”


  • Henry

    OK. If the bill is passed in Missouri, then I will
    take my child out of school here in Joplin, MO and
    will school him at home, just like people did in
    the old days. The solution is very simple.

  • Good thing is that the person using the phone can never know that the software is installed because it works in stealth mode – after all it is spy software. It should be easy to use, with good functionality and useful features. Predators are known to try and get children and teenagers to send them naked pictures of themselves and do other sorts of things over text for gratification.