Attention, Parents! This Professor Shares Some Facts About Common Core That May Shock You

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Have you heard about Common Core? The chilling truth behind these new national educational “standards” will terrify you. Common Core represents the latest and most comprehensive step in the drive toward complete government control of our children’s education. Join us for a special presentation exposing the truth about Common Core and the ongoing struggle to roll back its implementation. Dr. Duke Pesta provides examples of how Common Core threatens to further undermine, weaken, and centralize public and private education in our country.

Pesta received his M.A. in Renaissance literature from John Carroll University and his Ph.D. in Shakespeare and Renaissance literature from Purdue University.

He has taught at major research institutions and small liberal arts colleges, and his been active in education reform, developing and implementing an elective Bible course that is currently available for public high school students in Texas. He is a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh and the Academic Director of FreedomProject Education. –

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  • I need coffee

    The States need to stop taking Federal monetary hand outs.

    “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.”

    • Cracker122049

      What I really want to see is all of them pay for the treason they have committed!

      • I need coffee


      • Cookster

        How? These people seem to get their way, whether a bureaucrat or a politician. There is no justice any more.

  • Reverend Draco

    There is nothing pertaining to Gutterment Indoctrination Centers that surprises me anymore. . .
    What would shock me is if they ever did anything right – but that will never happen (see: Ringo’s Law).

  • rejco

    2 + 2 = 5….Close Enough.

    • Teresa Geib Bacon

      I didn’t know at the time a few yrs ago when my grandkids were in 3rd gr I think they rounded up that was the end of my helping them, was and am to old.

  • Thomas Parker

    I think that the odius reptile Glenn Beck has conned you people into believing that Common Core is a bad thing. It is simply a way to insure that children from different parts of the country receive similar education. I think it’s a good idea myself.

    Don’t believe everything you hear on TV.

    • IDSprout

      Bet you have no kids in school, I have an MBA and some of the math problems my 4th grader brings home are head scratchers….don’t be such a schill for the regime

    • cama9

      ROFL!! You must be a product of the guvmint ejukashun sistum.
      Nowhere in the Constitution was the government authorized to take over education. Everything the government touches turns evil. I guess you even agree with the government militarizing local police departments.
      Open your eyes.

    • Phil Dirt

      Nobody with a brain cares what you think!

  • Avniel

    Public school is child abuse. Beware of “educators”!

  • LiveFree

    Would love to know why my kids catholic school adopted communist core curriculum but of course can’t get a straight answer from the diocese!

    • Undecider

      501(c)(3) exemptions? To “qualify,” you have to get with the program!

    • Lou

      The Catholic Church is now headed by a JESUIT; ever wonder why the last pope just up and QUIT; is fully on board with Common Whore.

      Home school if you want to honor Jesus Christ along with your children. All we need is 20% home schooling and Common Whore is GONE. Vote with your feet..

  • cama9

    Home school NOW!
    Either that or parents must unite and refuse to allow their children to go to school while CC is in affect. The schools lose money every time a child is ‘absent’. Districts get money based on daily average attendance – no attendance, no money. Hit ’em back.

  • pookieamos

    Common Core is much worse than this teacher says….much worse. It’s a tenement of UN Agenda 21!!!! It’s a one size fits all straight from the UN to mold the children into little widgets for their widget future of “sustainability “!!!! They are going to use data points collected from an early age to direct their future place in society. They are teaching them for the jobs of the future. My grandchildren , your as well will be molded into little indoctrinated radical environmentalist who will fit in with a “sustainable ” future. No meat eating , private property rights , no fossil fuels , consumption mandates and all…..